Flying to Vilnius airport in the capital of Lithuania

Ever since Lithuania lifted its quarantine measures after the global coronavirus outbreak, all travellers landing in Vilnius airport are required to wear a face mask as well as to complete an online form through the airport’s website in order to provide basic contact information, details of their flight and an account of the countries they have visited during the 14-day period immediately preceding their arrival.

Terminal of Vilnius airport (VNO)

VNO airport in the capital of Lithuania has a single terminal building for passengers located roughly six kilometers away from the city. Being the busiest airport of this European country, the terminal has been remodeled on various occasions in order to meet the growing challenges of international travel. Today, the original building is used as arrivals hall, whereas the new terminal has been expanded to accommodate advanced equipment, duty-free stores and a business lounge.

Transit hotel in Vilnius airport of Lithuania

Travellers who may need to spend the night close to the airport terminal before resuming their journey can sleep in one of the 115 ample guest rooms of the AirInn Vilnius airport hotel, within short walking distance from the public departures area. During their stay, they can enjoy stunning runway views, room service, complimentary WiFi, an onsite fitness centre and a conference room, among other amenities.

How to get to central Vilnius: trains, buses, taxi and car rentals

There are several ways to go from Vilnius airport in Lithuania to the city centre, all of them fast and inexpensive.

A train journey from the airport railway station to the central train station in Vilnius takes only seven minutes, therefore being arguably the best option for business travellers. On the other hand, tourists commuting from Vilnius to other destinations may find the intercity express buses much more convenient.

The taxi rank situated in front of Arrivals is the place to go for trustworthy drivers who will take you to Vilnius centre in a matter of minutes. The average journey between Vilnius airport and the Cathedral Square or the Litexpo Exhibition and Congress Centre costs 10 euros approximately. Should you prefer to hire a car to get around independently, head over to the car rental offices in parking lot P4.

Passenger services at the airport

Whether upon landing or when departing the capital of Lithuania, there is a varied range of passenger services at Vilnius airport (VNO) that are aimed at catering to the needs of tourists and business travellers alike, and they may come in handy either while preparing for the trip to the city or before catching an international flight, as is the case with the free WiFi available all throughout the premises, the tourist information centre the TAX refund office, the several shops and Duty Free stores in the Schengen and non-Schengen boarding areas and the dining outlets among which we count a Subway location, a café and a seafood restaurant, which will ensure that you won’t board your plane hungry.

Flights to and from Vilnius airport in Lithuania

At this stage, most air routes are operating normally, while others are expected to be resumed in the upcoming months. For instance, airBaltic flights from and to Riga, Tallinn, Paris, Berlin Tegel, Oslo, Dublin, Dubrovnik, Amsterdam and Oslo are available, and travellers can also fly to and from Minsk with Belavia, Brussels with Brussels Airlines, Warsaw with LOT, Helsinki with Finnair, Frankfurt with Lufthansa, Copenhagen with Scandinavian and Belfast with Wizz Air. Likewise, Ryanair currently operates flights from Vilnius to Tel Aviv, Liverpool, Athens, Corfu and Barcelona.

You are advised to contact your airline for further info on flight frequencies and routes resuming in the upcoming months.

In-town check-in at Taipei Main Station for flights out of Taoyuan airport in Taiwan

An increasing number of airports across the globe are implementing a new passenger service in collaboration with the transport authorities of the corresponding cities: check-in facilities found in the central bus or train stations from which travellers commute to the air terminal buildings. Such implementation enables them to get their boarding pass and drop their baggage before they even get on the bus or train towards the airport, in such a way that they can extend their hotel stay, take a last sightseeing tour, meet up with a last potential client or spend more time at the airport shops without having to worry about the queues or carry their heavy luggage around. Thanks to this advantageous service in Taipei Main Station, you can go straight from the train to the security checkpoints of Taoyuan airport when leaving Taiwan, although there are some mandatory factors you must take into account, like completing your check-in at least three hours before you board the plane.

Which airlines offer in-town check-in at Taipei Main Station of Taiwan?

Neither all airlines nor all flight destinations are valid for this service. In order to use the in-town check-in to fly out of Taoyuan airport in Taipei you must be in possession of an airplane ticket confirmed by China Airlines, Mandarin Airlines, Eva Airways, Uni Air, Cathay Pacific, Cathay Dragon or Air Asia. To avoid unforeseen events, we recommend that you directly ask your airline whether this check-in service is available for your flight and the destination you are headed to in particular or not.

