VIP lounges in Madrid International airport, Spain

Wondering how to spend your waiting time before departure at the airport lounges of Madrid airport? Adolfo Suárez – Madrid Barajas airport has four terminals and an additional satellite terminal building, each of which provides passengers with the opportunity to unwind in an exclusive relaxing atmosphere and arrive refreshed at their next destination. Travellers are advised to choose a lounge located in the same terminal they will be departing from to avoid missing their flight or simply because, in most cases, they will only be allowed into the premises when the terminal coincides with the one printed on their boarding pass.

The category of your airplane ticket, being the holder of specific Mastercard or AMEX cards or a certain number of accumulated frequent flyer miles may grant you admission to airport lounges, but even when you do not meet any of the aforementioned requirements, you may purchase a pass entitling you to use the AENA lounges in Madrid Airport for a maximum of four hours before your scheduled boarding time.

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Airport passenger lounges in Madrid

As previously stated, each terminal of Adolfo Suárez – Madrid Barajas airport in the capital city of Spain has a dedicated lounge in accordance with the flights operated from them. See which one suits your travel needs best:

Cibeles lounge in Madrid airport T1: located on the second level and open for passengers of non-schengen flights, this space offers comfortable seating, free WiFi internet, catering, papers and magazines and onsite facilities where customers may have a shower. It is a 24-hour service.

Puerta de Alcalá lounge in Barajas airport, Spain: business travellers with a valid boarding pass for a schengen flight may use this accessible lounge on the second floor of T2 and enjoy, apart from the basic services that are common to all Aena lounges, privileges such as fast security lanes, babysitting, meet and assist, beauty care, wellness and the advice from personal shoppers. Its opening hours go from 5:00 to 23:00.

-“Puerta del Sol” and “Plaza Mayor” VIP lounges in Madrid: situated in Terminal 3 and Terminal 4 respectively, these airport lounges in Barajas airport are available from 5:00 until midnight, providing visitors with cold and hot catering, international press, complimentary WiFi and areas specifically designated to relax away from the noise of the crowded terminals. Both are dedicated to passengers travelling within the Schengen area.

Neptuno airport lounge in Adolfo Suárez – Madrid Barajas airport: on the second level of the satellite terminal building, this space is exclusively available to travellers with a boarding pass that have access to the restricted T4S for transcontinental flights. With long-haul routes in mind, it provides extras like showers, a wide array of food and drink choices and cosy sofas.

Iberia lounges in Madrid airport: As the hub of Iberia and Iberia Express in Spain, Madrid International airport accommodates Iberia Business lounges on both Terminal 4 and Terminal 4S, catering to the needs of customers holding business class tickets or having reached the emerald or sapphire status as members of the OneWorld frequent flyer program. Contact the airline to find out more about the Dali and Velázquez Iberia airport lounges in Madrid.

*Are you having a long layover in Spain? Check out our recommended transit hotel near Adolfo Suárez- Madrid Barajas airport in the capital.

Travelling between terminals in Madrid Barajas airport of Spain

Have you already check the terminal in which your Madrid airport lounge is located? If you are transferring to a connecting flight or have just found out that you are in the wrong terminal, see how to arrive at the correct building below:

Terminals 1, 2 and 3 are connected by a corridor for passengers in transit to walk along. Provided that they already have their luggage checked to the ongoing destination, security must be cleared again. There is also a free shuttle bus covering the journey from the baggage claim area in T1 to T4S (the satellite terminal).

-For visitors in general with or without a boarding pass, complimentary shuttle buses run services between the four main terminals every 5 minutes 24 hours a day.

-Should you need to transfer from T4 to T4S for a transcontinental flight, follow the signage system to take the automated underground train towards the restricted-access satellite building.

Planning for your leisure or business trip to Madrid

You may purchase your airport lounge passes in advance through Aena’s official website; their validity lasts six months after the purchase. If your layover will be longer than a few hours, we recommend you book a hotel room inside Adolfo Suárez – Madrid Barajas and sleep well for your early morning flight.


Airport lounges in Gatwick (London, UK)

Are you taking a connecting flight in LGW? Already planning your trip to London? If you are passing through one of the two terminals of Gatwick airport and have some hours to spare before boarding the plane, it would be a very good idea to get access to an airport lounge. There is a complimentary 24-hour shuttle service for travellers to commute between the North Terminal and the South Terminal running every day of the year; however, bear in mind that you will only be given access to lounges in the same terminal from which you are flying out.

