Portable clothing irons and steamers for travellers

When you take long-haul flights, you know it is almost impossible to prevent your clothes from wrinking or creasing inside your suitcase or travel backpack, but if you are a business traveller, it is of paramount importance to look flawless in front of potential clients or colleagues at your destination, and that is where a portable clothing iron or steamer come in to help you keep your shirts, trousers, suits, dresses and garments looking impeccable and without wrinkles after you unpack your bags. There is a wide array of travel irons and clothing steamers to choose from, but in order to choose the one that will perfectly meet your travelling needs, you must take into account a variety of factors: where you travel, how you travel, the type of luggage you use and the kind of outfits you typically wear. An ergonomic, compact and lightweight portable steamer or clothing iron with dual voltage and a plug adapter could be just right to stay in hotels around the world, yet should you want to get more specific, continue reading below.

Characteristics of a good travel size iron or compact clothes steamer for your trips

Easy-to-use portable clothes iron for travelling

Not just because you will normally iron your clothes in a hurry while on a trip, but also because it should fit inside your luggage without taking up much space, preferably choose a travel iron or steamer to eliminate wrinkles from your clothing that is small, lightweight, compact and with an ergonomic handle. Consider the foldable models too.

Get your portable clothing iron or steamer for traveling

Dual voltage

If your travel ironing device incorporates a dual voltage switch, that means it can be plugged to a power supply with zero risks in countries that use 120V as well as in those that use 220V. In the case that your iron or steamer does not have dual voltage, you must get a voltage converter, as well as a plug adapter in order to be able to plug your device into foreign sockets while on a trip.


Decide how many Watts of power or electricity your clothes iron for travelling should have according to the type of outfits you normally wear. Light fabric like that of t-shirts, shirts and dresses requires no more than 400-800 Watts, whereas jeans, jackets and coats may need up to 1.000 Watts.

Heat control

Especially when you are not an expert in clothes and ironing, getting a travel clothing steamer or iron with heat control indicators can ensure that you won’t damage or burn your garments on your trips. These devices have marks for you to select different positions for different types of fabric: cotton, synthetic textiles, nylon, polyester or more delicate ones like silk.

Vertical or horizontal use

Note that compact clothing irons are used horizontally by pressing the clothes against a flat surface, which you will need to have; however, if you really want to eliminate wrinkles from your clothes with ease anywhere you are even without a table, get a portable garment steamer like the one below.

1500W Handheld Clothes Garment Fabric Steamer 280mL Steamer Hand Steam Iron Portable Ironing Wrinkle Remover 15s Fast Heat-up

Other characteristics

When shopping for a travel iron or compact steamer for your trips, also look for additional features that may enhance the performance of your device and make it more durable, namely adjustable thermostat control (so that it never overheats), 360-degree swivel cord, ceramic non-stick soleplate (for it to glide smoothly over clothes), anti-drip technology and anti-slip handle.

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