A quick guide to Lanzarote airport (ACE) in Spain

Lanzarote is the island of the Spanish Canarian archipelago that is located furthest to the east. Its unique landscapes, heavenly beaches and alluring holiday apartments and hotels have become a magnet for tourists looking for a different sort of vacation and adventurers wanting to take hikes to breathtaking places. If you are flying to the Canary Islands soon, find below a practical guide to find your way around the two terminals of Lanzarote airport, use public transportation from there and visit the Aeronautical Museum within a short walk from the airport parking.

Terminal 1 of ACE airport in Spain

Lanzarote airport’s T1 is the larger of the two and all domestic and international flights are operated from it. The ground floor accommodates the baggage claim area and the arrivals hall; once outside, you may rent a car or hire a shuttle to commute to your hotel in Lanzarote island. You will also find a bar, toilets and a tourist information office on this level.

On your day of departure, you will need to go up to the first floor, where the check-in desks are located. Before going through the security filter you may have a light meal at Caffé Ritazza or get some magazines and last-minute gifts at Hudson News but, in any case, there is a broader choice of restaurants and shops awaiting you in the only-for-passengers boarding area.

Walking between terminals

You can walk both from T1 to T2 and from T2 to T1; in fact, they are adjacent buildings. However, if you land in one of them and need to go to the other, know that there is a ramp in the parking across the street connecting them. From T1, you will have to walk straight ahead and then go up the ramp, and from T2 you will need to go across the street and then down the ramp.

Terminal 2 of Lanzarote airport in the Canary Islands

T2 is home to Canaryfly and Binter Canarias, the two airline companies operating interisland flights and even some intercontinental routes to destinations in Africa in the case of Binter. The terminal is quite small and, after landing, you can collect your baggage, step outside, and easily find the car rental offices.

When departing, you need to go back to this very same place, check in at the corresponding counter (all of them are facing the main entrance) and find the security filter to your right. If you feel like a cup of coffee or a hot sandwich before taking off, you are advised to visit Caffé di Fiore in the public area, since only two vending machines are available for passengers in the restricted departures lounge. On a brighter note, there are many power outlets to charge your mobile devices free of charge while you wait to board the plane.

Commuting from Lanzarote airport to Arrecife

Right outside T1 on your left and conveniently signposted you will find a bus stop where lines 22 (operating on week days) and 23 (operating during the weekend) of the Intercity bus company pick up and drop off travellers. These buses can take you to Arrecife bus station, only 10 minutes away, from which you may commute to most points in the island or get to your hotel in Lanzarote. A single ticket to Arrecife costs 1,40. It must be noted that the aforementioned bus lines also stop in Playa Honda before reaching the capital.

The Aeronautical Museum of Lanzarote airport

This museum, situated within a short stroll across the parking of T2 and across the road from Aena’s headquarters in Lanzarote is actually the original first terminal building from which flights departed and landed between 1946 and 1970. It keeps part of its apron and its control tower, and showcases faithful reproductions of different sections of the terminal as they used to be in the past, along with invaluable objects such as radio stations, telegraphs, scales and staff uniforms.

Aviation lovers will surely enjoy the room dedicated to spotters and their pictures, and art enthusiasts will get to know more about Cesar Manrique’s contribution to the decoration of the old and new terminals. Additionally, the aeronautical museum regularly hosts temporary exhibitions. It remains open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 to 14:00 and admission is free.


Accommodation in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia (Spain)

There are two main reasons compelling adventurers from across the world to visit the capital of Galicia in the north-west of Spain: the declaration of its beautiful Old Town as UNESCO World Heritage Site back in 1985, and the wish to fulfil what is considered by many a life goal, that is, the completion of the Way of St. James (El Camino).

That being said, arriving to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela or obtaining your pilgrim certificate comes with additional perks. If you have some time to spare in the city and can even stay for a few days in a guest house or hostel for pilgrims in Galicia, we not only advise you to enjoy the fine Galician gastronomy but also to take the time to get around and admire its baroque architecture, its parks, and the convents and churches built centuries ago that still stand, bearing silent testimony to innumerable stories.