If your flight departing from Gatwick is operated by Air Canada, Easyjet, Emirates, Virgin Atlantic or Aeroflot, you must go to the North Terminal. If you have purchased a plane ticket with Aegean Airlines, Aer Lingus, Ryanair, Swiss, Tap Air Portugal, Turkish Airlines, Vueling, Wizz, Bulgaria Air, Cathay Pacific, Flybe, Iberia, Norwegian, British Airways, Air Europa or Austrian, you need to stay in the South Terminal.

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How to get into the airport lounges of Gatwick airport in London

Any passenger with a boarding pass may be granted access to the VIP lounges regardless of the category of their plane ticket or the airline they are flying with, as long as the date printed on the boarding pass coincides with the current date.

The right to use an airport lounge in Gatwick is granted automatically to passengers flying business and first class with certain airlines (you are advised to confirm this privilege with them in advance) as well as to those who are members of frequent flyer programs like Priority Pass or enjoy the advantages of using American Express or Mastercard credit cards and have adhered to their travel promotions.

Nevertheless, all lounges in LGW are open for economy travellers flying with any airline, and day-passes can be purchased either at the door (in case you make up your mind at the last minute) or online. You may secure your access by visiting the website of the travel services provider after booking your hotel in London or by paying for admission online on Gatwick airport’s official website.

Gatwick airport lounges for passengers sorted by terminal

Lounges in the North Terminal

No1Lounge, the largest in the entire facilities, offers catering, runway views, unlimited WiFi and papers and magazines that you can take with you to the airplane. You can stay inside this exclusive space in Gatwick up to 3 hours before your scheduled departure, even though if your flight gets delayed you are given the option to purchase extra time. Find it near gates 101-113.

The Clubrooms, adjacent to the no1lounge, are a more sophisticated area where you may celebrate a special occasion, enjoy fine dining or have a moment of luxury before flying.

*Will your stay be longer than just a few hours? We advise you to book a room in one of the transit hotels in London Gatwick.

My Lounge is a nice spot for early morning flights, as a varied breakfast buffet is served daily, as well as a wide range of choices for light meals during the day. There are also hot drinks and cold beverages available, and travellers may use free WiFi, iMacs, a PlayStation and charge the batteries of their portable electronic devices. In order to arrive, clear the security control and go to your left.

Aspire Lounge in Gatwick airport. In line with their highly-regarded guest service, this lounge provides free wireless internet access, good food and daily press. For a nominal extra fee, guests may have a glass of champagne and use phones and fax machines. It is found after security by following the signage to the lounge pavilion.

Airport lounges in the South Terminal of Gatwick

No1Lounge. This lounge features the same amenities as the no1lounge in the NorthTerminal, and it is located in the upper level of the departures hall. It must be noted that, provided that you book your pass through their website, you also get complimentary access to the fast lane to security.

Clubrooms. As was the case with the North Terminal, these are situated right by the no1lounge and cater to the needs of first class travellers (only adults) with cocktails, fine wine, spirits, champagne and artisan beers.

The Regus Express Business Lounge. As an exception, this business lounge in Gatwick airport is located in the public area. It accommodates fully equipped meeting rooms and working spaces along with showers for travellers to use upon arrival or before departure. It is an ideal place to compliment deals or meet with potential clients while on the go.

Remember that Gatwick airport stands 47 kilometres away from London city, yet it offers excellent connections to the downtown and other nearby regions thanks to transport services like Gatwick Express, Thameslink trains, the Oxford Bus Company and the EasyBus.

VIP lounges in Manchester airport

Will you be flying out of Manchester airport in England anytime soon? It doesn’t matter if you are taking a business trip, on the way to your stag party abroad or going on a city break, waiting to board your flight in style inside an airport lounge in MAN is always a good idea. Think of getting the chance to have a comforting cup of the finest tea or coffee, a glass of champagne or a complimentary pre-flight meal while relaxing on a cosy sofa, and still have time to charge your mobile devices and use the WiFi connection to catch up with your loved ones online before departing. Often times, such simple tasks become unattainable in a noisy and crowded terminal where everybody else is also looking for a power outlet, affordable caffeine and a bite to eat. The airport lounges in Manchester provide exclusive access to free catering and business facilities away from the hustle and bustle of the boarding concourses. Read further to learn how you can be granted admission to these spaces and locate them in each terminal building of the airport.

