In-town check-in at Taipei Main Station for flights out of Taoyuan airport in Taiwan

An increasing number of airports across the globe are implementing a new passenger service in collaboration with the transport authorities of the corresponding cities: check-in facilities found in the central bus or train stations from which travellers commute to the air terminal buildings. Such implementation enables them to get their boarding pass and drop their baggage before they even get on the bus or train towards the airport, in such a way that they can extend their hotel stay, take a last sightseeing tour, meet up with a last potential client or spend more time at the airport shops without having to worry about the queues or carry their heavy luggage around. Thanks to this advantageous service in Taipei Main Station, you can go straight from the train to the security checkpoints of Taoyuan airport when leaving Taiwan, although there are some mandatory factors you must take into account, like completing your check-in at least three hours before you board the plane.

Which airlines offer in-town check-in at Taipei Main Station of Taiwan?

Neither all airlines nor all flight destinations are valid for this service. In order to use the in-town check-in to fly out of Taoyuan airport in Taipei you must be in possession of an airplane ticket confirmed by China Airlines, Mandarin Airlines, Eva Airways, Uni Air, Cathay Pacific, Cathay Dragon or Air Asia. To avoid unforeseen events, we recommend that you directly ask your airline whether this check-in service is available for your flight and the destination you are headed to in particular or not.

Where are the check-in machines for my flight out of Taiwan in Taipei MRT station?

On the day you depart from Taipei, look for the MRT Taoyuan airport line inside the Main Station, as the check-in counters, self-service machines to get your boarding pass and baggage-drop kiosks are all close to the area where passengers must board the trains. Taipei Main Station in Taiwan is very well-signposted, but you can always resort to a member of the staff for directions.

How can I get my boarding pass and drop my bags at Taipei Main Station?

Should you wish to do the check-in yourself at the self-service kiosks, proceed just like you would on the web or your phone: input your reference info, choose your seat and indicate how many bags you will be checking in. For security reasons, it is likely that you will be required to scan your electronic passport as well. Once you have obtained your printed boarding pass, head over to the baggage-drop stations nearby as long as you are not carrying hand-luggage only, place your bags on the scale and follow the instructions displayed on the screen. It is crucial that you do not forget to attach the baggage tag to your suitcase before you see it go on the belt. Finally, you will get a receipt and will be ready to commute to Taoyuan airport or enjoy your last hours in Taipei.

When is the in-town check-in for Taoyuan airport available?

Self check-in kiosks in Taipei Main Station of Taiwan stay operational from 6:00 to 21:30 every day of the week. You can only use them on the day of departure, at least three hours before boarding if you have checked bags and until a maximum of two hours in advance if you only have a carry-on.

Are there any exceptions?

As the implementation of this service is relatively recent, we encourage travellers to confirm that it is available for their specific flight and final destination, however, we can assure that airline companies other than the ones stated above do not have an agreement with the in-town check-in in Taipei train station for the time being. Also, note that if your journey exceeds three connections in different airports, this probably won’t work for you either, even if your first flight is with one of the aforementioned carriers.

Would you like to get familiar with Taiwan’s main airport before flying to Taipei for the first time? Read our guide to Taoyuan International airport for new visitors.

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How to claim your VAT refund in Helsinki airport

Tourists and business travellers who have been shopping in Finland during their trip can take advantage of Tax Free shopping programs and VAT refund offices to save money while travelling. Before boarding their plane out of Helsinki Vantaa International airport, just like when they depart other member countries of the European Union, visitors are given the opportunity to claim the taxes paid on their purchases, thus being able to get back all the money they should have not paid because they are non-EU citizens. However, before applying for a VAT refund there are certain requirements that must be met.

When is VAT refund applicable in Finland?

If you have been travelling in Finland and your last stop before leaving the EU will be Helsinki airport, you can ask for a VAT refund there, but you have to be a non-EU national or show proof of having resided abroad for over six months and must have spent at least 40 euros in total (an amount that is lower than the minimum required in other EU countries), aside from keeping your receipts and Tax Free forms in safe place until you get your refund.

To ensure you meet all requirements, look for a Global Blue (the main Tax Free shopping program in Helsinki) badge displayed near the tills or cash registers in every shop you go to, and do not forget to ask for your form to fill in after paying. Often times, they will print the form for you to hand over at the airport office.