How to get to Santiago de Compostela

Perhaps the most usual way to get to Santiago de Compostela in Galicia for hiking lovers and backpackers is by completing the last or all stages of El Camino (St. James Way), but many other travellers choose to travel by train or airplane from Spanish or European cities. AVE trains connect Madrid and Santiago in only five hours, while domestic air routes as well as international ones are handled to and from its airport, located twelve kilometres from the old town.

Whether you will be taking a city break after your pilgrimage to Santiago in Spain or you are travelling there for the sole purpose of exploring and discovering new places, know that there is a wide array of budget-friendly lodging options for solo travellers and backpackers in Galicia. Below, you will find some of the best valued cheap accommodation in Santiago de Compostela.

Rua Nova hostel in Santiago de Compostela

This budget accommodation in Galicia is strategically situated in the heart of Santiago just metres away from the Cathedral, the University and the popular Obradoiro Square. Pilgrims, hikers, backpackers and tourists appreciate the chance to sleep in a historical building that has been remodelled to accommodate guest rooms featuring complimentary WiFi, flat-screen TV, private bathroom and amenities. The front desk of the Rua Nova hostel in Santiago de Compostela is available around the clock, and there is a tourist information point within short walking distance of the establishment.

 As Margaritas hostel near Santiago de Compostela Cathedral

The As Margaritas hostel is often chosen by travellers who want to stay close to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in a central location of the old town, while also enjoying access to amenities like a communal terrace where they can relax and have a drink at the bar. Guest rooms include free WiFi internet and TV, and are fitted to accommodate groups, families, couples or solo travellers, with the option of having a bathroom inside or sharing one outside. The different room categories in this hostel in Santiago de Compostela –Spain– are individual, twin, double, triple and quadruple. Also, the reception staff can assist you with extras like parking spaces (for a fee), left luggage, local tours, book and DVD for loan and airport transfers.

Sleeping in an old monastery in Galicia, Spain

The known as Hospedería San Martín Pinario is a unique sort of accommodation in Santiago, Galicia, as it has been built inside what used to be a monastery, today turned into one of the most popular places to stay among pilgrims of the Way of St. James (El Camino de Santiago). Even better, it is located right across the street from the Cathedral and within a short stroll of some of the most beautiful sights and landmarks in this UNESCO World Heritage Site in Spain. Former guests highlighted the excellent customer service provided by the reception staff, available 24 hours a day, as well as the basic yet comfortable rooms with private bathroom, featuring occupancy for one, two or three guests in the same unit. To top it all off, this cheap accommodation in Santiago de Compostela serves a hearty buffet breakfast every morning and Galician delicacies in the preserved dining hall of the former monastery, which makes for quite an unforgettable gastronomic and architectural experience.

Will you be visiting other cities in Spain? If you travel on a low budget or simply would like to find the best nightly rates for your stay, have a look at hour recommended hostels and hotels in Seville, Andalusia.

Adolfo Suárez – Madrid Barajas international airport in Spain

Madrid International Airport, formerly known as Barajas and recently redesignated as Adolfo Suárez with the IATA code MAD, is –with its four terminals and a satellite one –a connecting hub for domestic flights to the Spanish capital or making stopovers in it, as well as for international and intercontinental flights operated by the most important airlines from across the globe. Whether you are visiting Spain during your holidays or taking a business trip to Madrid, read our tips below so that you can easily find your way around this hub.

Also, while planning your trip you should be aware that the terminals of this airport are located about 17 kilometres away from the downtown; you can check our recommendations to find the most suitable way to commute from Madrid airport to the city centre.

