Hotel inside Daxing airport in China: the Aerotel in the main terminal of PKX (Beijing)

Travelers passing through Daxing International airport in Beijing -China- can now sleep at the recently opened aerotel hotel inside its terminal. The state-of-the-art facilities of this gigantic Chinese aiport, known for the technologically advanced passenger experience it provides, accommodate one of the largest transit hotels in the world, which takes up space on two different levels and it is easy to find by those who have just landed and collected their bags, those who are flying out and travellers in transit who will catch a connecting flight with a major Asian carrier or an international codeshare partner such as Aeroflot, Air Canada, Air France, American Airlines, Austrian Airlines, British Airways, , Delta, Egyptair, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Finnair, Iran Air, , KLM, LOT, Lufthansa, Qantas, Qatar Airways, S7, SAS, Swiss, Turkish Airlines or United.

Where to sleep inside Daxing airport

The Aerotel Beijing Daxing inside PKX airport caters to the needs of tourists and business travellers alike and offers excellent value for money should you need a place to sleep without leaving the terminal or make sure that you won’t miss your flight first thing in the morning. Continue reading to discover the exact location of the aerotel hotel inside Daxing airport, whether it is on the landside (public area) or the airside (transit area), what the check-in and check-out times are, how many people its rooms can accommodate, for how many hours you can book a stay and where to eat while you are there, among other features.

How to arrive at the Aerotel Beijing Daxing airport

Locals and visitors who commute from Beijing downtown to Daxing airport in order to catch a departing flight, and either would rather relax in an aerotel room while waiting to board or need to spend the night in the terminal may access this transit hotel inside Daxing airport through the entrance on the first level of the northeast pier. On the contrary, passengers who are already in the transit area will need to go to the second level of the northeast pier to check in.

Is the Aerotel hotel in Daxing airport in the public area of the airport?

Although it can be accessed both from the airside and the landside, the Aerotel Beijing Daxing is located in the public departures zone (landside), within short walking distance of the check-in counters for domestic and international operations. Thus, you can stay here regardless of the fact that you are an outbound traveler, an inbound passenger or you are simply in transit waiting to catch a connecting flight.

Can I book a room for several hours only?

Yes, you can reserve by the hour at the Aerotel Beijing Daxing airport hotel since they offer flexibility regarding several aspects: check-in times, check-out times and hourly rates. The reception stays open 24 hours a day, which means that you can simply walk-in, book and enter your room any time of the day or night, or else book it previously online, under the only condition that your stay must last a minimum of three hours. In case you opt for the classic overnight rate, you will equally enjoy freedom of checking in and out whenever it suits your travel schedule.

What are the rooms at the Aerotel Daxing like?

As a solo traveler, you might want to stay in a private spacious room equipped with shower, comfortable bed with a choice of pillows, complimentary high-speed WiFi, in-room entertainment and a selection of smart features including adjustable lighting, but this Aerotel transit hotel offers other options to sleep in Beijing Daxing airport such as superior double rooms, deluxe and family units.

What other amenities does it have?

While staying at the Aerotel Beijing Daxing, you may indulge in the international cuisine of the lounge restaurant located behind the reception area or use its meeting rooms for business. Additionally, there is a VIP room with larger capacity in case you have time to reunite or celebrate with a larger group of friends or customers before departing or upon landing in Beijing.

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