Where to eat in London St. Pancras International station

St. Pancras International railway station in London is the terminal from which direct Eurostar trains to Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam depart every day, but also an important stop in the city for commuters travelling on the tube or taking trains from the Southeastern, East Midlands or Thameslink companies towards a wide variety of destinations in England.

Provided that you have passed through this beautiful Victorian building before, you will surely agree with us that there is something magical about this station, and not just because of the usual romantic atmosphere which seems to be inherent to places where people are carrying luggage, kissing their loved ones goodbye or welcoming them with a tight hug. London St Pancras is a home for the artists and the dreamers, who like to stand beside Sir John Betjeman’s statue -forever staring at the stunning Arcade-, enjoy the bustling life within the walls of the station and around the huge bronze lovers in Paul Day’s work “The Meeting Place”, listen to the spontaneous piano players at the concourse and attend the live performances and exhibitions that take place regularly with great enthusiasm.

Travelling to and from London St Pancras railway station

Aside from being an international gateway for travellers arriving by rail, St Pancras is the first contact with the city for air passengers landing in Luton, as it is really easy to commute from the airport to central London with Thameslink or East Midlands trains covering this route. Adjacent to the popular King’s Cross, with which it shares the underground terminus, St Pancras International boasts a varied selection of cafés and restaurants that can suit all budgets and tastes, and be equally convenient for commuters in a hurry looking to grab a bite to eat or those with some extra time and in the mood for a little luxury.

Navigating the International Eurostar station in London

While all the coffee outlets and healthy eateries are located near the Eurostar arrivals and departures areas on the ground floor, the upper level – where you will find the National Rail Ticket Office and the access to regional trains, too- is reserved to fine dining options. Most restaurants in St Pancras station in London are open from 6:00 to 22:00 every day of the week, with the possibility of reducing their working hours in the weekend. Convenience stores like M&S Simply Food, located by the Eurostar Arrivals, stay open until midnight to make sure you can still buy some fruit, sandwiches and granola bars when all the other outlets have closed, and places that invite to stay up until late with your friends, like Carluccio’s and The Booking Office, have even longer opening hours. Yo! Sushi in St Pancras does not serve breakfast, and so it opens at 10:00.

Where to eat in King’s Cross-St Pancras during your London trip

If you are a Starbucks addict and always look for the healthiest options, you will be glad there are both a Starbucks Coffee and a Pret a Manger restaurant. For a French touch with freshly baked croissants and pastries included, head to Le Pain Quotidien or Paul, where they also serve coffee and the most delicious baguette sandwiches. Café Fratelli, AMT Coffee and Benugo have also been conceived for you to get your caffeine fix before boarding the train or even order it to take away and enjoy onboard. Other good options for a take-away or quick meal in St Pancras station are Prime Burger, specialising in local meats and homemade sauces, Joe & the Juice with its already famous organic smoothies and M&S Simply Food.

Do you feel like having a sushi plate or ramen bowl? The conveyor belt of Yo! Sushi is waiting for you, and Patisserie Valerie has virtually everything you can think of to satisfy your sweet tooth aftwerwards. And finally, for a relaxed dining experience with beautiful views of St Pancras station, we suggest you try the Italian Carluccio’s (serving authentic Italian cuisine from different regions), the traditional food and wines of Fortnum & Mason and the Booking Office, the English pub “The Betjeman Arms” (which also provides guests with complimentary WiFi), and the exclusive St Pancras Brasserie and Champagne, where you can even enjoy a lovely brunch washed down with a glass of bubbly.

Will you be staying in the British capital for more than one day? To find the best places to spend the night, we recommend you take a look at our recommended hotels in London.

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Hand luggage allowance of low-cost European airlines (2020)

During a trip planning process, it is very likely that a whole variety of questions arise, especially when you are going to fly with an airline you have never flown with before or after a long period of time over which regulations and fares have probably been modified.

