Which airports have Yotelair transit hotels inside their terminals?

If you are embarking on an international journey soon and are having a layover that will last longer than 4 hours at a major aviation hub like Paris – Charles de Gaulle, Istanbul, London Gatwick, Singapore Changi or Amsterdam Schiphol, you might want to consider spending it in the comfort and coziness of a Yotelair cabin. This capsule-style accommodation is part of the Yotel hospitality chain, and specializes in providing a place to get some rest, catch up with work, take a shower, recharge the batteries of all your devices and sleep in either the departures concourse or the arrivals area of the airport.

Likewise, Yotelair transit hotels are indicated not just for passengers in transit, but also for those who will catch the first flight in the morning and don’t want to miss it and for the ones who will land late at night and would rather sleep at the airport than commute to their place with all their bags when it’s dark already. What is more, they can make a reservation just for the hours they’ll need the cabin, the minimum being 4 hours.

The greatest allure of Yotelair lies in its minimalism and the functionality of its technologically advanced features; it would be safe to say that this concept combines the best of what conventional hotels can offer with the philosophy of capsule-hotels, yet staying right in the middle, since Yotelair cabins are in fact more spacious than the average capsule.

How are Yotelair airport cabins different from conventional transit hotels?

The main differences between Yotelair hotels and other hotels in airports are:

  • Their convenient location inside the transit area of the airport terminals or in the arrivals public hall, in both cases close to Duty Free stores, dining options and passenger services.
  • The opportunity they give you to save money by booking your stay by the hour, although it must be taken into account that the minimum time stretch allowed is 4 hours, which already makes a big difference if compared to having to pay for a whole overnight stay.

Which documentation is required to check into a Yotelair at the airport?

Note that, in order to reach the Yotelair hotels located airside, you will have to clear security and passport control, and therefore you will be asked for your passport and boarding pass (mandatory) along your way to the hotel as well as at the moment of checking in. Only passengers holding a valid boarding pass will be admitted into a transit Yotelair hotel. You must check your bags before clearing security because only hand luggage is accepted.

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While you may not need a transit visa if you are just making a connection without leaving the restricted area of the airport, a valid travel visa to enter the country might be required when staying in a Yotelair in the public zone, due to the fact that you will be leaving the transit concourse behind and literally crossing the border to sleep at the hotel. Make sure you confirm that this will be the case with the competent travel authorities, consulates or embassies.

Which airports of the world have Yotelair hotels in their transit or public area?

YOTELAIR hotel inside Singapore Changi airport

You will find the Yotelair Changi and its 130 cabins in the public Jewel Changi terminal (4th floor). This location has friendly robots as part of the staff in addition to its signature amenities, round-the-clock security, 24-hour reception, accessible premises, elevators and digital self-check in kiosks. If you are having a layover in Singapore or your stay have been planned as pre-departure because your trip ends, you might already be aware of the fact that you will need either a transit or a tourist visa.

YOTELAIR  hotel inside Paris Charles de Gaulle – Roissy airport in France

The Yotelair Paris airport is found near Aerogare 2E / Terminal 2E in the transit concourse, so it is ideally recommended to passengers flying to an overseas, non-Schengen destination with Air France and other SkyTeam airlines, or else heading to the UK or transferring to another international flight without leaving this airport terminal. Therefore, it is important to remind you that you will need to be in possession of a valid boarding pass to catch a flight departing gates K, L or M in T2E with hand luggage only.

YOTELAIR hotel inside London Gatwick airport

The Yotelair Gatwick is conveniently located on the public arrivals concourse of the South Terminal (ground floor), right next to the international arrivals hall and connected to the North Terminal by regular shuttle services provided at no cost. If you are departing London, allow for some extra time to go through security and passport control between checking out and boarding your flight. Otherwise, if you are arriving, you will be required to claim your baggage, clear UK immigration and show a valid UK visa before checking into the hotel.

YOTELAIR hotel inside the New Istanbul airport

The Yotelair Istanbul is situated on the airside and is the only transit hotel at IST, superbly located within the Duty Free zone after security and passport control. As is the case with other Yotelair hotels inside airport terminals, you will need to drop your checked baggage and check into your cabin with your cabin bag only. Since you will be staying in the transit area of the biggest transit hub in the world, you will have a concierge desk at your disposal, extra amenities and facilities and adjoining rooms available for groups and families travelling together. If staying in the restricted zone of the airport does not suit your travel needs, note that there is another Yotel hotel in the landside of Istanbul airport.

