Airport lounges in Paris Charles de Gaulle

There is an undeniable sense of luxury and romanticism inextricably attached to any trip to the City of Lights in Europe -regardless of the traveller and the purpose of the visit-, and so you cannot be blamed for having a strong urge to spend your last hours in the city in the comfort of a VIP airport lounge in Paris. Whether you are a regular user or completely new to the world of premium travel services, this post is a short guide to the lounges in Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport, which have been grouped according to three different ways to access this kind of facilities in this and other airports: as a member of Priority Pass or holder of certain credit cards, having purchased a pass to be used on the day you are flying or by being granted such privilege by your chosen airline because of the category of your ticket or particular circumstances.

You will also find info about the opening hours of the lounges in CDG and their location. Remember that, generally, you are allowed to stay inside for three or four hours maximum before the time of departure and the amenities provided include complimentary food and drink, wireless internet access, international press and magazines, TV, an exclusive relax zone, sofas and -in many cases- runway views, sleeping pods, showers and business facilities.

VIP lounges in Paris Charles de Gaulle for Priority Pass members

Paris-CDG, also known as Roissy airport in France, has made the following lounges available to members of the Priority Pass program. However, it must be noted that frequent flyers who have registered for other customer loyalty or credit card programs may also be granted admission, so you are advised to confirm it beforehand to enjoy this benefit too.

-The Star Alliance lounge. Situated on level 11th of terminal 1 in Paris-CDG airport, all you need to do to arrive is to take one of the lifts you will find after going through security. Open between 5:30 and 21:00 Monday through Sunday, this airport lounge reserves the right of admission in order to avoid overcrowding issues, especially during peak travel times and seasons.


-The Sheltair lounge. It is located on the first level of Terminal 2D, opposite boarding gate D56 in the concourse of the Schengen departures area. It remains open from 5:30 to 21:00 every day of the year.

-The Air Canada Maple Leaf lounge. You will find it in Terminal 2A after security, next to boarding gate A37. Its operational hours vary based on the scheduled flights of each specific day and season.

-The Icare lounge. Conveniently situated on the tenth floor of the airside in Terminal 1 of Charles de Gaulle, this lounge –open from 6:00 to 22:00 unless there are no scheduled flights- is a favourite for Priority Pass members although, as explained below, it is open to all passengers regardless of their plane ticket category and the airline they are flying with.

Airport lounge open to all passengers in Paris CDG

If you are planning to visit France, know that you will be able to end your Paris trip in style waiting to board your plane inside an airport lounge, even when you have not been issued a business or first class ticket. The ICare lounge on the tenth floor of Terminal 1 admits all passengers who pay the admission fee to use the facilities. Additionally, complimentary privileges are provided to those flying out of Paris with Icelandair, Sri Lankan airlines and Aer Lingus.

Airline lounges in Paris Charles de Gaulle airport in France

The lounges listed below admit all passengers flying with the specified carriers who are holders of a first class or business class ticket or have been granted such benefit for particular circumstances such as delays or cancellations.

-Air France Lounge in Charles de Gaulle

Partner airlines: Kuwait Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Qatar Airways and Eva Air.

Location and opening hours: 10th floor of Terminal 1; from 6:30 to 22:30 every day.

-Salon Paris Lounge in CDG airport

Partner airlines: Gulf Air, Kenya Airways, Aeroflot, Rossiya and Saudia.

Location and opening hours: 1st floor of Terminal 2C; according to scheduled flights.

-Sheltair airport lounge in Paris

Partner airlines: Azerbaijan Airways, Finnair, Belavia, Air Serbia.

Location and opening hours: 1st floor of Terminal 2D after security; based on scheduled flights.

-Salon Air Canada in Paris

Partner airlines: Air Canada.

Location and opening hours: level -1 of Terminal 2A; from 7:30 to 13:30 daily.

-American Airlines Admirals Club in Charles de Gaulle airport

Partner airlines: British Airways, Air Austral, Oman Air, Royal Jordanian, US Airways, American Airlines.

Location and opening hours: 1st floor of Terminal 2C; from 6:00 to 22:00 daily.

-Cathay Pacific lounge in Roissy airport

Partner airlines: British Airways, Cathay Pacific.

Location and opening hours: 1st floor of Terminal 2A; from 6:00 to 22:00 daily.

-Emirates lounge in Paris Charles de Gaulle airport

Partner airlines: Emirates Airlines.

Location and opening hours: 1st floor of Terminal 2C; contingent upon schedule.

-Qatar Airways lounge in Paris airport

Partner airlines: Qatar Airways.

Location and opening hours: 11th floor of Terminal 1; based on scheduled flights.

-Scandinavian Airlines lounge in Charles de Gaulle

Partner airlines: SAS, Brussels Airlines, LOT, Croatia Airlines, Swiss, Aegean Airlines and Adria Airlines.

Location and opening hours: Terminal 1 near gates 70-78; between 5:30 and 20:00 on weekdays and between 9:00 and 22:00 on weekends.

-Lufthansa airport lounge in CDG

Partner airlines: Lufthansa, Adria Airways, Aegean Airlines, Croatia Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines, Swiss International Airlines and Brussels Airlines.

Location and opening hours: Terminal 1 near boarding gates 60-68; from 5:15 to 21:00 every day.

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Which Plaza Premium Lounge in Toronto Pearson airport should I go to?