How many pieces of hand luggage can I take into the cabin with me? What are the accepted dimensions of carry-on and checked luggage? Am I allowed to board with my duty free purchases as hand bags? Does travelling with baggage imply the payment of additional fees? These are just some of the most commonly asked questions, so we have gathered helpful updated info about what the main low-cost European airlines –Ryanair, Easyjet, Vueling, Eurowings, Norwegian, Level and Transavia- have to say about the size of hand luggage in 2020 and other baggage conditions.


The free hand luggage allowance in Ryanair flights is one small piece which can be as large as 40x20x25 cm and must fit under the seat in front of you. Should you want to bring a larger piece of luggage with you (up to 10 kg.) as well, you must add a 10kg Check-in Bag online at the time of booking to be collected at the baggage carousel upon arrival, or else purchase a Priority Ryanair plane ticket that allows you to bring two hand luggage items with the aforementioned dimensions into the airplane cabin. Fees may increase if you purchase this offline at the airline counter before flying.

You may add up to 3 checked bags weighing 20 kg maximum, each of which will cost 25 € (fees may increase on selected flights or dates), and excess weight will be charged at 11 € per kilogram.

If you are flying to Ireland with Ryanair, check out our recommended accommodation in Dublin.


On an Easyjet flight, you can take one piece of hand luggage onboard at no charge, which should be no larger than 56x45x25 according to the airline company’s website, although there will be no restrictions as long as you are able to place it in the overhead locker above your seat. Notwithstanding that, if there is not space for your hand bag when you board, it will be put into the hold at no cost. You may also use the new “Hands Free” easyJet passenger service to drop your cabin bag at the designated desk for the airline staff to take care of it for the duration of your journey.

Other small items like an umbrella, a coat or a bag with airport duty free purchases are allowed. Moreover, if you are a holder of the Easyjet Plus card or have selected a Flexi Fare, one extra carry-on bag (45x36x20 maximum) will be added to the pieces of luggage you can have with you inside the cabin.

Regarding checked bags, you may add up to 3 pieces of 23 kg each, paying the corresponding fees according to where you are flying to. Extra weight can be purchased t a maximum of 32kg per bag.


Vueling airlines lets passengers board the plane with one piece of hand luggage and one personal item (personal bag or laptop case) for free. Your airport shopping is also permitted. The cabin trolley or larger item should not weigh more than 10 kg (or more than 14 if you have paid and Excellence fare) and the maximum accepted dimensions are 55x40x20 cm. The size of your personal bag or case must be 35x20x20 cm or less.

Adding checked baggage to your ticket is always cheaper if you do it online. Vueling charge different checked luggage fares starting from as low as 3 €, and you can take as many as 3 (23 kg maximum each). Excess weight will cost 12 € per kilogram.

Vueling connects many European destinations with BCN El Prat airport: find the best hotels for your trip to Barcelona.


The free hand baggage allowance on Eurowings flights includes one 55x40x23 cm piece that must not exceed 8 kg plus an additional personal bag or laptop case whose size should not be larger than 40x30x10 cm. If any of these itmes cannot be stored in the cabin at your time of boarding, they will be put on the hold for you at no extra charge. Travellers who have booked with BIZclass fare are allowed to bring two cabin bags on an Eurowings flight.

The checked baggage charges start from 8€ per piece of 23 kg, although they may increase on longer routes and specific dates. When choosing the SMART fare for their plane ticket with Eurowings, travellers get one piece of checked luggage for free, and two when paying the BEST fare.

Book accommodation for your trip.


On Norwegian flights, passengers may bring one hand luggage piece that fits under the seat in front of them with the LowFare; however, when they book a flight with the LowFare+ they are allowed to take two cabin bags onboard, as long as they do not exceed 10 kg. when weighed together. Should you need extra weight, purchase your Norwegian flight with the Flex, Premium or PremiumFlex fares for extra allowance.