Terminals 1, 2 and 3 of Adolfo Suárez- Madrid International airport

You are advised to either check your booking or call the airline you are flying with beforehand in order to confirm the terminal from which your plane will depart; this way, you will be able to go straight to the right building, therefore saving precious time. Inside Barajas T1, we will find check-in desks, boarding gates from A to C and two Arrivals halls. In T2 we are also allowed to check-in, collect our boarding passes and board through gates C and D. The terminal 3 at Adolfo Suárez-Madrid Barajas airport serves as an expansion of Terminal 2, and so it only accommodates baggage claim halls and boarding gates E and F.

T4 at Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suárez and its satellite terminal

The terminals called T4 and T4S of Madrid airport consist of two independent buildings, but we can easily get from one to the other by an underground train connecting both in just 3 minutes. They compose the most important area in the airport facilities and the one with the highest level of activity due to the travel services offered as well as the wide array of fashion shops and restaurants hosted.

The T4 of Madrid airport is divided into different levels. On the -1 floor, we find the baggage reclaim belts for national and international arrivals, with their corresponding arrivals halls, aside from boarding gates from H to K; on the ground floor (street level), all check-in desks and the security filter through which passengers in transit as well as those departing from Madrid must pass.

The satellite terminal in Barajas or T4S houses boarding gates M, R, S and U, from which flights to countries outside of the Schengen area are operated. Most long-haul international flights start here, in the 4S. Its international arrivals hall has all the currently applicable filters and passport control stations.

The air-shuttle service between Madrid and Barcelona

The airline company Iberia provides travellers with a fast air transport service from Madrid to Barcelona and from Barcelona to Madrid. When in Barajas airport, in order to enter the customer service area, the check-in machines and boarding gates for the Air-Shuttle planes, we must access the T4 through the main entrance (landside) and go upstairs on our left to reach the second level.

Having a layover at Madrid Adolfo Suárez-Barajas international airport

If we travel for business purposes and we need to take a connecting flight in Madrid, thus having to spend several hours inside the terminal, there are several options in order to make this waiting time productive. For instance, we can do some work at the Business Centre located in the second floor of Terminal 4 for free as long as we are members of the Priority Pass programme, or enjoy a snack inside the Iberia Vip Lounges in case we are flying with this airline.

In the event of having to spend the night or during a long layover, we recommend you book a hotel room near Adolfo Suárez-Barajas airport in Madrid or purchase a pass granting access to the 24 hours-open Vip Lounges in its terminals, like the Neptuno lounge (available to passengers flying outside the Schengen area), the Cibeles or the Velázquez VIP lounges. Many of these lounges have meals and drinks for travellers, offer the possibility to obtain travel Visas and personalised information on flights, along with spaces specifically designated to relax and refresh.

Cafés and restaurants in Adolfo Suárez – Madrid Barajas airport in Spain

Travellers are spoilt for choice when it comes to eating in Madrid airport (also known as Adolfo Suárez or simply Barajas airport), whether upon arrival or while looking for a quick pre-flight snack to grab and go. In such a large connecting hub with so many people arriving and departing each hour of the day, you may think it will be hard to find somewhere to sit down and have a hearty meal, yet there is such a wide array of bars, coffee places and restaurants offering the most diverse selection of options that all you need to worry about is boarding your plane on time.

Service in most establishments of Madrid airport starts between 6am and 8am (some cafés may even be working at 5), and they remain open until 21pm-23pm. These schedules are subject to modification according to the number of flights being operated on specific dates. If you go for a safe bet and opt for well-known franchises, McDonald’s and Starbucks stay available for travellers in transit at Madrid airport 24 hours a day. Notwithstanding that, you are encouraged to try the Mediterranean specialties, traditional and modern tapas and gourmet cuisine on offer across the terminals.

In this post, we comment on our recommended places to eat at the airport during your trip to Madrid, and provide directions so that you can find them easily in your terminal of arrival or departure.