Ways of claiming your VAT refund in Helsinki airport of Finland

Helsinki Vantaa boasts a wide range of passenger services that go from luggage lockers to transit hotels, and also special attention is paid to Tax Free shopping customers. Once at the airport, you can either go to the VAT refund office of Helsinki airport in person and get your tax refund or post your filled-in and stamped form in the mail by using the boxes that have been specifically designated for such purpose.

To summarise the steps to be taken, you must get a form at the moment of purchasing your goods, get it stamped at the airport (at Customs or at the Global Blue counter) and then submit your request for a refund in person or by post. You will be asked to show the receipts of your shopping and a form of identification (passport or ID). Additionally, it is advisable that you put the items you would like to get a tax refund for inside your carry on, which will ensure that you can show them to the Customs staff if needed. Ideally, you can wait until you are in the Duty Free area of the terminal to look for last-minute souvenirs; this way they will already be with you before boarding the plane and at the moment of talking to the VAT refund agent.

Location of VAT refund points in Helsinki airport

First, to get a stamp on your Tax Free forms and receipts, you must go to the Global Blue office, which is located in the public arrivals hall 2B of Terminal 2. As it stays open between 7:00 and 18:00 only, this step of the process will be done by the staff at the Customs office when you arrive to the terminal before or after its working hours.

Should you want to get your money back in person, this is only possible when the Global Blue office is open. They may process your refund by credit card (without incurring a commission), in cash (a commission of 3 euros applies) and by Alipay or WeChat (a commission of 1,5 euros applies).

Otherwise, if you can wait until you are back home to get your VAT refund, you can always follow the instructions detailed at the back of the form and post it yourself. The mailbox for Tax Free refund claims in Helsinki airport is located in the Schengen boarding area near gate 13 and the most obvious advantage of this option is that it is available 24 hours, so you can do it regardless of the departure time of your flight.

If you are planning your trip to Finland and have yet to find accommodation, have a look at our recommended hotels in Helsinki.

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The healthiest restaurants in London Heathrow airport

Eating well before a flight has a direct effect on how you will feel during your journey, and making the decision to have a light natural meal made with fresh ingredients prior to boarding may considerably enhance your travel experience. Aside from that, we must not forget the array of healthy lifestyles that are on the rise nowadays, prompting business travellers, world backpackers and digital nomads to look for specific dietary options while they transit through airport terminals. In view of that, we want to enable our readers to find the best gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan food in Heathrow airport when they visit London. See our recommendations below, sorted by terminal.

Wondertree in Terminal 2: gluten-free food in Heathrow airport

Located in the boarding area after security of “The Queen’s Terminal” (T2), Wondertree offers a selection of menus that are either vegetarian, gluten-free or both. Egg and chicken dishes, salads, English Breakfast, Mexican Breakfast, fruit bowls and sundaes are just some examples. But the best thing about this place is that it does not only help you stick to a healthy lifestyle while travelling but also provides express service and pre-ordering through the airport’s app, which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and from Google Play. This way, you can make sure you will get your gluten-free food in Heathrow without running the risk of missing your flight. It opens at 5 a.m. every day and closes after the last plane has taken off from this terminal.

Healthy restaurant in Heathrow airport: Leon (T2)

Also in Terminal 2, Leon is a popular spot where you can eat porridge for breakfast in Heathrow, a superfood salad for lunch and a variety of vegetarian options while in transit. Although you will need to wait until you have cleared security to enjoy the freshly made dishes included in the menu, this vegetarian restaurant in Heathrow remains open to passengers from 5 a.m. and for as long as planes are being boarded.