The low fare of plane tickets does not include checked baggage, so you must add it manually while processing your online purchase. Applicable fees per checked luggage item vary depending on routes and dates. The payment of superior fares entitles the traveller to add one or two checked pieces of baggage for free. Excess weight will be charged at 11€ per kilogram.

Find accommodation in Oslo, home of Norwegian Air Shuttle.


The cabin size accepted dimensions for hand luggage on Transavia flights are 45x40x25 cm. regardless of the category of your ticket (Basic, Plus or Max); if you are flying with a carry-on that does not exceed the indicated size, it is guaranteed that it will travel with you. If your bag is a bit larger without exceeding 55 x 40 x 25 cm and there is no room for it in the overhead lockers, it will be kept in the hold of the aircraft at no extra charge until you reach your destination.

The checked baggage free allowance included with the Plus and Max fares when flying with Transavia is 20kg and 30kg respectively.


An increasing number of travellers are choosing this airline offering long-haul flights between Europe and America, with destinations as alluring as Los Angeles –California– at very competitive fares. When flying with Level, you may have two pieces of carry-on luggage with you on the cabin: the maximum dimensions of the largest one can be 56x45x25, whereas there are no restrictions for the smallest one provided that you can fit it under the seat in front of you.

Travelling with checked baggage implies the payment of additional fees, which vary depending on your final destinations. If you choose a Premium fare for your ticket, you will be able to add one or two checked bags for free.

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First class services for passengers in Zürich airport, Switzerland

Will you be passing through ZRH airport soon? Perhaps you are a frequent flyer having layovers in the Swiss International airlines hub on a regular basis? When flying from or to Zurich airport in Switzerland, there is an array of first-class services available to passengers that guarantee privacy and help you save precious time, and they can be booked regardless of the category of your plane ticket and your chosen airline company. Independent business travellers will find this highly convenient, as they will get the assistance of a personal agent who will make sure that they get to the airport on time and stress-free, escort them through the fast-track to security and passport control in Zurich, grant access to a VIP lounge and arrange any details needed before departure or upon arrival.

Transfers to and from Zürich airport

When booking a transfer service to ZRH online, you will be asked to provide some info in order for a driver to meet you at an agreed point -your home, hotel or office- and take you to your terminal of departure on one of the high-end cars of their fleet with the utmost punctuality. Provided that you hire a driver to take you to your hotel in Zurich after landing, there is nothing you will have to worry about, as the staff will claim your baggage and be ready to meet you as soon as you get off the plane.

Priority lane in Zurich airport

This service may be combined with the transfer service or start at either the public or transit zone. Once there, a personal agent will escort you through the check-in process (if needed), and guide you to the fast track to security in Zurich airport and the passport control booth. After that, you can unwind and get ready for boarding at a VIP lounge, until your agent picks you up again to take you to the airplane across the runway on a deluxe vehicle. Provided that you are making a connection in Zürich with a short period of time between flights, the person in charge will make sure you board the plane by guiding you through the terminal.

Welcoming services in ZRH

If you prefer to be met and assisted after arriving, your agent will be waiting for you on the apron to take you to the baggage claim hall. After that, you may be driven to your accommodation, to an arrivals VIP lounge to wait for your connecting flight or even to your business meeting. If you are having a longer layover and require to stay overnight, you may also arrange your stay in a hotel near Zurich airport beforehand.

Vip airport lounges in Zurich, Switzerland:

Your access to an airport lounge may be included in your package, or you may be granted admission to it because of your accumulated miles, frequent flyer status, the category of your airplane ticket or after purchasing a daily pass (in the case of the Aspire lounges). See which lounges are available, its location and opening times below.

Aspire airport lounges in Zürich

There are two: one in the Airside Centre (open from 5:30 to 21:00), and another one next to gates E (from 6:00 to 22:30).

Emirates lounge in Zurich airport

This Emirates airlines lounge receives all first-class and business passengers flying with the company, as well as those who have reached the Skywards gold status. It is located close to boarding gates E and operates according to flight activity.