Lounges in Manchester airport sorted by terminal

Terminal 1

On level 4 of the airside in T1 you will find the Emirates lounge of Manchester airport, the Etihad lounge, and two additional ones belonging to the Escape and Aspire brands respectively. Most travellers who access the first two lounges are passengers of Emirates and Etihad flights, while anyone can purchase a pass to be granted admission to the other two. By way of example, the Escape lounge in T1 opens as early as 4:30 am and passes cost twenty pounds per person. To arrive to the 1903 airport lounge in T1 of Manchester airport, go through security and take the stairs to the “Executive Lounges” level.

Terminal 2

There is a dedicated lounge area after security in T2 that comprises the Virgin Holidays V-Room, an Aspire lounge and an Escape airport lounge in Manchester. While passengers flying with Virgin will be invited to the first one, the other two are open to all travellers, offering an exclusive space where they can enjoy free food and drinks as well as many other amenities after purchasing their day pass.

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Terminal 3

Terminal 3 of Manchester airport accommodates the British Airways terraces, that is, the business class lounge for BA flyers in MAN, featuring views of the runway. It is flanked by an Escape lounge and the exclusive 1903 airport lounge, a luxury space with à la carte menu and premium drinks, complimentary WiFi and additional privileges like fast-track to security to be enjoyed after an access pass is purchased.

How to get access to the VIP lounges in Manchester airport in the UK

As you may know already, the easiest way to access any lounge in airports across the world is to be a member of Priority Pass or other similar loyalty programs for frequent flyers. All you need to do is check out their app or website and find out with which lounges in Manchester airport they have an agreement so that you can be admitted under the conditions of your specific membership. Moreover, if you are flying first or business class with some airlines –like Emirates, British Airways, Virgin or Etihad in this case- you may be given a free pass to the airline lounges in MAN to enjoy their complimentary benefits before your flight. Finally, and regardless of the category of your ticket and your airline of choice, you can always pay for your access to a lounge –either online or at the entrance- and equally benefit from all its amenities, as it is the case with the 1903, Escape and Aspire airport lounges in Manchester airport.

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Airport lounges in Seattle Tacoma International and how to get access

Will you be flying to or from Seattle in Washington State (USA) anytime soon? If you will be passing through Seattle Tacoma International airport to catch an outbound flight or make a connection, you may be interested in spending your wait at one of their comfortable and exclusive lounges. Discover how you can get into an airport lounge after your stay in the Emerald City, depending on which airline you fly with, your ticket class or the terminal from which your flight will depart. Below you will find further info about the terminals at SeaTac, which carriers operate from each and their corresponding lounges, as well as the different ways to be granted admission into The Club at SEA, the United Club, the American Express Centurion Lounge, the Alaska lounges, the Delta Sky Club and the British Airways Terraces in Seattle airport.

Terminals in Seattle Tacoma International airport – SeaTac

Book a room in a transit hotel of Seattle Tacoma airport

When in Sea-Tac, you will need to find your way around one main terminal building divided into four concourses and two satellite terminals: you will need to go to Concourse A if you are flying with JetBlue, Aer Lingus, Air Canada, United or Japan Airlines; transfer to Concourse B if you fly with Frontier or WestJet; it is likely that you will be sent to either Concourse C or D if your airline is Delta, Spirit, Sun Country, Alaska Airlines or American Airlines, and when travelling internationally, chances are that you will board the plane on the South Satellite Terminal (if you are a passenger on a flight by Emirates, Asiana, Air France, Aeromexico, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Hawaiian Airlines, Korean Air, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, Virgin Atlantic or Volaris, among others).

Passenger lounges in Seattle Tacoma airport and how to get access

The airport lounges in Seattle Tacoma are located after the security checkpoints and offer power outlets, USB charging stations, comfortable seating, an exclusive and quiet ambiance, free WiFi, complimentary food and drinks and, in some instances, business facilities, nap pods, showers and runway views. Scroll down to discover the exact location and opening times of your favorite lounge and how to gain admission into it.