Where are the check-in machines for my flight out of Taiwan in Taipei MRT station?

On the day you depart from Taipei, look for the MRT Taoyuan airport line inside the Main Station, as the check-in counters, self-service machines to get your boarding pass and baggage-drop kiosks are all close to the area where passengers must board the trains. Taipei Main Station in Taiwan is very well-signposted, but you can always resort to a member of the staff for directions.

How can I get my boarding pass and drop my bags at Taipei Main Station?

Should you wish to do the check-in yourself at the self-service kiosks, proceed just like you would on the web or your phone: input your reference info, choose your seat and indicate how many bags you will be checking in. For security reasons, it is likely that you will be required to scan your electronic passport as well. Once you have obtained your printed boarding pass, head over to the baggage-drop stations nearby as long as you are not carrying hand-luggage only, place your bags on the scale and follow the instructions displayed on the screen. It is crucial that you do not forget to attach the baggage tag to your suitcase before you see it go on the belt. Finally, you will get a receipt and will be ready to commute to Taoyuan airport or enjoy your last hours in Taipei.

When is the in-town check-in for Taoyuan airport available?

Self check-in kiosks in Taipei Main Station of Taiwan stay operational from 6:00 to 21:30 every day of the week. You can only use them on the day of departure, at least three hours before boarding if you have checked bags and until a maximum of two hours in advance if you only have a carry-on.

Are there any exceptions?

As the implementation of this service is relatively recent, we encourage travellers to confirm that it is available for their specific flight and final destination, however, we can assure that airline companies other than the ones stated above do not have an agreement with the in-town check-in in Taipei train station for the time being. Also, note that if your journey exceeds three connections in different airports, this probably won’t work for you either, even if your first flight is with one of the aforementioned carriers.

Would you like to get familiar with Taiwan’s main airport before flying to Taipei for the first time? Read our guide to Taoyuan International airport for new visitors.

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Hotel inside Daxing airport in China: the Aerotel in the main terminal of PKX (Beijing)

Travelers passing through Daxing International airport in Beijing -China- can now sleep at the recently opened aerotel hotel inside its terminal. The state-of-the-art facilities of this gigantic Chinese aiport, known for the technologically advanced passenger experience it provides, accommodate one of the largest transit hotels in the world, which takes up space on two different levels and it is easy to find by those who have just landed and collected their bags, those who are flying out and travellers in transit who will catch a connecting flight with a major Asian carrier or an international codeshare partner such as Aeroflot, Air Canada, Air France, American Airlines, Austrian Airlines, British Airways, , Delta, Egyptair, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Finnair, Iran Air, , KLM, LOT, Lufthansa, Qantas, Qatar Airways, S7, SAS, Swiss, Turkish Airlines or United.

Where to sleep inside Daxing airport

The Aerotel Beijing Daxing inside PKX airport caters to the needs of tourists and business travellers alike and offers excellent value for money should you need a place to sleep without leaving the terminal or make sure that you won’t miss your flight first thing in the morning. Continue reading to discover the exact location of the aerotel hotel inside Daxing airport, whether it is on the landside (public area) or the airside (transit area), what the check-in and check-out times are, how many people its rooms can accommodate, for how many hours you can book a stay and where to eat while you are there, among other features.

How to arrive at the Aerotel Beijing Daxing airport

Locals and visitors who commute from Beijing downtown to Daxing airport in order to catch a departing flight, and either would rather relax in an aerotel room while waiting to board or need to spend the night in the terminal may access this transit hotel inside Daxing airport through the entrance on the first level of the northeast pier. On the contrary, passengers who are already in the transit area will need to go to the second level of the northeast pier to check in.

Is the Aerotel hotel in Daxing airport in the public area of the airport?

Although it can be accessed both from the airside and the landside, the Aerotel Beijing Daxing is located in the public departures zone (landside), within short walking distance of the check-in counters for domestic and international operations. Thus, you can stay here regardless of the fact that you are an outbound traveler, an inbound passenger or you are simply in transit waiting to catch a connecting flight.

Can I book a room for several hours only?

