The best places to stay in Agadir, Morocco

One of the reasons why we love Agadir in the south of Morocco so much is because this African city, today popular as a surf destination and tourist resort, is an authentic Phoenix that had to revive from its own ashes and truly excelled at it. It went from the materially and emotionally devastated town it was after the earthquake of 1960 to the vibrant, culturally-rich and future-oriented hub it is nowadays.

If you are thinking of planning your trip to Agadir already, know that the closest airport is Agadir Al-Massira, an international terminal to which you can fly from both overseas and other airports in Morocco. While Royal Air Maroc is the national flagship carrier and the airline in charge of operating the highest number of domestic flights into Agadir, Binter Canarias also offers short routes from the Canarian archipelago, right off the Moroccan coast. Other airlines selling seats to fly to Agadir from European airports either seasonally or on a regular basis are Condor, Easyjet, Transavia, Ryanair, Brussels Airlines and Thomas Cook.

How to go from the airport to Agadir in Morocco

The heart of the city is located 24 kilometres away from Agadir Al Massira International airport, and is commonly reached by taxi or car from its terminal in only 20 minutes, as long as the road is not congested.

The best areas to stay in Agadir

Once you have booked your flights, the next step will be to find accommodation in Agadir for your trip, but what are the best places to stay in this Moroccan city? The answer largely depends on whether you are interested in culture, gastronomy, history or surfing. Read our tips below so that you can choose your favourite spot in Agadir.

When the original Talborjt district was utterly destroyed by the earthquake, the authorities decided to rebuild it in a different location. In the present days and in its new central setting, this quarter is the place to go for the most delicious local cuisine, picturesque cafés, grocery stores, gardens and souks. You should not leave without ordering Tajine or Couscous at one of its many restaurants. After lunch, go for a stroll and visit the Memorial Museum, the Earthquake Memorial Wall and the beautifully preserved Olhao Garden before you go back to your accommodation in Talborjt, Agadir.

The Medina Polizzi of Agadir was also shattered by the quake in 1960, and later rebuilt in the outskirts of the city. As its name suggests, its architect was of Italian origin and so he left this imprint on its work, creating a new place that is seen as a paradise for art lovers coming from every corner of the world. In fact, it is common to find arts & crafts displays showcasing pottery, leather, mosaics and jewellery, and musical, theatrical and dancing performances are frequently hosted here. Thus, it can be said that staying close to the new Medina Polizzi in Agadir will allow for a more peaceful and culturally-oriented trip.

The surfers and ocean lovers will enjoy Agadir beach as much as its winter sun and good conditions for surfing all year round; besides, the beachside promenade provides a vast array of dining and accommodation options among which some of the best four and five-star hotels and resorts in Agadir are included. If you have time and want to explore further along the coast of Morocco, hop on the tourist train or drive 20 minutes up north to Taghazout beach, a more bohemian surfing area. Just do not leave your surfboard behind!

Last but not least, you should not miss out on the Kasbah Ruins during your trip to Morocco, as these are few of the only original parts of town still remaining. Settled on top of the Kasbah mountain, this medieval castle invites travellers to take a hike up the hills, although you can also take a taxi for this journey. The fortress, dating back to 1540, not only is testimony to several historical battles but also affords spectacular views of Agadir and the sea.

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