Snacks and light meals to eat in Barajas airport

When all you need is to buy something to take away or eat on the plane, stop by Deli&Cia near boarding gates H in T4 or gates R and U in T4 satellite: freshly made baguette sandwiches, salads, pasta dishes, cold and hot drinks –all properly packaged to be enjoyed outside- await you. A very similar option for a quick bite in Madrid airport is Eat&Fly in the boarding area A of T1, whereas the Eating Point in both T3 and T4 (next to gates E and J respectively) boasts a broader diversity that includes desserts, fruit, smoothies, yoghourts, meat and wines, ready to be enjoyed on the go.

In spite of being considered as of poorer quality, do not feel discouraged when you see the “Delikia Fresh” vending machines in most areas of Madrid International airport. Based on our own experience, their daily elaborated chorizo, barbecue chicken and Iberian ham sandwiches are really good value for money, plus you may also get chocolate bars, chips and bottled water at a reasonable price along with them if you need to rush to your gate.

*Have you already booked accommodation in the Spanish capital city? Find hotels in Madrid.

The best coffee in Madrid International airport in Spain

You may not be in Italy, yet Madrid Barajas airport is also an ideal spot to have a cup of espresso, cappuccino or cortado. For your daily caffeine fix, head to Lavazza Coffee in the public departures zones of T1 and T4, or the boarding areas C and B in Terminal 1. Madrid airport’s Starbucks are located in the departures concourses of terminals 1, 4 and 4S, find it near gates B, J and S of the corresponding terminal. Caffriccio is an alternative where sweet treats add up to your coffee break: doughnuts, pastries and cake portions will be the best match for your hot drink; to enjoy them, go to the K boarding gates in T4, boarding areas R and U in T4S, or the arrivals public zones of T2 and T4. To indulge in the unmistakable French baked pastries and freshly brewed coffee by Paul, you will need to access the restricted area for passengers in Terminal 4 of Madrid Barajas airport and have time to spare near gates J: absolutely worth it, but do not lose sight of the nearest flight information screen!

Asian food and healthy options before you fly

“Kirei by Kabuki” is a trendy Japanese and Mediterranean fusion restaurant to be found at both T1 and T4, though you will need a boarding pass in order to get a table and enjoy their assorted sushi platters, soups and Asian-inspired dishes. You can also place take-away orders before boarding. Their establishments are situated near gates B and J. Provided that you look for healthy food in Madrid airport, you will surely love the Evian space after security in Terminal 4, boasting a whole range of protein-rich and low-in-calories options as well as the healthiest snacks and desserts (including delicious frozen yoghourts) in the entire facilities.

Cañas and Spanish tapas bars in Adolfo Suárez – Madrid Barajas airport

A blend word formed by combining Mahou (a renowned Spanish beer brand) and Madrid gives name to the Mahoudrid restaurant franchise offering every single typical dish and tapa you need in order to take your first taste of Spain or have the most appropriate farewell-feast before leaving the country. Tortilla de patatas, bocadillo de calamares, paella, croquetas and the best draught beer along with the broadcasting of live sports events, a good ambience and power outlets by the seats make this place a must. They are located in the public areas near arrivals in T1 and T4, in the public departures of T2, and next to gates B in the boarding concourse of T3.

If you have been to the capital city already, you probably know that one of the most popular places to eat in Madrid is Rodilla. Their variety of sandwiches here will amaze you, and at the same time it allows you to have a savoury and light meal before takeoff. Rodilla sandwiches can be found in boarding halls D and K of T2 and T4 respectively. Would you rather go for something more gourmet? We advise you to take time to visit other restaurants in Adolfo Suárez – Madrid Barajas airport, such as “Origins by EnriqueTomás” next to boarding gates J after security in T4 or the “Gastro Hub” before going through the passport control in the same terminal. The first one gives you the chance to taste Iberico ham like you have never before, while the latter is famous for its reinvented tapas.

Do you already have a favourite? While you make up your mind, you can get ready to travel to Madrid.