Swiss first and business lounges in Zurich airport

There are six VIP lounges managed by Swiss both in the landside and the airside of the terminal building: two arrival lounges open between 6 a.m. and 1 a.m. every day, and located in arrivals hall 2 and check-in area 2 respectively; two Swiss first-class and business lounges, one in the airside and the other next to gates E, available from 6 a.m. to 10:30 p.m; and two Swiss Senator lounges next to gates D and E, their working hours going from 6:00 to 22:30.

There is also a Regus business centre in ZRH, situated in the Prime Centre specifically designated for event professionals and business travellers going through the airport, only few metres from the terminal.

How to book priority services in Zurich airport

Bookings must be made via the airport’s official website at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise last-minute fees will apply. Take into account that there are VIP services provided by ZRH airport which are conceived for departing travellers or those in transit, whereas others are suitable for arriving passengers only.

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Airport lounge review: Sala VIP Galdós in Gran Canaria airport

Galdós is the airport lounge in Gran Canaria airport (Spain) made available by Aena to frequent flyers, premium travellers and holders of a previously purchased pass. It is the only lounge in the terminal building and can be found on the airside. Passengers with a boarding pass and granted admission may enjoy its facilities regardless of their destination: the VIP lounge in LPA is open for both Schengen, non-Schengen and even regional flights.

Location and opening hours

In order to find the Galdós Vip lounge, you must clear security first and then walk through the World Duty Free store before entering the passenger-only restricted area. The lounge is located on an upper level in between the B and C gates, so you will need to go up the stairs by the O’Learys restaurant. In case it is the first time you visit Gran Canaria airport and you choose the less crowded security screening, it might take you a little longer to spot the lounge, but the terminal is properly signposted and you will quickly find your way to it.

Whether you are taking an early morning flight or just want to refresh and have a drink or snack before travelling back home in the afternoon or evening, the Galdós lounge remains open from 6:00 to 22:00 hours. As a guest, you can stay inside the lounge for as long as four hours immediately prior to your scheduled boarding time.

Gran Canaria airport VIP lounge amenities

The total surface area of the lounge -1050 square metres- accommodates a dining area with two fridges, self-service coffee machines, a buffet table with snacks, fruit and baked goods, tables and stools; a business area with internet-connected PC’s, printers and desks; comfortable armchairs and sofas; flat-screen TVs; daily press; screens displaying updated flight info; toilets and a160-sqm terrace with views to the runway.

*Have you got everything sorted out for your trip already? Find hotels in Gran Canaria.

The open-air terrace features comfortable seats and tables, so that travellers can take their drinks, coffee and food with them and watch the landing and taking off of planes under the sun of the island. If they are lucky enough to have an early flight or a late-afternoon one, lounge guests will also witness a breathtaking sunrise or sunset. Remember that you are allowed to enjoy the lounge for a maximum of four hours and plan ahead.

Catering in the Galdós airport lounge in Las Palmas airport

In our view, the food selection inside the Galdós lounge really makes up for the paid admission or membership fee and satisfies the requirements for a varied, light pre-flight meal. There is a choice of hot drinks (chocolate, tea and Nespresso varieties), bottled water, beer, spirits, soda and juice. All throughout the day, guests can have plum cake, doughnuts, assorted nuts, fresh fruit, sandwiches and small baguettes with fillings, as well as pasta and salads.

How to spend your waiting time before boarding in the VIP lounge for passengers at LPA airport

Access to the Aena lounges is no longer restricted to first class or business class flyers, even though you will be granted admission to the lounge in the following cases: when flying with a premium category ticket with most airlines, as a member of frequent-flyer programmes such as Priority Pass or One World Emerald or as a holder of a Diners Club or American Express travel card.

If you want to buy a day-pass to enjoy access to the Galdós airport lounge in Las Palmas airport or any other lounge managed by Aena across airports in Spain, you may purchase it through their official website, upon arrival to the lounge (subject to capacity) or by using the Aena Customer Club App, thus benefitting from a 30% discount off the final price.