The Club at SEA

The Club at SEA has two locations: one in Concourse A, next to Gate A12 and open from 5:00 to 23:00 every day, and another one in the mezzanine level of the South Satellite terminal, right above Gate S10. You can purchase a Club Pass online to enter the lounge regardless of your ticket class and the airline you fly with. Walk-ins might be accepted subject to capacity. Likewise, frequent flyers who are members of the Priority Pass, Lounge Club or Lounge Key loyalty programs may enjoy access to the lounge.

United Club Lounge in Seattle Tacoma airport

The United Lounge in Seattle airport (Washington, USA) is found in Concourse A across Gate A10. Its working hours go from 4:15 to 23:30, and it is open to holders of a United Club one-time pass (a mobile or a printed out one), members of the United Club and other elite-status frequent flyers catching flights operated by Star Alliance partners.

American Express Centurion Lounge

You will find the Amex Centurion Lounge at Seattle airport in Concourse B near Gate B3. It opens between 7:00 and 15:30 or 19:00 daily offering complimentary access to holders of an American Express Platinum Card, a Business Platinum, a Corporate Platinum or a Centurion and Delta Sky Miles Reserve members.

Alaska Airlines aiport lounges in Sea-Tac

There are three Alaska lounges at SEA with the aim of catering to the needs of flyers with elite status (Alaska MVP or Gold) whenever they fly with a Oneworld partner airline. They are located in Concourses C and D and in the North Satellite building, with opening times ranging from 5:00 to midnight every day of the week.

Delta Sky Club

The VIP lounge for Delta Sky Club members at Sea-Tac airport is situated in Concourse A next to Gate A 1, and its opening hours are 4:15 to 00:00 daily.

British Airways Terraces

If you are flying first class or business with British Airways and want to access the Terraces Lounge in Seattle, you must hold a Club World, Club Europe, Gold, Silver or Executive Oneworld status / membership. For admission, go to level 5 of the South Satellite Terminal between 10:00 and 19:30.

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Lufthansa first class lounges for passengers in Frankfurt airport

Business travellers flying out of Frankfurt in Germany may spend their waiting time before boarding the plane in the most stylist and comfortable passenger lounges. Being located in a city known as a global financial hub, and serving as main operational base for Lufthansa international flights -along with the services provided by Lufthansa City Line, Lufthansa Cargo and Condor-, Frankfurt airport truly strives for excellence when it comes to catering to frequent flyers’ needs.

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Location of the Lufthansa first class lounges at FRA

If you travel for work and take a business trip to Frankfurt, you will find the Lufthansa first class lounges in Terminal 1. Passengers travelling within the Schengen area must use the lounges situated closer to Gate A13 in concourse A, whereas travellers bound for countries other than EU ones or non-Schengen destinations are invited to the lounges situated between the boarding gates B22 and B22 in concourse B or near gate Z50.

*UPDATE: At present, the Lufthansa First Class Lounge in T1, concourse B, and the Lufthansa Senator Lounge in concourse B are temporarily closed. The others, including the lounge located in the First Class Terminal, remain open between 5:30/6:00 and 21:30/22:00 every day. 

Who can access the Lufthansa first class lounges in Frankfurt?

In order to be granted admission to the facilities and enjoy the amenities and refreshment at your disposal, you must be flying with Lufthansa or Swiss, have purchased a first class seat and show a valid boarding pass corresponding to your confirmed departure from Frankfurt airport on that very same day. The two lounges remain open from 5:15 to 22:00 every day, although you will only be able to use it when departing and not when arriving.

What can you do inside the Lufthansa first class lounge?

First and foremost, these lounges at FRA airport are perfect to get away from the hustle and bustle of the terminals and relax before your flight. The Lufthansa first class lounges ensure you have a comfortable sofa to feel like at home, yet without losing your privacy thanks to the convenient arrangement of seats in the space. Both premises feature several equipped bathrooms with complimentary toiletries for you to have a bath or shower.

In case you are hungry, spend some time in the dining area and either help yourself at the buffet or order from their a-la-carte menu. Know that there is also a specifically designated area for smokers where you can smoke a last cigarette without disturbing other travellers in the lounge. The added value of the Lufthansa lounges in Frankfurt airport comes with their Spa centre, available from 7:30 to 21:00, and a library.

For those last-minute tasks still to be completed while in the city, users of the Lufthansa first class lounge also have office equipment and WiFi so that they can send the last e-mails and messages, print documents, prepare a meeting or rehearse their next presentation. Bear in mind that if a colleague or family member is coming along with you as a guest to the lounge, he or she must have a valid boarding pass for the same flight you are on.