Yes, you can reserve by the hour at the Aerotel Beijing Daxing airport hotel since they offer flexibility regarding several aspects: check-in times, check-out times and hourly rates. The reception stays open 24 hours a day, which means that you can simply walk-in, book and enter your room any time of the day or night, or else book it previously online, under the only condition that your stay must last a minimum of three hours. In case you opt for the classic overnight rate, you will equally enjoy freedom of checking in and out whenever it suits your travel schedule.

What are the rooms at the Aerotel Daxing like?

As a solo traveler, you might want to stay in a private spacious room equipped with shower, comfortable bed with a choice of pillows, complimentary high-speed WiFi, in-room entertainment and a selection of smart features including adjustable lighting, but this Aerotel transit hotel offers other options to sleep in Beijing Daxing airport such as superior double rooms, deluxe and family units.

What other amenities does it have?

While staying at the Aerotel Beijing Daxing, you may indulge in the international cuisine of the lounge restaurant located behind the reception area or use its meeting rooms for business. Additionally, there is a VIP room with larger capacity in case you have time to reunite or celebrate with a larger group of friends or customers before departing or upon landing in Beijing.

Do you have concerns about staying in an airport hotel room after the Coronavirus pandemic? Learn more about the new safety and hygiene measures that hospitality establishments across the world are implementing to ensure a COVID-free environment in hotels.

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How to claim your VAT refund in Helsinki airport

Tourists and business travellers who have been shopping in Finland during their trip can take advantage of Tax Free shopping programs and VAT refund offices to save money while travelling. Before boarding their plane out of Helsinki Vantaa International airport, just like when they depart other member countries of the European Union, visitors are given the opportunity to claim the taxes paid on their purchases, thus being able to get back all the money they should have not paid because they are non-EU citizens. However, before applying for a VAT refund there are certain requirements that must be met.

When is VAT refund applicable in Finland?

If you have been travelling in Finland and your last stop before leaving the EU will be Helsinki airport, you can ask for a VAT refund there, but you have to be a non-EU national or show proof of having resided abroad for over six months and must have spent at least 40 euros in total (an amount that is lower than the minimum required in other EU countries), aside from keeping your receipts and Tax Free forms in safe place until you get your refund.

To ensure you meet all requirements, look for a Global Blue (the main Tax Free shopping program in Helsinki) badge displayed near the tills or cash registers in every shop you go to, and do not forget to ask for your form to fill in after paying. Often times, they will print the form for you to hand over at the airport office.

Ways of claiming your VAT refund in Helsinki airport of Finland

Helsinki Vantaa boasts a wide range of passenger services that go from luggage lockers to transit hotels, and also special attention is paid to Tax Free shopping customers. Once at the airport, you can either go to the VAT refund office of Helsinki airport in person and get your tax refund or post your filled-in and stamped form in the mail by using the boxes that have been specifically designated for such purpose.

To summarise the steps to be taken, you must get a form at the moment of purchasing your goods, get it stamped at the airport (at Customs or at the Global Blue counter) and then submit your request for a refund in person or by post. You will be asked to show the receipts of your shopping and a form of identification (passport or ID). Additionally, it is advisable that you put the items you would like to get a tax refund for inside your carry on, which will ensure that you can show them to the Customs staff if needed. Ideally, you can wait until you are in the Duty Free area of the terminal to look for last-minute souvenirs; this way they will already be with you before boarding the plane and at the moment of talking to the VAT refund agent.

Location of VAT refund points in Helsinki airport

First, to get a stamp on your Tax Free forms and receipts, you must go to the Global Blue office, which is located in the public arrivals hall 2B of Terminal 2. As it stays open between 7:00 and 18:00 only, this step of the process will be done by the staff at the Customs office when you arrive to the terminal before or after its working hours.

Should you want to get your money back in person, this is only possible when the Global Blue office is open. They may process your refund by credit card (without incurring a commission), in cash (a commission of 3 euros applies) and by Alipay or WeChat (a commission of 1,5 euros applies).

Otherwise, if you can wait until you are back home to get your VAT refund, you can always follow the instructions detailed at the back of the form and post it yourself. The mailbox for Tax Free refund claims in Helsinki airport is located in the Schengen boarding area near gate 13 and the most obvious advantage of this option is that it is available 24 hours, so you can do it regardless of the departure time of your flight.

If you are planning your trip to Finland and have yet to find accommodation, have a look at our recommended hotels in Helsinki.