YOTELAIR Amsterdam Schiphol

The Yotelair in Amsterdam airport is found in the Departures Concourse 2 after security and passport control, in the restricted international transit area. Providing all the Yotelair amenities available in other world locations, the Yotelair cabins inside the terminal of Schiphol airport are especially indicated for passengers in transit, those whose journey has been affected by delayed or cancelled flights or travellers departing first thing in the morning who would like to sleep at the airport and be the first ones waiting at the gate. Remember, though, that you must have your boarding pass with you at the time of check-in, and that only hand luggage is allowed.

What amenities will I find in my Yotelair cabin?

Guests who book a Yotelair airport cabin get high-speed WiFi connection to be used on multiple devices, a smart TV enabling connectivity to stream movies and music, electronic laptop safe, power outlets and USB sockets, rain-effect shower, complimentary toiletries, work desk, hairdryer, iron and iron board upon request, signature smart beds and pillows, techno-wall with mood lighting, digital self-check in kiosks and other technological features. Available units can be Standard (accommodates 1 or 2 people), Twin, Premium Queen or Family (accessible).

Which airport in Guatemala is closest to the best places to visit?

If you are planning a trip to Central America and want to spend time at its Mayan ruins, tropical jungles, nature reserves, beautiful old towns and idyllic seashores, you may be wondering which international airport in Guatemala is best to fly into. In this post, we will give you valuable tips before you travel to this country with a Caribbean coast and sharing borders with Mexico, Honduras, Belize and El Salvador, namely which airlines operate flights to Guatemala and to which airports, where to stay, how to reach its main attractions, and what to see and do while you are there.

Flights to Guatemala and its two main international airports

There are two main international airports in Guatemala, Central America: Guatemala City or La Aurora and Mundo Maya International airport, commonly referred to as Flores airport. The former is the largest and nearest one to the capital city, while the latter is a much smaller yet busy terminal located in the suburb of Santa Elena, and closer to Belize and its coast.

You can fly to La Aurora airport in Guatemala all year round from Bogotá, Los Angeles, Miami, San José in Costa Rica, San Salvador, Washington Dulles, Tegucigalpa and New York-JFK with Avianca; from Atlanta and LAX with Delta; from Managua and Panama with Copa Airlines; from Madrid in Spain with Iberia; from Miami with Frontier, from John F. Kennedy airport with JetBlue, From Fort Lauderdale, Houston International and Orlando with Spirit; from Belize, Cancun, Flores, Merida, Puerto Barrios and Oaxaca with Transportes Aereos Guatemaltecos; and from some of the cities above also with United and Volaris.

If, after reading our recommendations below, you prefer to fly into Mundo Maya airport in Guatemala, know that you can only book flights to this airport or else make a connection from Guatemala City-La Aurora, Cancun and Merida in Mexico or Belize with carriers like Aeromar, Transportes Aereos Guatemaltecos and Tropic Air. Note that some airlines operate seasonal and chartered flights to both air hubs in the country, so there might be other routes not listed here that suit you better.

Which airport in Guatemala should I fly to?

If you fly to Guatemala from abroad, it is highly likely that you will land in La Aurora (Guatemala City), but in order to reach the parts of the country you would like to see or where you would like to stay, you can catch a connecting flight to Flores airport (Mundo Maya), or even travel by air from Mexico or Belize as part of your Central America tour.

From La Aurora International airport, you can reach Ciudad de Guatemala in just 20 minutes by car, and the charming colonial city of Antigua, with its cobbled streets and a chocolate museum near the Pacaya volcano, after a 56-minute drive from the terminal. Less than 2 hours driving from it is the Iximche Mayan site as well, while it takes a little bit more than 3 hours to drive to Lake Atitlán. The Monterrico Nature Reserve, home to mangrove forests and sea turtles and a perfect destination for travelers who want to take boat tours and enjoy bird and wildlife spotting, lies about 3 hours away by car from Guatemala City airport.

After your flight lands in Mundo Maya airport in Guatemala (Flores), you may commute to the Tikal Mayan ruins in 1 hour and 15 minutes, and explore small towns, active volcanoes and tropical jungles. The beaches and coral reefs in Livingston are accessible from Flores airport in approximately 6 hours, although this journey may require entering Belize (that is, crossing the border) and taking a ferry boat. Another landmark worth exploring, the Lanquín Caves are halfway between the two main airports in the country, so it would make no difference if you catch a flight to one or the other.