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A trip to Seville, Andalusia – Spain

Flying from or to Seville Airport (SVQ) in Spain

San Pablo airport in Sevilla or simply Seville airport (Andalusia, Spain) connects the city with both domestic and international destinations. It consists of only one terminal with two levels, so it will be easy for us to get around and find whatever we are looking for quickly. The lower level (floor 0) encompasses the arrivals hall, the baggage claim and some information kiosks (tourist info as well as passenger assistance), whereas in the upper level (floor 1) we will find the check-in desks and the departures area. All over the terminal, undeniably inspired by traditional Andalusian architecture, we can equally come across ATMs, medical assistance, the Lost and Found office, a conference hall and, of course, use the free WiFi.

SVQ airport: airlines and destinations

Despite being a small passenger terminal, there are many airline companies operating from and to San Pablo airport in Seville, Spain, namely Air Berlin, Air Europa, Air France, Air Nostrum, British Airways, Brussels Airlines, easyjet, Evelop, Iberia, Iberia Express, Lufthansa, Monarch, Royal Air Maroc, Ryanair, Sunexpress, TapPortugal, Transavia, Vueling and XLairways.

Departing from the Andalusian capital, you may fly to other Spanish cities such as A Coruña, Alicante, Almería, Asturias, Barcelona, Bilbao, Gran Canaria, Palma de Mallorca, Ibiza, Madrid, Santander, Santiago de Compostela, Tenerife, Valencia and Lanzarote, and to destinations abroad like Amsterdam, Basel, Berlin, Bologna, Brussels, Dublin, Eindhoven, Frankfurt, Geneva, Lisbon, London, Marrakech, Marseilles, Milan, Munich, Paris, Rome and Zurich.

*If you are having a short stay in Seville or taking a business trip, you might need a hotel near Seville airport; otherwise, you can check the availability and prices of different accommodation options in the capital city of Andalusia.

How to get to Seville airport in Spain

Whether arriving or flying out, you may use the EA bus service covering the route between Seville airport and the city centre, which makes a convenient stop at Santa Justa train station. A single trip costs 4 euros, but if you are coming back on the very same day you can purchase a round trip ticket for only 6 euros, thus saving some money. The first bus to the airport departs at 4:30am, and the last one does at 1:15am.

What to do in the Departures area of Seville airport

Spending our waiting time before boarding in SVQ is simple, and as enjoyable as being at the very heart of the city, thanks to an array of Spanish cuisine restaurants, serving tapas and beer and conveniently located by the boarding gates. Also, Aena puts at the passengers’ disposal the Azahar VIP lounge, open between 6am and 10pm, where travellers may indulge in their catering service and use the free WiFi connection, flight information board, fax machine, telephone, business centre or make an appointment to do their hair or get a massage, all after having paid the admission fee.

Where to stay in Sevilla

Would you like to stay in Seville city centre during your trip, close to the popular Santa Cruz and Triana quarters? Browse the best hostels and hotels in Seville.

Hotels inside and near Barcelona airport (El Prat) in Spain

Barcelona airport in Spain -officially known as Josep Tarradellas Barcelona El Prat International- is the second largest air travel hub in the country only behind Adolfo Suárez Madrid Barajas in the capital city. Located 15 kilometres from the town after which it is named, it serves the Spanish region of Catalonia and operates as a base for airlines like Level and Vueling, while a considerable number of flights by carriers like Air Europa, easyJet, Iberia and Ryanair are also handled in BCN. Whether you are flying to Barcelona from abroad for business, a vacation or a holiday trip, you might find it highly convenient to stay in a hotel close to the airport the night before departure or following a late arrival.

Terminals of Barcelona – El Prat International airport

Barcelona airport in Spain has two terminals. Terminal 1 is the main building and biggest one, home to the large majority of check-in counters, airline offices, shops, passenger lounges and restaurants. Most international and domestic flights by major airlines take off and land in T1 of BCN. Terminal 2, on the contrary, is the building from which all low-cost flights depart and where they arrive. T2 is divided into three linked sections: A, B and C. You can easily walk from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 of Barcelona airport by exiting T1 and taking a short stroll (5 minutes) along the pavement.