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Hotels near the Royal Palace of Stockholm in Sweden

If you are planning to visit the Swedish capital for the first time, it is very likely that you are wondering what the best places to stay are. Those looking for a nice city break with lots of sightseeing and tourist activities are advised to book accommodation close to Stockholm’s Royal Palace. The baroque castle -one of the largest palaces in Europe- is actually the official residence of the King of Sweden, yet some of its premises are open to visitors and boast luxury reception rooms and onsite museums displaying royal costumes, armours, old coaches and coronation carriages. Another highlight of this visit is the daily changing of guard, a tradition that is similar to that carried out in other European royal residences.

Travelling from Arlanda airport to Stockholm city centre

Getting from Stockholm airport to the centre is fast and affordable thanks to the Arlanda Express trains that depart every 15 minutes from the airport’s north railway station. This service transports arriving passengers from the terminal to Stockholm Central Station in 20 minutes approximately; after that, you may take a taxi or go on a stroll to the Royal Palace, roughly one kilometre away.

Otherwise, you may hire a car, take a taxi or get an Uber, where you will travel comfortably and on your own. Bear in mind, though, that this journey will be twice as expensive as the one by express train.

Recommended hotels near the Royal Palace in Stockholm, Sweden

Since it is really easy to access the city centre from Stockholm Arlanda airport, choosing to stay in a hotel close to the Royal Palace of Stockholm will help you make the most of your trip: within short walking distance of the streets of the Old Town (Gamla Stan), you will be amazed at the way in which the very well-preserved medieval centre coexists with modern and lively shops and cafés, from which you can get stunning views of the Stockholm canals, join guided walking tours or even get around on a hop-on and hop-off boat or bus.

4-star hotel in the heart of Stockholm: the Kungsträdgården

This hospitality establishment is inside a completely remodelled 18th-century building and started welcoming guests in 2015. Superbly located just a short walk from Gamla Stan and the Royal Palace and one kilometre from Stockholm’s Central Station, it offers well-appointed rooms that can accommodate solo travellers or couples featuring free WiFi, flat-screen TV, air conditioning, desk, safe and mini fridge. Confirmed guests are entitled to enjoy the daily breakfast buffet. Besides, this hotel in Stockholm has an onsite restaurant, a bar, a gym, a 24-hour front desk and provides left-luggage services. Smoking is banned in the entire facilities.

The Crystal Plaza hotel in Stockholm centre

The Crystal Plaza in Sweden is a 3-star hotel close to the Royal Palace of Stockholm in the Old Town. While staying here, travellers benefit from perks like accessing WiFi internet from both inside their rooms and the communal zones, a sauna, a gym, and sleep in fully-equipped rooms which can be of individual occupancy, twin, double –standard or superior-, junior suites or double economy ones. A continental breakfast buffet is served every morning, but guests are also invited to try the delicious Chinese and Thai cuisine at their Ming restaurant. Other advantages of this hotel in central Stockholm include the proximity of local restaurants, supermarkets and a Starbucks Coffee shop. The staff speaks Swedish, English and Chinese.

4-star hotel in Stockholm: the Haymarket by Scandic

Featuring a charming Art-Deco-inspired decoration and boasting value-added amenities such as an onsite movie theatre, a cocktail bar & lounge and a fitness centre affording sky views, this hotel near Stockholm’s Royal Palace offers guest rooms with cosy beds, cable TV, free WiFi, private bathroom with shower and the option to decide whether you want to get city views or not. Visitors on a city trip will love to have coffee at the bar or oysters and champagne at the onsite restaurant. In-room breakfast, round-the-clock room service and special menus are also available upon request.

While the personnel at the reception can arrange guided tours and activities for you, this location is ideal to explore the town on your own being so close to the Medieval Museum, the Royal Opera House, several markets and the cultural centre. From the nearby central station, travellers can commute to Stockholm Arlanda International airport in a fast and convenient manner on their day of departure.

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Hotels near Santos Dumont airport in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The domestic airport known as Santos Dumont (SDU) serves the city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and handles frequent connections to the Brazilian capital –Brasilia– operated by Azul Airlines, Avianca and LATAM, as well as to other destinations within the country including São Paulo, Salvador da Bahia, Belo Horizonte and Porto Alegre. Whether for business or leisure purposes, passing through the aeroporto Santos Dumont in Rio is always a pleasant experience due to its impressive departure hall featuring panoramic views of the Museum of Modern Art, Niterói district and Sugar Loaf Mountain, possible thanks to the proximity of the city centre, roughly two kilometres away from the terminal.