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Nivaria airport lounge in Tenerife North International

Do you like to spend the waiting time before your flight in passenger lounges? To many, the idea of staying away from the noise of the transit area inside the terminals, having a drink or two, indulging in the catering and relaxing with a view of the runway where planes land and take off is simply captivating. If you seek this kind of exclusivity and are travelling to Tenerife in the Canary Islands (Spain) whether for business or on holiday, know that there is a VIP lounge in TFN. For disambiguation purposes, we are going to talk about the airport lounge in Tenerife North airport –also known as Los Rodeos-, which serves the areas of Santa Cruz, Güimar, La Orotava, Puerto de la Cruz, Teide and even Masca and Los Gigantes, although these two involve a 90-minute car commute. On the other hand, the airport in the south of the islandTenerife South or Reina Sofia– is closer to the more touristy Costa Adeje as well as of El Medano and Las Galletas, and has its own VIP lounge for passengers too.

Best places to visit in the Canary Islands

How to get access to the airport lounge in Tenerife North airport

This lounge is open to passengers of both Schengen and non-Schengen flights, including those flying to other islands within the Canarian archipelago. While first and business class flyers, holders of some credit cards and members of frequent traveller programs like Priority Pass may be granted courtesy access to this facility, anyone taking a departing flight out of Tenerife North International airport can purchase a pass to the Nivaria lounge at its entrance. The admission fee is 26,20 euros which can be paid using cash or by card. Subscribers to the Aena Customer Club enjoy the advantage of booking through their app in advance thus getting a 30% discount off the total price.

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Location and working hours of the Nivaria airport lounge in Los Rodeos

The airport lounge in Tenerife North is situated on the mezzanine after security, accessible by taking a lift you will find to your right once you have gone through the Duty Free walk-through store, or by going up the stairs found on the regional departures zone. It stays open from 6:15 to 22:30 every day of the week. In the event of suffering a flight delay, travellers can extend their visit to the lounge, although unfortunately this will not apply past closing time.

Amenities for travellers at the VIP lounge in Tenerife airport

You are allowed to stay inside the lounge for a maximum of four hours, and do not forget that, after paying the admission fee, everything is complimentary: from the food to the use of the wireless internet network, including the stations with desktop computers. In case you want to take the opportunity to catch up with work, connect your device to the free WiFi or use the business facilities you will find to the left upon entering the lounge. On the contrary, if you would rather relax before your flight, enjoy the views while having a light meal or snack accompanied by the alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage of your preference. You are equally advised to keep an eye on the constantly updated flight information panels or watch the news on TV.

In our last visit to the Nivaria VIP lounge in Tenerife North airport we had the following amenities at our disposal: fashion magazines, cultural publications, international press and local newspapers; toilets for the exclusive use of guests; a selection of cold beers, juice and bottled mineral water; spirits; a self-serve coffee machine from which you can get hot chocolate, tea and a variety of coffee specialties; sandwiches and salads; nuts, biscuits, cured meats and cheese portions packed individually; pastries and gluten-free and sugar-free options.

Will you be passing through Gran Canaria airport in Spain as well? Take a look at our review of the Sala VIP Galdós in LPA.

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Passenger lounges in Düsseldorf airport, Germany

Düsseldorf International airport (IATA code: DUS) is the third largest commercial aviation hub in Germany, only behind Frankfurt (FRA) and Munich (MUC). Conveniently situated close to the downtown –7 kilometres away-, the three terminals of Düsseldorf airport serve as primary base for Eurowings and as focus city for carriers like Condor, SunExpress, Lauda, TuiFly Deutschland and Flybe.

In order to navigate their way around the three concourses and the executive terminal, passengers have a monorail system at their disposal. While waiting to board their flight, the can have a drink, eat a meal, work, and take a nap or a shower at the airport lounges located in each terminal. Access to the lounges is sometimes granted according to the category of your plane ticket or your frequent flyer status, as is the case with the Emirates lounge in Düsseldorf airport and the Lufthansa Business and Lufthansa Senator lounges; for other exclusive spaces inside the terminals like the Open Sky and the Hugo Junkers lounge, having purchased a pass or being a member of a loyalty card program will suffice. For longer stays in the city regardless of the purpose of your visit, you are advised to book a hotel in Düsseldorf centre.