Healthy food in London Heathrow: Pret a Manger

Travellers who are well-acquainted with the city or even those who have visited London at least once surely know Pret a Manger. If you are looking for high-quality vegan food in Heathrow airport, we strongly recommend their soups, salads, sandwiches, wraps and bowls accompanied by a warming cup of organic coffee or tea. The natural, raw ingredients employed make them surprisingly light and so calorie-counting while on the go could not be easier. Should you need it, ask for an in-flight picnic package to take away. This restaurant is in the public area before security of terminal 3 in LHR, although you will find outlets after the screening control in the same building, at terminal 4 and at terminal 5 as well. Its working hours go from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

Healthy breakfast in London Heathrow airport: Caviar House & Prunier Seafood Bar in T4

As the name itself indicates, aside from the fact that this place will satisfy your cravings if you are in the mood for a little luxury, it must be said that it is famous for its breakfast consisting of scrambled eggs, Scottish smoked salmon and avocado, undoubtedly one of the finest non-processed meals you can have in the entire facilities of the airport. It is situated after the security screening in terminal 4, offers express service and opens at 6 a.m. every day of the week.

Vegetarian food in Heathrow airport of London: Wagamama (T5)

Whether you have time to sit at a table or you want to place a take-away order and eat on the plane, Wagamama has Japanese rice and noodles, granola, porridge, freshly squeezed vegan juices –like the carrot one or the super green juice- wok-fried vegetables, dumplings, miso soup and vegetarian desserts such as the coconut reika ice cream or the chocolate layer cake. They aim to serve your freshly made food within 15 minutes after you order in the boarding area of terminal 5, and their working hours go from 5:30 until the last departure of the day.

Could you find your ideal gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan restaurant in Heathrow? If you plan to travel out of London by train, we recommend you also take a look at these places to eat in St Pancras International railway station.

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Places to eat in Oslo Airport, Norway

Officially known as Oslo lufthavn Gardermoen, the international airport serving the capital of Norway and the neighbouring regions is a small yet strongly customer-oriented hub where special attention is paid to the amenities and services made available to passengers in transit. If you have ever travelled with Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), Widerøe or Norwegian Air Shuttle, chances are that you have either had a layover in OSL or entered the country through this gateway. Otherwise, if you are planning to visit Oslo for the first time in the near future, we invite you to allow some extra time during your transit in order to discover and enjoy the varied selections of dining outlets present in both the public and the restricted zones, from the ones specialising in the local cuisine to the American-style ones, not forgetting the most popular worldwide-known coffee franchises. Below you will find a selection of our favourites.

Restaurants in Oslo International airport: public areas before security

There is no need to wait until the day of your departure to stop by the restaurants in the passenger terminal: some of them are located in the arrivals hall and the non-restricted areas of the facilities.

– If you are feeling hungry after your flight but you feel like having a healthy meal, the vegan, gluten-free and vegetarian options of Wagamama will surely meet your needs. And if you can’t wait for your trip to Oslo to start, you may as well order your food to take away.

-In case your sweet tooth strikes upon arrival, we recommend you head over to W.B. Samson for freshly baked bread and pastries or to La Baguette for some fruity cake and a baguette sandwich. In both places, coffee and other drinks are served.

-Many travellers look for their favourite coffee franchise as soon as they land; if you are one of them, know that there is a Starbucks Coffee in Oslo airport located in the non-restricted area of the departures hall which stays open between 5:30 and 20:30 every day (or until earlier according to scheduled flights) so that you can go straight there after claiming your baggage.

-Also in the public arrivals zone and open from 9:00 to 23 every day, Peppes Pizza offers a wide range of pasta dishes, salads, nachos, burgers and pizza portions. Passengers will find otions that are suitable for gluten-free and vegan diets here.

Where to eat in Oslo airport: domestic departures

-As could not be otherwise, the Norwegian cuisine is one of the favourite choices in the domestic concourse. By way of example, the menu at Bølgen og Moi delights departing passengers before the flight with traditional fish soup and lamb dishes, while Fiskebaren, situated next to boarding gate A6 serves champagne breakfasts, oysters, shellfish salads and sandwiches. Closer to gates C is Norgesglasset, where you can taste some of the best delicacies of the region.

-If you do not have much time to spare, you can always opt for quicker options like Jamie’s Deli next to boarding gate A8, where hearty breakfast plates, pizza and take-away healthy meals await. In the mood for some Asian food? Go to Two Tigers for a pre-flight meal consisting of noodles, miso soup, rice, suhi, sashimi and oriental desserts.