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Travel to Aruba: Queen Beatrix International airport guide

Twenty nine kilometres off the Venezuelan coast lies the Dutch Caribbean paradise of Aruba, an island country part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands boasting beautiful beaches and dry, sunny weather with clear skies for most of the year. Continue reading below to learn more about its airport, Queen Beatrix International, flights to Aruba, transportation options to get around and tourist accommodation with sea views.

Hotels in Aruba

Flights to Aruba

Aruba airport (AUA), officially known as Queen Beatrix International, is conveniently located in the capital city, Oranjestad, featuring smooth connections to the central bus station and the cruise terminal. You can fly to Aruba from the United States with Delta, American Airlines, United, JetBlue, Frontier and Southwest aboard flights taking off at Charlotte Douglas, Dallas Fort Worth, Miami, New York La Guardia and JFK, Philadelphia, Chicago O’hare, Atlanta, Boston or Minneapolis St Paul. European travellers can book flights from Amsterdam (scheduled all year round), London Gatwick or Brussels (during the peak season). Lesser known carriers such as the flagship Aruba Airlines, Surinam, Albatros, Air Century or EZ Air operate flights between the island and Santo Domingo, Curaçao, Bonaire, Sint Marteen, and airports in Panama, Colombia and Venezuela.

Preclearance in Aruba airport

Travellers who pass through Queen Beatrix to catch a direct flight towards the United States of America can clear customs and border control before departure at this airport. If that is your case, we recommend you to read our previous post on how US Border Preclearance works.

How many terminals does Queen Beatrix airport have?

There is only one passenger Terminal in Aruba airport, but it is divided into two areas: USA departures and non-USA departures.

Transportation from Aruba airport

In order to travel from Queen Beatrix International / Aruba airport to the hotels near Eagle Beach, Palm Beach and Arashi Beach, or else head to Baby Beach in the south of the island, the cruise terminal or the central Royal Plaza, travellers have three main options:

Find accommodation in Aruba

  • Taxi. Authorized taxis await passengers outside the airport building, and can be hired by the hour or for a specific journey at a fixed fare. The minimum taxi ride fare in Aruba is $7 (12,60 florins), and each passenger is allowed to carry one handbag and one piece of luggage. If you travel with more bags, additional charges will apply.
  • Rental cars. Should you prefer to hire a vehicle to get around by yourself, know that you will find over sixteen different rental car offices after landing in Queen Beatrix.
  • Public bus lines. Arubus runs services to most areas in the island. Routes operated from the airport by this bus company include short journeys to Oranjestad centre, the central station at Royal Plaza and the cruise terminal, as well as longer ones with stops at the most popular resorts and tourist hotels.

Is there free WiFi in Aruba airport?

Yes, passengers can spend their wait at the terminal browsing the internet on their mobile devices thanks to the complimentary WiFi network available. If you haven’t done it prior to your arrival, it is advisable that you download the Aruba Health Travel App.

What can you do while waiting for your flight?

Feeling hungry before departure? There is a wide array of dining options in the public zone of Aruba airport, but also in the main shopping area after security and close to some boarding gates. Choices go from bars and cafes to classy restaurants specializing in sushi, Chinese cuisine, International dishes, beers, ice-cream, desserts and pretzels. You will also find healthy options and take-away. Souvenirs and Duty Free shops are found both on the landside and the airside, and two VIP lounges, which open every day of the year from 6 am to 10 pm, are located near boarding gates 2 and 8 respectively.

Hotels near Queen Beatrix airport in Aruba

The closest accommodation to Queen Beatrix airport is this Hyatt Place Hotel in Aruba.

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How to access the infinity pool in Punta Cana International airport

Business travellers and holiday goers taking a trip to the Dominican Republic may now indulge in the ultimate luxury experience before they catch their flight back home: going for a swim in the infinity pool featuring runway views located inside one of the VIP lounges of Punta Cana International airport. This major hub in the Caribbean is one of the main gateways into the country for visitors flying from airports in Europe and America, as the arrivals and departures of both scheduled and chartered flights by Air France, American Airlines, Aerolíneas Argentinas, Aeromexico, Air Canada, Air Europa, Condor, British Airways, Delta, Avianca, Edelweiss, XL Airways France, Latam, Thomas Cook and TUI –among other carriers- are handled from its passenger terminals. For the purpose of enhancing your travel experience after leaving your hotel in Punta Cana and prior to setting off on a long-haul journey, the VIP lounges in Punta Cana airport are equipped to cater to the needs of the most demanding jetsetters. Find further information below.

In which terminal of Punta Cana International airport is the infinity pool located?