Airport lounges in Düsseldorf: Terminal A

As the main boarding and departure concourse for Lufthansa and Eurowings, terminal A of DUS accommodates both the Lufthansa Business Lounge and the Lufthansa Senator Lounge on its gallery level. Other member airlines of the Star Alliance like Scandinavian, Swiss International and Austrian also operate from this building. The Lufthansa lounges in Düsseldorf airport remain open from 5 am to around 9 pm every day and feature catering, internet connectivity, press and magazines, TV, work stations and showers in the case of the Senator lounge.

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Lounges in Düsseldorf airport, Germany: Terminal B

This terminal is primarily dedicated to Schengen flights operated by the SkyTeam and OneWorld alliances, that is, by carriers such as Alitalia, British Airways, KLM, Air France and Iberia, alongside operations by TuiFly and Condor. In this concourse, passengers may access the Hugo Junkers Lounge on the second floor by paying for a day-access (27 euros –adults; 11 euros –kids aged 12 and under) or as members of the Lounge Club, Lounge Pass or Priority Pass frequent flyer programs, among others. The working hours of this two-level airport lounge in Düsseldorf go from 5 am to 9 pm, and passengers may enjoy hot and cold meals, drinks, complimentary WiFi, TV and showers.

Non-Schengen lounges in Düsseldorf airport

Terminal C of DUS airport is the place to go for travellers departing Germany aboard flights operated by Delta, Etihad Airways or Emirates. Besides, if they are having an overnight layover in Düsseldorf before making a connection to a destination overseas, they may stay at the Maritim Hotel, within easy reach from this building. Otherwise, to spend their waiting time in a relaxing atmosphere, they may either choose the centrally-located Open Sky Lounge (with similar opening hours to the other lounges in the airport and at the same price) or benefit from their privileges as Emirates flyers by accessing the Emirates Lounge in the non-Schengen area of Terminal C of DUS. Inside, enjoy a pre-flight drink or meal, catch up with work or take a revitalizing shower. Note, however, that the opening times of the Emirates Lounge in Düsseldorf are limited and may depend on the scheduled operations for that particular day.

Have you got everything sorted out for your business trip to Germany already? If you will be visiting other German cities for work, see our recommendations for a stay in Munich International airport.

Passenger lounges at Lisbon International airport in Portugal

Have you ever considered spending your waiting time before boarding the plane in a VIP lounge? Being able to relax away from the sometimes stressful airport concourses is just one of the many advantages of purchasing a premium plane ticket or a passenger VIP lounge pass.

The ANA Lounge as well as a lounge specifically designated for travellers flying with Tap Portugal airlines are located in Terminal 1 of Humberto Delgado airport (Aeroporto de Lisboa), and can be found on an upper level after security, once we leave the shopping area behind us.

What can you do in the ANA lounge at Lisbon airport?

This exclusive zone provides a vast living area featuring comfortable seats, power outlets to recharge the battery of all your electronic devices, computers, free Internet access, facilities for showering, international newspapers and magazines and panoramic views to the apron for those who love to see airplanes take off and land. While doing so, guests may also have a nice cup of coffee, enjoy a glass of wine or eat a light and healthy pre-flight meal.

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How to be granted admission to the ANA VIP lounge in Lisboa

If your trip to Lisbon is over and you want to end your stay in style, know that the VIP lounge at Portela airport is available from 5am to 11pm every day, and that you can spend as much as three hours inside while waiting to board your flight.

The admission fee is 25 euros per adult, and if you are accompanied by children under 12 and older than 3, only 15 euros per each will be charged. However, passengers flying with American Airlines, Emirates, Brussels Airlines, KLM, Air France, Luxair, Swiss, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines or British Airways may enter the lounge for free or at reduced prices.

Members of the Dragon Pass and Priority Pass frequent-flyer programs are also entitled to use these lounges.

The exclusive lounge for Tap Portugal passengers in Lisbon airport

Being the holder of a first class ticket to fly with Tap Portugal instantly makes you eligible to access their VIP lounge in Lisbon. All travellers with an executive or Tap corporate ticket, as well as members of Victoria Gold, Star Alliance and American Express frequent flyer programmes have the right to enjoy this premium service.