-Finally, if you are the type of traveller who always has the mandatory last beer pint whenever flying out of the city, the place to enjoy the best brewed beer in Oslo airport is Humle & Malt, and you can order side dishes of cheese, hamburgers, sweet potatoes and even try their traditional beer bread.

Coffee shops and restaurants in the international departures area of OSL

You may be sad because your trip to Oslo is coming to an end, but there still some time left to indulge in the good food and restaurants of Oslo airport. The international boarding concourse features the following outlets:

-If you are a frequent flyer ot at least take trips every once in a while, you probably know O’Learys already. Featured in airports across Europe, this franchised sports bar caters to the needs of solo travellers and families alike with their kids menu, lactose-free snacks, gluten-free meals and vegetarian or vegan dishes. You will find it near boarding gate E8, its working hours going from 7:30 to 22:00 on weekdays, and 11:00 to 21:00 on Saturdays and Sundays.

Fiskeriet, close to boarding gate E9, serves the best Fish & Chips in Oslo airport, although you may take advantage of the opportunity to try their fishcake and other seafood specialties when you stop by.

– The Hunter Bar, located close to gate D9, offers original combinations of homemade-style Norwegian food among which we count moose breadwurst, reindeer wrap and almond potatoes that can be washed down with your alcoholic drink of choice.

-The Havsalt is another Norwegian restaurant in Oslo airport, located near boarding gate E8, which serves high-quality seafood specialties such as lobster, shells, mussels, shrimp and a selection of fish soups.

-For organic and healthy options –including organic coffee, wine and beer-, we recommend the Haven near the shops before gate E8. Here, you will be able to enjoy or order to take away fruit salads, vegetarian meals, soups and smoothies.

-Closer to gate E8 is the Starbucks Coffee in Oslo airport’s international departures concourse, which remains open between 5:00 and 21:00 every day of the week.

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Which airport in Azores should I fly to?

Although all islands in the Azores archipelago have either an airport or an aerodrome, we could say that there is only one main international airport in the Azores and two secondary ones operating the majority of domestic and international routes in and out of this small green paradise surrounded by the ocean in Portugal. Therefore, if you are looking for flights to the Azores, we recommend that you fly into Ponta Delgada airport in São Miguel island, or else book direct or connecting flights to the air terminal in Terceira island or to Horta airport in Faial island. Should you want to visit more than one island during your trip, you can always fly with SATA to the minor islands or catch a ferry boat.

Primary airport in the Azores: Ponta Delgada – John Paul II

Ponta Delgada airport, also referred to as João Paulo II, is conveniently located in a central and well-connected location of São Miguel island, which accounts for its high volumes of passenger traffic composed by travellers and tourists flying to Azores all year round. Among other routes, it is worth to highlight the availability direct flights from Lisbon (handled by Ryanair and Azores Airlines), Billund (with Norwegian Air Shuttle), Geneva (Swiss International Airlines), Amsterdam and Brussels (seasonally with TUI fly). As far as domestic operations are concerned, SATA airlines connects Ponta Delgada airport to the islands of Flores, Horta, Pico, Santa María, São Jorge and Terceira. International routes include those linking Azores to Boston and Montreal (handled by Azores Airlines).

Terceira airport (aeroporto das Lajes)

Travellers flying to the Azores in Portugal may also choose to land in Terceira island, whose main airport, Lajes, serves the area of Praia da Vitória. The international and domestic routes handled from Terceira airport in Azores include Lisbon and Porto (by TAP Air Portugal, Ryanair and Azores Airlines), London Stansted by Ryanair, Boston and Toronto (Azores Airlines), Amsterdam (seasonally by TUI) and Corvo, Flores, Ponta Delgada, Graciosa, Horta and Pico (SATA).

Domestic flights in Azores: Horta airport

Horta airport is located in the area of Castelo Branco in Faial Island, Azores. It is a primary hub for domestic connections by air with the rest of the Azores islands and Lisbon in the Iberian Peninsula, yet its greatest allure lies in its terminal building divided into levels that allows for beautiful views of the runway and Pico island from the dining area.

Another autonomous region or Portugal formed by islands is Madeira; read our travel recommendations if you also plan to visit this beach destination in Europe.