At the reception desk, you will be asked to show both your boarding pass and the receipt of your purchase, which can be saved to your phone. If you pay for a worldwide-lounge club membership or fly first class with your airline, simply hand your accreditation to the staff to be admitted.

Do you need a hotel near LPA airport? We recommend the Gran Hotel Elba Vecindario Aeropuerto. However, if you would rather stay in the capital city of the island of Gran Canaria, browse hotels in Las Palmas.

Cafés and restaurants in Adolfo Suárez – Madrid Barajas airport in Spain

Travellers are spoilt for choice when it comes to eating in Madrid airport (also known as Adolfo Suárez or simply Barajas airport), whether upon arrival or while looking for a quick pre-flight snack to grab and go. In such a large connecting hub with so many people arriving and departing each hour of the day, you may think it will be hard to find somewhere to sit down and have a hearty meal, yet there is such a wide array of bars, coffee places and restaurants offering the most diverse selection of options that all you need to worry about is boarding your plane on time.

Service in most establishments of Madrid airport starts between 6am and 8am (some cafés may even be working at 5), and they remain open until 21pm-23pm. These schedules are subject to modification according to the number of flights being operated on specific dates. If you go for a safe bet and opt for well-known franchises, McDonald’s and Starbucks stay available for travellers in transit at Madrid airport 24 hours a day. Notwithstanding that, you are encouraged to try the Mediterranean specialties, traditional and modern tapas and gourmet cuisine on offer across the terminals.

In this post, we comment on our recommended places to eat at the airport during your trip to Madrid, and provide directions so that you can find them easily in your terminal of arrival or departure.

Snacks and light meals to eat in Barajas airport

When all you need is to buy something to take away or eat on the plane, stop by Deli&Cia near boarding gates H in T4 or gates R and U in T4 satellite: freshly made baguette sandwiches, salads, pasta dishes, cold and hot drinks –all properly packaged to be enjoyed outside- await you. A very similar option for a quick bite in Madrid airport is Eat&Fly in the boarding area A of T1, whereas the Eating Point in both T3 and T4 (next to gates E and J respectively) boasts a broader diversity that includes desserts, fruit, smoothies, yoghourts, meat and wines, ready to be enjoyed on the go.

In spite of being considered as of poorer quality, do not feel discouraged when you see the “Delikia Fresh” vending machines in most areas of Madrid International airport. Based on our own experience, their daily elaborated chorizo, barbecue chicken and Iberian ham sandwiches are really good value for money, plus you may also get chocolate bars, chips and bottled water at a reasonable price along with them if you need to rush to your gate.

*Have you already booked accommodation in the Spanish capital city? Find hotels in Madrid.

The best coffee in Madrid International airport in Spain

You may not be in Italy, yet Madrid Barajas airport is also an ideal spot to have a cup of espresso, cappuccino or cortado. For your daily caffeine fix, head to Lavazza Coffee in the public departures zones of T1 and T4, or the boarding areas C and B in Terminal 1. Madrid airport’s Starbucks are located in the departures concourses of terminals 1, 4 and 4S, find it near gates B, J and S of the corresponding terminal. Caffriccio is an alternative where sweet treats add up to your coffee break: doughnuts, pastries and cake portions will be the best match for your hot drink; to enjoy them, go to the K boarding gates in T4, boarding areas R and U in T4S, or the arrivals public zones of T2 and T4. To indulge in the unmistakable French baked pastries and freshly brewed coffee by Paul, you will need to access the restricted area for passengers in Terminal 4 of Madrid Barajas airport and have time to spare near gates J: absolutely worth it, but do not lose sight of the nearest flight information screen!