Sleep& Fly rooms in Terminal 1 of Barcelona El Prat airport

The Sleep&Fly rooms are found in the business centre area of T1 in El Prat airport. You may either make a reservation to spend the night at a hotel without leaving the terminal and enjoy complimentary WiFi, private bathroom, minibar and coffee machine for personal use, or else book a room for day use by the hour or a shower to just refresh after a long flight. Shower rooms provide complimentary shampoo, gel and lockers.

Transport options from Barcelona airport to the city

In order to commute from the airport to Barcelona city centre, you have a whole array of ground transportation options available at your disposal upon arrival, namely rental car, subway trains, railway lines, Express bus, public bus lines, taxi and private shuttle services. The journey by road takes approximately 24 minutes in light traffic, and even less when you choose the subway. Should you like to learn more about all the possible ways to travel from Barcelona airport to the downtown, read “How to travel to and from El Prat airport in Catalonia, Spain”.

Hotels close to Barcelona airport in Spain

Meliá Hotel Barcelona Aeropuerto

This 4-star hotel is situated a 5-minute drive from El Prat airport in Barcelona, and confirmed guests can benefit from free shuttle transfers to and from its terminals. It offers spacious and modern rooms featuring private bathrooms with bathtub or shower. During your stay, you are entitled to a daily breakfast buffet and will be granted access to the onsite lobby & snack bar, the terrace and the fitness centre. Free WiFi is available all throughout.

BAH Barcelona Airport Hotel

The BAH hotel near Barcelona – El Prat airport provides pick-up and drop-off services featuring a seasonal pool, a garden, a terrace, a gym, a bar and a restaurant. Its soundproofred, air conditioned rooms have wireless internet, flat-screen TV and luxury bathrooms. Family suites as well as Superior King rooms are available.

Ciutat del Prat Hotel near Barcelona airport

Conveniently located in El Prat de Llobregat, a short drive from Barcelona airport, this stylish hotel comprises sauna facilities, a fitness zone, a Mediterranean restaurant and a cafe-bar. It offers a wide array of room categories and packages, including Park&Fly, cruise, romantic offers, parking included or free airport transfer included. A buffet breakfast is served every morning.

Best Western Plus Hotel Alfa Aeropuerto de Barcelona el Prat

This Best Western hotel is superbly situated halfway between El Prat airport and the Fira Gran Via trade fair and show venue. During their stay, guests enjoy free wireless internet, a heated swimming pool, an onsite restaurant and rooms with satellite TV, minibar and safes. Depending on how many people travel with you, you may stay in a standard double or single room, a junior suite, a standard triple unit or a family one. Secured parking spaces are available subject to prior booking.

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Hotels near the Prado Museum in Madrid, Spain

Art lovers from every corner of the world travel to Madrid each year to enjoy the masterpieces displayed at the Prado Museum in the Spanish capital city. The area surrounding El Prado galleries is perfect for a first taste of what Spain has to offer: monuments, traditional and modern architecture, fashion and gastronomy. So why not watch life go by while sitting at the terrace of a tapas bar or a “churrería”? Finding accommodation in Paseo del Prado in Madrid will also give you the chance to walk to the Retiro Park, the Reina Sofía Museum and the square known as Plaza Mayor. Furthermore, this spot is located only 13 kilometres away from the airport, a short journey easily covered by bus, train, taxi or private shuttle.

Read below for some recommended hotels near Museo del Prado in the heart of Madrid city according to your travel budget plan, from affordable to luxury ones.

Two-star Mora Hotel in Madrid

This hotel is located at number 32 of El Prado Avenue, right across the street from Museo del Prado and next to the Caixa Forum Art Gallery and the Botanical Gardens. Even though its unbeatable location is its main strength, the Mora Hotel provides humble yet dedicated service to guests, offering individual, twin, double and triple rooms with in-room safe deposit box and TV with international channels, ensuite bathroom including toiletries and onsite café and restaurant.