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Trip to Mauritius: visa exemption, flights, airport and accommodation

The Republic of Mauritius is becoming a favourite destination for nature lovers seeking opportunities to explore territories that are rich in endemic flora and fauna while taking a peaceful retreat by the Indian Ocean, since Mauritius island and its neighbouring archipelagos and atolls constitute a diverse land of mountain ranges, dreamy lagoons, natural reserves, coral reefs and pristine beaches. Having being declared one of the world’s safest countries to travel to by the Global Peace Index in 2019, and known as one of the most economically developed nations in Africa, the hospitable people of Mauritius are ready to welcome visitors from all across the globe, who soon will feel the charm of their multiethnic, multilingual and multireligious lifestyle. Continue reading to find out whether you will need a visa to enter Mauritius, which airlines operate flights to Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International airport and where to stay during your holiday trip.

Travel visa for Mauritius

The citizens of any European Union country may visit Mauritius without a visa as long as they return home before ninety days from their date of entry. The same rule applies to travellers from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Egypt, Hong Kong, Iceland, Israel, Liechtenstein, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, Russia, Switzerland and others. Confirm with your local embassy if you are required to obtain a visa to travel to Mauritius and, provided that your country does not have a visa-free agreement for this destination, be also ready to show proof of having enough money to cover all your trip expenses and confirmed accommodation to stay. If you have everything sorted out in advance you should not encounter any trouble.

Airlines flying to Mauritius

Flights to Mauritius island arrive at Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam airport, located in Port Louis, the capital city of the Republic of Mauritius. The flagship carrier is Air Mauritius, operating routes to and from major cities like Cape Town, Johannesburg, London, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Kuala Lumpur, Paris, Perth, Shanghai and Singapore. Other international airlines linking Mauritius to the world are Air France, Air Seychelles, British Airways, Emirates, Kenya Airways and Turkish Airlines, while some of the main European carriers connect the airport of Mauritius with airports in Europe by means of seasonal operations, as is the case with Alitalia, Austrian Airlines, Condor, Eurowings, Evelop, LOT Polish Airlines and TUI.

Coin de Mire Attitude (3 stars)

This beach hotel in Mauritius is conveniently located within short walking distance of the seashore and a 5-minute drive away from Grand Bay, and so it offers many chances to join outdoor and water activities. It features two onsite restaurants where guests may enjoy a varied offer of international dishes, a tropical garden and two swimming pools. Its spacious double, family and deluxe rooms all include private bathroom and terrace with garden views, while the front desk equally provides a wide array of guest services such as currency exchange, gym access, safes and room service. The capital city, Port Louis, and the airport lie 35 kilometres away from this point.

Beachfront hotel in Mauritius

Another hotel close to the beach in Mauritius island is the Mystik Lifestyle, which provides confirmed guests with airport transfers to and from Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International, 30 minutes away by car. This beachfront hotel in Mauritius boasts a rooftop bar, an onsite pool and a restaurant, but its greatest allure is without a doubt the ocean view guests can enjoy from virtually anywhere in its facilities. Rooms have lots of natural light and are fully-equipped, including a private terrace and an en suite bathroom with shower. Wifi is available in the communal zones only.

The Azur Paradise hotel in Mauritius island

Superbly situated only 200 metres from Grand Bay Beach in Mauritius, the Azur Paradise hotel offer personal transfer services to and from Mauritius airport, private parking spaces for guests and complimentary WiFi, to mention but a few of its offered amenities. Visitors will enjoy access to an open-air pool, an onsite bar, a restaurant affording stunning sea views, daily continental breakfast and rooms overlooking the beach that include an ample living area, a work desk, coffee maker and shower.

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Nivaria airport lounge in Tenerife North International

Do you like to spend the waiting time before your flight in passenger lounges? To many, the idea of staying away from the noise of the transit area inside the terminals, having a drink or two, indulging in the catering and relaxing with a view of the runway where planes land and take off is simply captivating. If you seek this kind of exclusivity and are travelling to Tenerife in the Canary Islands (Spain) whether for business or on holiday, know that there is a VIP lounge in TFN. For disambiguation purposes, we are going to talk about the airport lounge in Tenerife North airport –also known as Los Rodeos-, which serves the areas of Santa Cruz, Güimar, La Orotava, Puerto de la Cruz, Teide and even Masca and Los Gigantes, although these two involve a 90-minute car commute. On the other hand, the airport in the south of the islandTenerife South or Reina Sofia– is closer to the more touristy Costa Adeje as well as of El Medano and Las Galletas, and has its own VIP lounge for passengers too.