Sleeping close to Rio de Janeiro airport

Since it is the second main airport serving the cidade maravilhosa only behind Rio Galeão International airport, many travellers who wish to visit different cities in Brazil -or those who fly frequently for business within the country- resolve to stay in a hotel near Santos Dumont to save time and money during their trip.

Hotels located close to Santos Dumont airport in Rio de Janeiro

The closest hotel to Santos Dumont airport in Rio is the Prodigy Hotel, conveniently located within short walking distance of the public area. In order to arrive, simply follow the signage leading your way through the terminal. During their stay, guests enjoy equipped rooms with free WiFi and private bathroom featuring stunning city views and may, additionally, spend time in the infinity pool, go to any of the two onsite restaurants or arrange a business meeting at the facilities specifically designated for that purpose. Make your reservation here.

Other hotels near Rio de Janeiro airport (Santos Dumont)

The Ibis hotel RJ Santos Dumont is a 3-star accommodation near the airport that can also be reached on foot. It is especially indicated for business travellers for its functional rooms, the 24-hour front desk, its hearty daily breakfast, the onsite bar and restaurant and its amenities and spaces conceived for those who need to catch up with work while in Brazil. Check nightly rates and availability for the dates of your trip.

The Novotel RJ Santos Dumont is rated 4 stars and features modern rooms, a fitness centre, a sauna, complimentary WiFi and room service around the clock. The restaurant-bar inside the premises specialises in international and Brazilian dishes and tropical cocktails. Aside from providing guests with parking spaces and being exceptionally located near the city centre, there are several bus routes passing through the vicinity and linking the area where this Novotel hotel is to other parts of Rio.

Budget hotel close to aeroporto Santos Dumont in Brazil

Travellers looking for cheaper hotels near the airport may want to consider the Itajubá hotel, ideally located next to some of the main Rio Metro lines in the heart of the city yet close to the airport terminals and a short drive away from Copacabana beach, offers good value for money services that include WiFi at no extra charge, fully-equipped rooms and daily buffet breakfast. The reception of the Itajubá hotel in Santos Dumont stays open 24 hours; you may make your reservation here.

Commuting from Santos Dumont airport to your hotel in Rio

Some hotels near SDU airport in Brazil offer transfers to and from the terminal for confirmed guests, although in most cases you will be able to walk from the arrivals hall to the reception. That being said, if you will be staying somewhere else in Rio de Janeiro or need to travel to the city centre upon arrival, the ground transportation options are varied.

“Real” buses connect the terminal of Santos Dumont to Rio Galeão airport regularly, as well as to several points in the city featuring the most popular carioca attractions. Should you prefer to hire a car, a range of internationally renowned car rental companies can be found in Arrivals, and a fleet of official taxi cabs await right outside for those with little time to spare.

Using Rio’s subway lines from Santos Dumont airport is slightly more difficult, since the nearest metro station lies ten minutes away on foot. In spite of that, you are advised not to discard this option completely when planning for your trip, as it is perhaps the fastest way to navigate the “zona sul”, while also inexpensive. If you are carrying heavy luggage or too many bags to walk, ride a taxi to the metro stop.

The best hotels for your holidays in Lanzarote

Do you dream of vacationing in the Canary Islands, Spain? If you wish to completely disconnect from the world, Lanzarote –an island in the Spanish province of Las Palmas- might be your best choice. It boasts unique, distinctive landscapes originated from its volcanic formation, a sub-tropical climate guaranteeing nice temperatures all year round, wonderful quiet beaches, fine local wines and its own gastronomy. That being said, this small paradise also has something for the adventure seekers, offering activities and attractions such as water sports, hiking routes, the underwater Atlantic Museum or the popular “Jameos del Agua” park. Whether you want to just sunbathe by the pool sipping on an iced drink or you cannot wait to explore new places, keep reading to find out more about hotels in Lanzarote.

Luxury hotel in Lanzarote island: the Rubicón Palace 

Located in Playa Blanca, 26 kilometres away from the airport, the premises of this 5-star hotel in Lanzarote encircle a lagoon swimming pool and provide guests with multiples amenities such as Spa facilities, bars and restaurants, an onsite fitness centre, nightly live shows and views to the beach.