The Tap Portugal lounge inside T1 gives you the chance to work, get connected through WiFI, refresh yourself, unwind, relax and try exquisite Portuguese dishes and wines, all in front of the marvellous scenery of the runway. If you are flying economy with Tap but still want to have these privileges, you can visit their website and buy lounge passes online providing the reference of your flight.

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Which Plaza Premium Lounge in Toronto Pearson airport should I go to?

Boasting a strong presence in international airports across the globe, the renowned Plaza Premium group offers six distinct airport lounges in Toronto Pearson (Ontario, Canada). This enables passengers boarding planes towards domestic destinations, airports in the US or cities overseas to spend their waiting time in a relaxing ambience where they will be treated to first-class food, refreshments and amenities. Aside from those particular circumstances in which an airline will invite the traveler into the lounge to make up for a delay or cancellation, the Plaza Premium Lounges in Toronto grant admission to all passengers regardless of the category of their airplane ticket as long as they purchase a pass or show proof of their frequent traveler program membership. Continue reading to find out which terminal you need to go and the specific lounges available according to your final destination

Which terminal in Toronto Pearson will my flight depart from?

The airline with which you will be flying out of Toronto Pearson airport in Canada determines the terminal you need to go to and, therefore, the Plaza Premium Lounges that will be available in your departure concourse.

Lounges in Terminal 1 of Toronto airport can be used by passengers flying with Air Canada, Emirates, Avianca, Brussels Airlines, Copa, United, Eva Air, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines and Tap Air Portugal, among others; whereas the Plaza Premium Lounges in Terminal 3 of Toronto Pearson can be accessed by travelers holding a boarding pass purchased from Aer Lingus, Aeromexico, Sunwing, Air France, Air Italy, American Airlines, British Airways, China Eastern and Southern, Cathay Pacific, Delta, Korean Air, Icelandair and KLM.

It must be noted, though, as it will be detailed below, that lounges are classified into domestic, international and specific for travelers flying from Canada to the USA.

How can I gain access to a Plaza Premium Lounge in Toronto YYZ airport?

It is important to know that the Plaza Premium lounges of Toronto Pearson airport are located after security, and so only travelers in possession of a valid boarding pass who are either in transit or departing on an outbound plane within the following hours can access them.

You can purchase a pass at the reception or online that will entitle you to spend your waiting time inside the lounge and enjoy the complimentary drinks, food and amenities during one hour (only for breakfast), two hours, three hours or six hours. Children travelling with adults are granted admission at discounted prices and those under 2 enter free of charge.

In case you are a member of a frequent flyer program like Priority Pass or a holder of a major credit card, you may access the airport lounges in Toronto Pearson as one of your membership benefits. Likewise, Plaza Premium has agreements with airlines in Toronto that may lead to an upgrade or free invitation into its lounges when you fly with KLM or Air France, for instance.

Plaza Premium Lounges in Terminal 1 of Toronto Pearson airport

In order to locate your designated Plaza Premium Lounge in Terminal 1 of YYZ, bear in mind that passengers on domestic flights within Canada are generally admitted into the lounge next to Gate D20, which stays open from 5:00 to 22:30; those boarding international flights out of Canada must go to the airport lounge near gate E77 in T1, open between 5:00 and 1:30 every day and featuring extras such as showers and work stations; and travelers heading to the United States aboard direct or connecting flights departing from Toronto Pearson will head over to the premium lounge located on the passenger-only departures concourse area close to gate F57, which is available from 5:00 to 20:30.

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Airport lounges in Toronto Terminal 3

There are two Plaza Premium Lounges in terminal 3 of Toronto Pearson airport that can be used by passengers on both domestic and international flights: they are found next to gates B24 and C32 respectively and stay open between 5:00 and 22:30 every day in the first case, and from 4:30 to 1:00 in the second. While admission fees are the same for these two, the airport lounge near gate C32 offers a wider range of dining options that include a noodle bar, as well as equipped meeting rooms for business travelers. To cater to the needs of the ones that are US-bound, whether they are making a connection in Toronto or flying within North America, their designated Plaza Premium Lounge in this Canadian airport is located next to gate A10 of T1, providing an exclusive custom-breakfast cooking station available from as early as 5 a.m.

Will you need accommodation in the city centre because you have extended your stay in Ontario, Canada? Let us help you find a hotel in Toronto that suits your specific travel needs and interests.