How to get access to the airport lounge in Tenerife North airport

This lounge is open to passengers of both Schengen and non-Schengen flights, including those flying to other islands within the Canarian archipelago. While first and business class flyers, holders of some credit cards and members of frequent traveller programs like Priority Pass may be granted courtesy access to this facility, anyone taking a departing flight out of Tenerife North International airport can purchase a pass to the Nivaria lounge at its entrance. The admission fee is 26,20 euros which can be paid using cash or by card. Subscribers to the Aena Customer Club enjoy the advantage of booking through their app in advance thus getting a 30% discount off the total price.

Location and working hours of the Nivaria airport lounge in Los Rodeos

The airport lounge in Tenerife North is situated on the mezzanine after security, accessible by taking a lift you will find to your right once you have gone through the Duty Free walk-through store, or by going up the stairs found on the regional departures zone. It stays open from 6:15 to 22:30 every day of the week. In the event of suffering a flight delay, travellers can extend their visit to the lounge, although unfortunately this will not apply past closing time.

Amenities for travellers at the VIP lounge in Tenerife airport

You are allowed to stay inside the lounge for a maximum of four hours, and do not forget that, after paying the admission fee, everything is complimentary: from the food to the use of the wireless internet network, including the stations with desktop computers. In case you want to take the opportunity to catch up with work, connect your device to the free WiFi or use the business facilities you will find to the left upon entering the lounge. On the contrary, if you would rather relax before your flight, enjoy the views while having a light meal or snack accompanied by the alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage of your preference. You are equally advised to keep an eye on the constantly updated flight information panels or watch the news on TV.

In our last visit to the Nivaria VIP lounge in Tenerife North airport we had the following amenities at our disposal: fashion magazines, cultural publications, international press and local newspapers; toilets for the exclusive use of guests; a selection of cold beers, juice and bottled mineral water; spirits; a self-serve coffee machine from which you can get hot chocolate, tea and a variety of coffee specialties; sandwiches and salads; nuts, biscuits, cured meats and cheese portions packed individually; pastries and gluten-free and sugar-free options.

Will you be passing through Gran Canaria airport in Spain as well? Take a look at our review of the Sala VIP Galdós in LPA.

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Travelling to and from Barcelona-El Prat airport in Catalonia, Spain

Josep Tarradellas – Barcelona El Prat International airport is situated about 12 kilometres away from the city centre and, depending on which means of transport we choose, it may take us between 20 and 45 minutes to complete this journey.

As part of their trip planning, travellers want to figure out how to get from El Prat Airport to Barcelona downtown or how to reach their terminal of departure at BCN from Plaça Catalunya or Plaça Espanya. Below we will outline four transportation options to commute between Barcelona and the different terminals at BCN-El Prat.

Express Bus service from Barcelona airport to the city

The main fact to bear in mind if we choose the Aerobus is that it has two distinct lines: A1, for those departing from Terminal 1, and A2, for travellers going to terminal 2. Their stops are well signposted at Plaça Catalunya, Universitat and Plaça de Espanya as well as at the airport terminals, and the services run from 5:00 to 1:00 every day of the year.

Single tickets cost 5,90 euros, while return ones cost 10,20, and can be purchased in advance through their website but also before hopping into the bus. Luggage is included. The journey to Josep Tarradellas – Barcelona El Prat airport by Aerobus takes no longer than 35 minutes.

Bus line 46 from El Prat airport to Barcelona

The public bus line 46 transports travellers daily from Plaça de Espanya (the bus stops right in front of Arenas de Barcelona shopping mall) to all terminals at El Prat airport. For the reverse journey, we will need to go to the parking lot in T1 or wait outside T2B or T2C.

The first bus departs at 4:50, and the last one at 23:50. Travel cards like the T-10 are valid in this case, otherwise you will need to pay 2,15 euros for a single ticket. With this option, we will reach the airport in approximately 45 minutes.