If you are looking forward to doing a few laps before your flight, you must be aware that the infinity pool in Punta Cana airport is exclusively available to passengers of flights departing from Terminal B. You will find the VIP lounge where the swimming pool is next to a Victoria’s Secret outlet opposite boarding gates 5 and 6; it stays open from 8 am to 9 pm every day of the week.

Whether you decide to relax and sunbathe on the loungers while enjoying your complimentary snacks and drinks or you prefer to take a dip, spending your waiting time before boarding at the infinity pool in Punta Cana International airport will enable you to get the best apron views, therefore standing a good chance of witnessing a considerable number of take-offs and landings from a privileged spot.

Passengers with a valid admission pass and departing the airport on the same day are allowed to stay for a maximum period of two hours. Continue reading in order to learn how to be granted admission to this service.

How to gain access to the infinity swimming pool in Punta Cana airport, Dominican Republic

There are different ways to get into the VIP lounge with swimming pool in Punta Cana International airport. Any traveller, regardless of the airline they will be flying with and the category of their ticket, may purchase a pass entitling them to enter the lounge, enjoy its amenities and swim in the pool on the day of their departure; the price to be paid at the reception desk is 50 USD, even though you will get 50% off if you use an American Express card to make the payment. On the other hand, members of frequent flyer programs such as Priority Pass, Lounge Club, Lounge Key and Dragon Pass only need to show proof of their membership to be admitted. Lastly, in some exceptional cases, airlines having an agreement with the lounge might offer free passes to the outdoor pool featuring runway views in Punta Cana International airport to compensate for a delay or cancellation or as a gift to a premium traveller.

Did you know that the coast of this locality in the Dominican Republic boasts a superbly location right where the Atlantic and the Caribbean oceans meet? If you are looking for the perfect holiday destination, this might be an excellent place to go on a couple or family vacation in view of the varied choice of all-inclusive hotels and resorts in Punta Cana.

Exhibition venues reopening for international trade fairs: upcoming on-site and virtual events

The intrinsic multitudinous nature of international exhibitions, trade shows, expos and conventions make them an almost unconceivable endeavour in the times of COVID-19. Notwithstanding that, event profs, organizers, exhibitors and buyers who had to unpack their bags and stay home in the spring of 2020 are in no way willing to quit what they do best an what they love. Everyone is hoping that business travel will gradually recover and that business fairs and conferences worldwide, as well as major networking events will still happen, only that in safer and less crowded environments, or even in virtual ones for that matter.

Since attending fairs and events remains an integral part of a wealthy global economy in spite of coronavirus, and is, as a matter of fact, a key requirement for safeguarding it precisely because of the impending economic downturn derived from it, most of the main exhibition centres and convention venues have made substantial investments in order to renovate their space, retrained their staff and transformed their customer handling methods for the sake of health and wellbeing. At the time of writing this post, some trade show facilities are serving as shelters, makeshift hospitals or testing sites to tackle the pandemic, others have reopened with limited activity and online events, while the reopening of those in severely affected regions are still subject to local restrictions on large gatherings.

Below, you will find a provisional overview of trade show venues reopening in Asia, North America, Europe and the United Arab Emirates, along with information on much-awaited international events that have had to be postponed due to COVID-19, redesigned as online events or which remain scheduled as onsite as initially planned subject to possible modifications.

Convention centres resuming the organization of trade fairs and events either virtually or onsite

Trade shows happening in Asia

The Canton Fair Complex in Guangzhou

Can you imagine finding new clients, acquiring services, closing deals, building new connections and doing business as a hosted buyer from the comfort of your home or office? This was recently made possible when the Canton Fair Complex in Guangzhou enabled online exhibitor rooms which can be accessed by visitors via virtual reality software. As was the case with the Lighting Exhibition which took place from October 10 to October 13 2020, the upcoming China Import & Export Fair will allow participants to register online and use their electronic IDs to visit exhibits and enter live streams.

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center (HKCEC)

The HKCEC in Hong Kong has announced “stringent preventive measures” to safeguard the wellbeing and health of both visitors and employees during these unprecedented times. The implemented actions ever since trade shows resumed include strict admission procedures for those who enter the venue, mandatory use of face masks and enhanced disinfection and ventilation. Some of the most notable events taking place in Hong Kong in November are the International Wedding and Banquet Expo, the Retail Asia Conference and Expo 2020 and Natural & Organic Asia.

Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre

While one of the most anticipated events of the year at Suntec Singapore –the Big Data & AI World SG- has been postponed until October 2021 and will be held at the Marina Bay Sands venue instead, other international conferences like the one on Advanced Nursing and Healthcare, a subject of paramount importance these days, is scheduled to take place onsite on October 26 and has not been cancelled.

Attending and registering for conventions in North America

Las Vegas Convention Center in Nevada

LVCC has increased its hygiene and safety protocols, with a view to protecting staff and guests during upcoming events like the Digital Signage Expo in November 2020 and the Travel Goods Show in March 2021. Additionally, anyone who visits the exhibitions in Las Vegas must abide by strict rules regarding the use of face masks, social distancing, temperature checks and shared transport, and all served food will be wrapped individually and delivered by trained employees behind Plexiglass barriers.

San Diego Convention Center in California, USA

The home of the San Diego Comic Con is set to remain closed through December 2020, and its reopening will be subject to the local restrictions on mass events, as is the case with many other cities within and outside the United States. The facilities of the SDCC will see the hosting of the San Diego Spring Home Show, the Bridal Bazaar and the Equity Conference in early 2021, provided that it is allowed by then.

Miami Beach Convention Center in Florida

The Miami Beach Convention Center in Florida has undergone great renovation works to meet the mandatory requirements for social distancing, hygiene and safety, although it continues alternating between care facility, COVID-19 testing site and exhibition venue. Some highly anticipated shows taking place before the end of the year at the venue include Cruise World in November and Art Basel Miami in December.

Trade fairs resuming in Europe

Rho Fiera Milano in Italy

Trade shows and events in Milan, Italy, have recently resumed for both the Rho Fiera and the Milano City pavilions, only that some of its top events are being held online. For instance, visitors can register via web to attend the Salone Franchising Milano (International Retail Trade Fair), the Viscom conference will also happen online and the Games Week will be broadcast live on the fast-growing Twitch streaming platform.

Fira Barcelona

In the same line, the organization of Fira Barcelona in Catalonia is opting for the interactive modality in most of its events. Liber, for instance, will feature virtual exhibitors and buyers will be able to contact sellers via video chat; the Smart City Expo will have digital sessions and workshops, just as IBTM World in December. The Mobile World Congress is currently scheduled to take place between June 28 and July 4 2021 at the physical facilities.

IFEMA Feria de Madrid in the capital city of Spain

The IFEMA facilities in Madrid, Spain, recently ended their activity as makeshift hospital for COVID-19 patients, and is now hard at work to make a comeback to the trade fair world with reduced capacity, strict social distancing and sanitation measures and mandatory use of face masks, but, most importantly, they are reinventing the whole IFEMA experience as an entirely contactless one thanks to the use of e-tickets, digital badges and their own app for exhibitors, hosted buyers and visitors to interact during a show.

Trade fairs in Germany: Düsseldorf Messe, Hannover Messe and Frankfurt Messe

Trade shows and exhibitions in Germany are already running virtually, physically and in the hybrid modality. Thus, Messe Düsseldorf is getting ready for an online edition of the World Forum for Medicine (MEDICA) in mid-November, while preparations for the onsite Valve World Expo, Wire and Promtex from December onwards are more focused on making the physical facilities safe. Likewise, Messe Hannover has announced that it will open its doors again in April 2021, working in close cooperation with the local health authorities and the nearby hospitality establishments, and featuring a more spacious layout that will allow for less crowded spaces. Messe Frankfurt, for their part, will go for multimodal, hybrid events like Hypermotion (November 10-12) or fully digital ones like Formnext, taking places on the same dates, following on the success of other major events which turned virtual and passed with flying colours, as was the case with the annual Frankfurt Book Fair.

Trade shows in the UK: the Olympia Exhibition Centre in London

Due to the fact that large events are currently banned in London, the Meetings Show and the Baby Show, which were set to take place at the Olympia Exhibition Centre in autumn 2020 have been transformed into virtual editions for which visitors may register online; the Spirit of Christmas fair, however, has been cancelled. Other awaited events such as the Language Show, scheduled to happen in mid-November, has also been reorganised so that most of its speakers can make their presentations live on the web.

Conventions and events in the United Arab Emirates

The unprecedented global health emergency has also pushed the dates of international gatherings and events which were expected to be held at the Dubai World Trade Centre and the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre, and even those of the Dubai World Expo itself. To mention but a few examples, the GITEX Technology Week will happen in December 2020, the Middle East Energy show in June 2021 and the Dubai Airshow in November 2021. The confirmed opening date for the World Expo Dubai is currently October 1 2021, running until March 31 2022.