Rooms at the H10 Rubicón Palace are classified into double, twin or family ones, and feature complimentary WiFi, flat-screen TV and air conditioning. There is plenty to do during your stay: take long strolls along the seashore, join organised outdoor activities, relax in the jacuzzi, spend time at the shops or the hair salon inside the hotel or enjoy its gardens and terrace. Nevertheless, if you feel like it, the staff will help you book your day trip to the neighbour island (Fuerteventura) by ferry boat.

Meliá Salinas hotel in Costa Teguise, Lanzarote

This luxury hotel in Spain is a beach resort surrounded by two white-sand beaches, only 13 kilometres away from Lanzarote airport. Transportation from and to the passenger terminals is complimentary for confirmed guests.

The main allure of this hotel in Lanzarote is its design, inspired in the work of Cesar Manrique and featuring lavish gardens in a perfect combination of architecture and nature. The Meliá Salinas was conceived for travellers to relax, but this is however compatible with the vibrant life at its beach lounge, the poolside bar, the daily entertainment and the tennis courts.

Peace and silence await you in the sauna, the jacuzzi or your king-size bed on a room with sea views. Would you like something more spacious? This Lanzarote hotel also offers villas with private pool.

Arrecife Gran Hotel & Spa in the Canary Islands

The Arrecife Gran Hotel & Spa in the capital city of Lanzarote is the tallest building in the island, provides luxury accommodation by the beach and is just a short drive away from ACE airport. Some great perks of staying in this hotel include the panoramic views that can be enjoyed from the restaurant on the 17th floor, and its larger than average rooms, where you can eat breakfast every morning.

Other amenities of this 5-star hotel in Lanzarote are a modern Spa centre with an extensive range of treatments available, several bars, car and bike rental, suites that can accommodate up to 4 guests, left-baggage service, tourist information, 24-hour front desk, dry-cleaning, laundry, ironing and access to meeting rooms and a business centre for a nominal fee.

Will this be your first time flying to the Canary Islands? Take a look at our quick guide to Lanzarote airport in Spain.

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Transit hotels in Gatwick airport (London, UK)

In spite of its location almost 48 kilometres away from Central London, Gatwick (LGW) is considered one of the main airports serving the city and the South East. Operating scheduled flights to destinations all across Europe and abroad, London Gatwick airport is in fact the second busiest airport in the United Kingdom only behind Heathrow. It is a primary hub for British Airways but it also sees the landing and departure of daily flights by easyJet, TUI, AerLingus, Aegean, Aeroflot, Air China, Air Baltic, Austrian, Emirates, Finnair, Icelandair, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, Wizz Air, Iberia and Vueling.

Terminals of London Gatwick and transit hotels inside and nearby

Long-haul travellers and those in transit through London in the UK often search for hotels inside Gatwick airport to spend the night without leaving the travel facilities. LGW has two terminals (North and South) connected by an elevated people mover on the landside; the two buildings are not linked after security. However, since flights are not being operated from the South Terminal due to the impact of the global COVID pandemic, passengers with a boarding pass must head to the North Terminal of Gatwick at this time, unless they have a reservation at the transit hotel in Gatwick South. Continue reading below for more info on the choice of places to sleep in London Gatwick airport, conveniently located inside or near both the North and South buildings.

Premier Inn Hotel inside Gatwick airport’s North Terminal

The Premier Inn London Gatwick Airport lies within short walking distance of the North Terminal, while travellers commuting to and from the South Terminal may reach the reception in just a couple of minutes using the inter-terminal shuttle, which runs frequent services all around the clock. This transit hotel inside the facilities of the airport provides travellers with spacious rooms, complimentary WiFi access, daily buffet breakfast and an onsite restaurant. Room categories range from single to family rooms, many of which are accessible to cater to the needs of guests with reduced mobility.

Sofitel Hotel connected to Gatwick airport North

The Sofitel at Gatwick is a 4-star hotel linked to the North Terminal by a covered walkway. Thus, arriving guests may get there easily on foot from the arrivals hall or else take the shuttle train from the South Terminal. You can spend your London layover in luxury at this airport hotel enjoying its two bars and three restaurants, but if you would rather stay in your soundproof ensuite room, know that you can order breakfast from your bed and have it delivered to your room, which may be a twin, double, superior, luxury queen or prestige suite one.