During their stay, visitors can enjoy the complimentary WiFi connection, use the business facilities, get tips and advice on what to see and do in Madrid in different languages and leave their luggage until the time to head towards Adolfo Suárez-Barajas airport comes.

Four-star hotel in central Madrid: Mercure Madrid Centro

Opposite El Prado Museum in Madrid city centre, this establishment belonging to the Mercure chain is a great accommodation option for your trip to Spain. The area is extremely well-connected to other landmarks by bus and underground trains, and ensures you do not miss out on other art galleries such as the Thyssen-Bornemisza, a short stroll from the hotel.

If you book a room at the Mercure Madrid Centro Hotel, whether you travel on your own, with your partner or in a group, you will sleep on a large, comfortable bed and be spoiled for choice with their amenities for guests, free WiFi, buffet breakfast, dining options and business facilities. Air-conditioning, heating, safes, vending machines, car hire, laundry and room service are counted among the many advantages of staying in these non-smoking premises.

Luxury hotel near the Prado Museum in Spain

The NH Collection Madrid Paseo del Prado by NH Hotels is a five-star hotel conveniently situated halfway between El Prado and the Thyssen Museum, and offering beautiful views to the gardens and architecture of this area. All galleries, shops and restaurants can be reached on foot. Additionally, guests must be aware that this site is actually a 19th century palace preserving some of its original decorations. Today, it incorporates a gym, an onsite tapas bar, a rooftop terrace and modern rooms with Nespresso coffee machines, flat-screen TVs and designer private bathrooms.

The stunning views and the proximity to the museums in Madrid are not the only perks of booking a suite, a superior or a premium room at the NH Collection Paseo del Prado, travellers staying here also enjoy a healthy buffet breakfast, free WiFI, parking spaces, room service, concierge service, currency exchange, dry cleaning and meeting rooms. The building is adapted for people with reduced mobility.

Would you rather stay somewhere else while in Madrid? Check the following link to find more hotels in the capital city of Spain.

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Where to stay in Costa del Sol: all-inclusive and beach hotels in Spain

What is your preferred kind of holiday? While many love sunbathing for hours and taking long strolls along the seashore, others indulge in the pleasure of spending the days at an all-inclusive holiday resort, and there are also those who love roaming unknown streets of old towns looking for something unexpected in a local shop or startling new tastes in traditional restaurants. Travellers leading a more refined lifestyle often look for luxury shopping and the finest dining experiences. Well, sunny Costa del Sol in Spain gathers all of the above. This region, which stretches along the coast of the Málaga province in Andalusia, seems like the perfect destination if you seek a combination of sea and activity. Popular holiday areas like Torremolinos, Benalmádena, Marbella, Estepona, Casares and Nerja never sleep, yet still offer the quietness and relaxed atmosphere you need for a much anticipated rejuvenating retreat. See our recommended hotels in Costa del Sol below.

All-inclusive hotel in Torremolinos, Costa del Sol

The Marconfort Beach Club hotel is a 4-star all-inclusive resort that stands only 4,2 kilometres away from Málaga airport, and a short walk separates it from the sand of Playamar beach. In such a privileged location, guests enjoy complimentary breakfast, lunch, dinner, ice cream and snacks, drinks (some restrictions may apply), access to the mini golf, bicycle lending, live music shows, admission to an indoor pool and to leisure areas for kids and for adults.

Furthermore, this hotel in Costa del Sol has a free WiFi internet network, 3 open-air swimming pools, gym, hot tub and sauna, and all rooms –which range from double to family occupancy with either front or lateral sea views- feature air conditioning, a balcony, paid safe, satellite TV and en suite bathroom. You may choose to book a wellness package and enjoy its spa facilities or go out and explore the nearby Málaga old town or take a train in Torremolinos train station to visit the Picasso Museum, the Cathedral, the Botanical Garden or the Aqualand water park. All the aforementioned are a short car drive away.