Boasting a strong presence in international airports across the globe, the renowned Plaza Premium group offers six distinct airport lounges in Toronto Pearson (Ontario, Canada). This enables passengers boarding planes towards domestic destinations, airports in the US or cities overseas to spend their waiting time in a relaxing ambience where they will be treated to first-class food, refreshments and amenities. Aside from those particular circumstances in which an airline will invite the traveler into the lounge to make up for a delay or cancellation, the Plaza Premium Lounges in Toronto grant admission to all passengers regardless of the category of their airplane ticket as long as they purchase a pass or show proof of their frequent traveler program membership. Continue reading to find out which terminal you need to go and the specific lounges available according to your final destination

Which terminal in Toronto Pearson will my flight depart from?

The airline with which you will be flying out of Toronto Pearson airport in Canada determines the terminal you need to go to and, therefore, the Plaza Premium Lounges that will be available in your departure concourse.

Lounges in Terminal 1 of Toronto airport can be used by passengers flying with Air Canada, Emirates, Avianca, Brussels Airlines, Copa, United, Eva Air, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines and Tap Air Portugal, among others; whereas the Plaza Premium Lounges in Terminal 3 of Toronto Pearson can be accessed by travelers holding a boarding pass purchased from Aer Lingus, Aeromexico, Sunwing, Air France, Air Italy, American Airlines, British Airways, China Eastern and Southern, Cathay Pacific, Delta, Korean Air, Icelandair and KLM.

It must be noted, though, as it will be detailed below, that lounges are classified into domestic, international and specific for travelers flying from Canada to the USA.

How can I gain access to a Plaza Premium Lounge in Toronto YYZ airport?

It is important to know that the Plaza Premium lounges of Toronto Pearson airport are located after security, and so only travelers in possession of a valid boarding pass who are either in transit or departing on an outbound plane within the following hours can access them.

You can purchase a pass at the reception or online that will entitle you to spend your waiting time inside the lounge and enjoy the complimentary drinks, food and amenities during one hour (only for breakfast), two hours, three hours or six hours. Children travelling with adults are granted admission at discounted prices and those under 2 enter free of charge.

In case you are a member of a frequent flyer program like Priority Pass or a holder of a major credit card, you may access the airport lounges in Toronto Pearson as one of your membership benefits. Likewise, Plaza Premium has agreements with airlines in Toronto that may lead to an upgrade or free invitation into its lounges when you fly with KLM or Air France, for instance.

Plaza Premium Lounges in Terminal 1 of Toronto Pearson airport

In order to locate your designated Plaza Premium Lounge in Terminal 1 of YYZ, bear in mind that passengers on domestic flights within Canada are generally admitted into the lounge next to Gate D20, which stays open from 5:00 to 22:30; those boarding international flights out of Canada must go to the airport lounge near gate E77 in T1, open between 5:00 and 1:30 every day and featuring extras such as showers and work stations; and travelers heading to the United States aboard direct or connecting flights departing from Toronto Pearson will head over to the premium lounge located on the passenger-only departures concourse area close to gate F57, which is available from 5:00 to 20:30.

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Airport lounges in Toronto Terminal 3

There are two Plaza Premium Lounges in terminal 3 of Toronto Pearson airport that can be used by passengers on both domestic and international flights: they are found next to gates B24 and C32 respectively and stay open between 5:00 and 22:30 every day in the first case, and from 4:30 to 1:00 in the second. While admission fees are the same for these two, the airport lounge near gate C32 offers a wider range of dining options that include a noodle bar, as well as equipped meeting rooms for business travelers. To cater to the needs of the ones that are US-bound, whether they are making a connection in Toronto or flying within North America, their designated Plaza Premium Lounge in this Canadian airport is located next to gate A10 of T1, providing an exclusive custom-breakfast cooking station available from as early as 5 a.m.

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Accessing passenger airport lounges worldwide as a member of Priority Pass

The Priority Pass membership grants access to over 1300 passenger lounges in airports across the world, providing travellers with exclusive spaces within the terminals where they can rest, eat, have a drink, work, stay connected with clients or loved ones or even get a spa treatment before boarding their next flight.

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When signing up, frequent flyers are given the choice of three different programmes from basic to higher privileges, and the minimum standard annual fee is 99 euros. After a simple process, members gain admission to airport lounges in more than 500 cities with international airports where they can have a layover or depart towards a new destination.

The Priority Pass network keeps on expanding every day, their latest opening being the new lounge at Santos Dumont airport in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil; however, to name just a few, you will find Priority Pass lounges in cities like Hangzhou, Minsk, Amsterdam, Orlando, Abu Dhabi, Alicante, Paris, Katowice, Osaka, Palermo, Sofia, Tokyo, Zürich and Washington.

The lounge database is constantly being updated, and you will be able to do a search in both their website and their App, and thus make sure that there is a lounge you can access in your terminal of departure, as well as consult its exact location. By downloading the app, members will be holders of a digital card that will speed up the check-in process.

Aside from the expected relaxing atmosphere, the refreshments, the complimentary WiFi and the power outlets for you to charge your mobile devices, many lounges include other extra features such as conference rooms or spa centres for the exclusive use of travellers who have previously become a member of the Priority Pass program.

Imagine such a smooth travel experience: there is no need for bookings or prior reservations, just get to the airport, find your lounge and show your digital or physical Priority Pass membership card to the staff in order to spend your waiting time in the best manner.

Furthermore, no matter whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, you can bring family or friends along as guests into the lounge. Find out more here.