*The TMB red bus covering the route to the airport (46) stops near most hotels near Fira Gran Via on its way to Barcelona city centre.

Travelling by train to and from BCN airport

The train line which takes us to Barcelona-El Prat airport is the “R2 aeroport”. It is crucial that we make sure we are in the correct train, as there is another R2 line covering a variation of the route. Services run from 5:00 to 23:00, stopping at Estaciò de Francia, Passeig de Gracia and Barcelona-Sants. After Bcn-Sants station, there are only three more stops before arriving in the airport about 20 minutes later.

It should be noted that trains transport travellers from and to T2 only, so if your flight departs from T1, you must take the free bus shuttle operating between the terminals. We may use the T-10 transport card for this commute as well, or pay 2,15 euros for a single ticket, which can be purchased from the kiosks inside the stations.

The underground transport network (metro trains) in Barcelona

The recently inaugurated Barcelona’s L9 Sud line is perfect to travel between the University Campus or the Fira Gran Via pavilions and the airport by subway. It makes stops at both T1 and T2, with services running every 7 minutes. A specific ticket must be purchased to ride this line if we are going to El Prat, and it costs 4,50 euros. Travel cards such as “Hola BCN” are valid in this case. The journey lasts 30 minutes from the Campus, but it is considerably shorter if we commute from the Fira Barcelona area.

Have you already decided how you will travel from Barcelona city to El Prat airport? In the meantime, you can search for hotels in Barcelona.

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Where to eat in Miami International airport

Miami International airport in the United States has an unbeatable array of choices on offer when it comes to eating and drinking both before and after the security checkpoints. As travellers navigate through the concourses in the North, Central and South terminals of MIA, they are given a wonderful chance to discover new flavours and already start to explore the world by tasting meals from different countries.

If you are planning your trip to Miami and would like to know more about places to eat upon arrival or before departure, we have compiled a selection of the best restaurants in Miami International airport.

Find our suggested eateries in MIA below sorted by terminal and specific area:

North Terminal, concourse D: 305 Pizza (Italian food)

It must be taken into account that the North terminal of Miami airport is the largest one and you may need to ride the Skytrain in order to reach your gate. The 305 Pizza establishment is located next to gate D27 and sells delicious pizza in the transit area of the terminal building, along with paninis, salads and cold drinks. It stays open from 6:00 to 22:00.

Central Terminal, concourse E: Air Margaritaville (Mexican food)

Situated on the second floor of the public zone before the passport control, this mexican restaurant in MIA airport is famous for its margaritas and cocktails, although passengers find it extremely appealing because of the lively atmosphere and hearty dishes: burgers, nachos, steaks and fries are, for many, the perfect pre-flight meal.

Central Terminal, concourse F: Guava & Java (Brazilian food)

You will find the Brazilian Coffee Guava & Java after security and next to gate F14. Here, they serve savoury guava pastry with coffee, as well as sandwiches, cold drinks, yoghourts, fruit and more. Ideal for early birds, as it opens at 5:30 in the morning.

Central Terminal, concourse G: Villa Italia Kitchen (Italian food)

Also on the upper level of the central terminal, you may check your bags and enjoy some Italian cuisine in Miami before passing through the security filter. At this specialised restaurant, you may order freshly baked pizza slices, garlic bread, fresh pasta and traditional desserts. Service starts at 10:00 and finishes at 20:30.

South Terminal, concourse H: Café Brioche Doree (French delicacies)

The best thing that can happen to a coffee lover catching an early flight in Miami airport is to find out they have to board their plane in concourse H. Café Brioche Doree offers mouth-watering sandwiches, truly authentic French croissants, pastries and scones and the finest gourmet coffee. Open from 5:30 to 21:00.

South Terminal, concourse J: Bongos (Cuban food)

You may want to add a visit to this Cuban restaurant in Miami airport to your travel schedule just as one more attraction, since this is the Cuban cuisine chain owned by Gloria and Emilio Stefan. What is more, if you are flying to a destination in the Caribbean, starting off your journey by enjoying traditional dishes washed down with “mojitos” at the boarding lounge is a must. Bear in mind that it is located after security in this terminal, and that it stays open between 11:00 and 20:00 only.

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