Bloc Transit Hotel in Gatwick Airport

This option is ideal for the plane spotters and aviation enthusiasts who would like to get privileged runway views and take stunning photographs during their stay. This establishment is popular for its high-speed WiFi offered at no extra charge, its comfortable king-size beds and exclusive services such as the possibility to check in to your flight before going to sleep. Check prices and availability for your trip and find further info about the Bloc Hotel in Gatwick South terminal.

Hampton by Hilton London Gatwick Airport

Last but not least, if you are a regular customer at Hampton by Hilton, know that they also have a location near London Gatwick, within short walking distance of the North Terminal. This transit hotel in LGW offers an onsite gym, a bar, a restaurant, and well-appointed rooms featuring a private bathroom, iron, tea and coffee facilities, alarm clock, laptop safe, flat-screen TV and free WiFi.

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The healthiest restaurants in London Heathrow airport

Eating well before a flight has a direct effect on how you will feel during your journey, and making the decision to have a light natural meal made with fresh ingredients prior to boarding may considerably enhance your travel experience. Aside from that, we must not forget the array of healthy lifestyles that are on the rise nowadays, prompting business travellers, world backpackers and digital nomads to look for specific dietary options while they transit through airport terminals. In view of that, we want to enable our readers to find the best gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan food in Heathrow airport when they visit London. See our recommendations below, sorted by terminal.

Wondertree in Terminal 2: gluten-free food in Heathrow airport

Located in the boarding area after security of “The Queen’s Terminal” (T2), Wondertree offers a selection of menus that are either vegetarian, gluten-free or both. Egg and chicken dishes, salads, English Breakfast, Mexican Breakfast, fruit bowls and sundaes are just some examples. But the best thing about this place is that it does not only help you stick to a healthy lifestyle while travelling but also provides express service and pre-ordering through the airport’s app, which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and from Google Play. This way, you can make sure you will get your gluten-free food in Heathrow without running the risk of missing your flight. It opens at 5 a.m. every day and closes after the last plane has taken off from this terminal.

Healthy restaurant in Heathrow airport: Leon (T2)

Also in Terminal 2, Leon is a popular spot where you can eat porridge for breakfast in Heathrow, a superfood salad for lunch and a variety of vegetarian options while in transit. Although you will need to wait until you have cleared security to enjoy the freshly made dishes included in the menu, this vegetarian restaurant in Heathrow remains open to passengers from 5 a.m. and for as long as planes are being boarded.

Healthy food in London Heathrow: Pret a Manger

Travellers who are well-acquainted with the city or even those who have visited London at least once surely know Pret a Manger. If you are looking for high-quality vegan food in Heathrow airport, we strongly recommend their soups, salads, sandwiches, wraps and bowls accompanied by a warming cup of organic coffee or tea. The natural, raw ingredients employed make them surprisingly light and so calorie-counting while on the go could not be easier. Should you need it, ask for an in-flight picnic package to take away. This restaurant is in the public area before security of terminal 3 in LHR, although you will find outlets after the screening control in the same building, at terminal 4 and at terminal 5 as well. Its working hours go from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

Healthy breakfast in London Heathrow airport: Caviar House & Prunier Seafood Bar in T4

As the name itself indicates, aside from the fact that this place will satisfy your cravings if you are in the mood for a little luxury, it must be said that it is famous for its breakfast consisting of scrambled eggs, Scottish smoked salmon and avocado, undoubtedly one of the finest non-processed meals you can have in the entire facilities of the airport. It is situated after the security screening in terminal 4, offers express service and opens at 6 a.m. every day of the week.

Vegetarian food in Heathrow airport of London: Wagamama (T5)

Whether you have time to sit at a table or you want to place a take-away order and eat on the plane, Wagamama has Japanese rice and noodles, granola, porridge, freshly squeezed vegan juices –like the carrot one or the super green juice- wok-fried vegetables, dumplings, miso soup and vegetarian desserts such as the coconut reika ice cream or the chocolate layer cake. They aim to serve your freshly made food within 15 minutes after you order in the boarding area of terminal 5, and their working hours go from 5:30 until the last departure of the day.

Could you find your ideal gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan restaurant in Heathrow? If you plan to travel out of London by train, we recommend you also take a look at these places to eat in St Pancras International railway station.

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