Nerja Club & Spa hotel in Costa del Sol

This 3-star hospitality establishment is 48 kilometres away from Granada airport and 56 kilometres from Málaga airport, but the hotel provides airport transfer service for a nominal fee, well worth paying if we take into account that by staying here we will be able to visit the famous “Balcón de Europa”, a viewpoint on a cliff that overlooks the Mediterranean sea and offers breathtaking views that are unique to this area. Besides, it takes just a short stroll to get both to the beach and to Nerja city centre.

The facilities of this holiday hotel in Spain comprise an open-air swimming pool, a spa centre with whirlpool baths (guests are entitled to one complimentary session per day during their stay), a buffet restaurant offering entertainment and weekly flamenco shows, a free Wifi lounge, and air-conditioned rooms with TV and private bathroom. When making a reservation, you may choose a breakfast-included rate, and other services include car rental, meeting rooms and spaces for events, concierge, luggage storage, laundry, ironing and daily maid service.

BlueBay Banús hotel in Marbella, Andalusia

Close to Marbella casino and several golf clubs, this hospitality establishment stands 7 kilometres from El Saladillo beach in Costa del Sol and 47 kilometres from Málaga airport. Guests may take a nice stroll to the exclusive harbour town of Puerto Banús. With parking spots available, foreign currency exchange services and spaces for meetings and events, the BlueBay Banús is perfect for those travelling to Spain both for business and leisure.

What is more, this hotel in Marbella boasts two onsite restaurants where guests can delight themselves with exquisite Andalusian dishes, a poolside bar and a wellness centre. The rooms -which may accommodate couples, groups or families-, feature a balcony, a mini bar, private bathroom and TV with satellite channels. Additionally, there is a paid WiFi lounge and three swimming pools available.

Flying to Granada airport to visit the Alhambra in Spain

Federico García Lorca airport (IATA code: GRX ) is, under the management of Aena, the main gateway into the province of Granada in Andalusia (Spain), which in turn is home to a stunning architectural medieval Moorish complex designated as World Heritage Site by the UNESCO in 1984, known as the Alhambra. Travellers may book flights to Granada via Madrid and Barcelona, or else make a connection from other Spanish cities and European destinations.

Granada airport: airlines and destinations

You may book your flight with Vueling to get to Granada from Barcelona, Bilbao, Gran Canaria, Palma de Mallorca and Tenerife Sur.

Air Europa also connects Mallorca and Granada.

Easyjet flies to Granada from Milano Malpensa, Manchester and London Gatwick.

And lastly, Iberia (Air Nostrum) connects this Andalusian city with the major international hub Adolfo Suárez – Madrid Barajas airport.

In view of the above, you should plan ahead for your trip to Granada. Make sure you have enough time between connections, especially if you are flying with different airlines and have independent plane tickets. If you are making several stops within Spain or Europe, choose a long stopover allowing you to enjoy the unique place that Granada is.

Airport guide and passenger services in Granada

Sometimes referred to as FGL-Granada Jaén, Federico García Lorca airport has only one terminal building. All check-in desks are on the ground floor, just like the security filter and the corresponding access to the passenger-only restricted area. Before passing through the screening, you will be able to enjoy a cup of coffee or a light meal at the cafeteria, while the boarding area features the Granada Duty Free store and a self-service restaurant.

Ground transport from Granada airport to the city

Seventeen kilometres separate Federico García Lorca – Granada Jaén airport from the downtown and the iconic landmark of Alhambra. The most popular means of transport amongst visitors is the City Bus, running frequent services between the airport and strategic spots like the Palacio de Congresos of Granada and the main streets leading to the World Heritage Site.

The City Bus from Granada airport to the city centre operates from 5:00 to 22:00 every day, and a single ticket costs 2,90 euros. Alternative ways to travel to Granada include renting a car from AVIS or OK Rent a Car (both found at the Arrivals Hall) or taking a taxi at the rank right outside the terminal.

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