Asian food and healthy options before you fly

“Kirei by Kabuki” is a trendy Japanese and Mediterranean fusion restaurant to be found at both T1 and T4, though you will need a boarding pass in order to get a table and enjoy their assorted sushi platters, soups and Asian-inspired dishes. You can also place take-away orders before boarding. Their establishments are situated near gates B and J. Provided that you look for healthy food in Madrid airport, you will surely love the Evian space after security in Terminal 4, boasting a whole range of protein-rich and low-in-calories options as well as the healthiest snacks and desserts (including delicious frozen yoghourts) in the entire facilities.

Cañas and Spanish tapas bars in Adolfo Suárez – Madrid Barajas airport

A blend word formed by combining Mahou (a renowned Spanish beer brand) and Madrid gives name to the Mahoudrid restaurant franchise offering every single typical dish and tapa you need in order to take your first taste of Spain or have the most appropriate farewell-feast before leaving the country. Tortilla de patatas, bocadillo de calamares, paella, croquetas and the best draught beer along with the broadcasting of live sports events, a good ambience and power outlets by the seats make this place a must. They are located in the public areas near arrivals in T1 and T4, in the public departures of T2, and next to gates B in the boarding concourse of T3.

If you have been to the capital city already, you probably know that one of the most popular places to eat in Madrid is Rodilla. Their variety of sandwiches here will amaze you, and at the same time it allows you to have a savoury and light meal before takeoff. Rodilla sandwiches can be found in boarding halls D and K of T2 and T4 respectively. Would you rather go for something more gourmet? We advise you to take time to visit other restaurants in Adolfo Suárez – Madrid Barajas airport, such as “Origins by EnriqueTomás” next to boarding gates J after security in T4 or the “Gastro Hub” before going through the passport control in the same terminal. The first one gives you the chance to taste Iberico ham like you have never before, while the latter is famous for its reinvented tapas.

Do you already have a favourite? While you make up your mind, you can get ready to travel to Madrid.

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Business hotel near Gran Canaria airport in Spain: the Elba Vecindario Aeropuerto

People in the MICE industry, executives, digital nomads and event planners are always looking for new places where their work can leave a remarkably good impression. The setting of personal and business events is becoming more and more important these days in terms of visibility and outreach, so whether you just want your wedding to be unforgettable or you seek to increase the sales of your product, holding your meeting or celebration at the Gran Hotel Elba Vecindario Aeropuerto in Gran Canaria (Canary Islands) might be the right choice.

Spacious meeting facilities with natural lighting in Las Palmas

This airport hotel in Gran Canaria provides 10 bright ample spaces that can be arranged to meet the needs and purpose of your particular type of event: a banquet, a cocktail party, a conference, a private business meeting or a master class, you name it. The varied selection of rooms can accommodate groups from 8 to 650 guests, being granted absolute privacy when required or rearranged for team work and debate.

Should you need simultaneous translation, audiovisual equipment or whiteboards, just ask the staff for it during the event-planning process. Moreover, your tailored experience at the Elba Vecindario – Business and Convention Centre will be supported by complementary areas of the hotel like the swimming-pool, the VIP floor and the Lagar restaurant, where company lunches and dinners can be booked.

Elba Vecindario Business Hotel in Gran Canaria

This hotel, rated four stars and situated 35 minutes away from the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 15 minutes from the airport and 20 minutes from the Expomeloneras Exhibition Centre in Maspalomas, can also provide lodging to your special guests, team mates or employees during, before and after the event. If you are planning to organise your event at the Elba Vecindario Aeropuerto Hotel and book rooms for your family, friends and colleagues, do not hesitate and check rates and availability here.

You will be staying at a widely recommended accommodation providing premium hospitality and dining services, among which are included top grade standard and VIP hotel rooms, the “a la carte” restaurant specialised in Canarian dishes, a sauna and a swimming pool, an onsite gym, a workstation with PC and printer, daily buffet breakfast, piano bar, lobby café and free shuttle to and from the airport.

Would you like to read more about the rooms and services of this 4-star hotel in Spain? Then enter this link.

4-star Elba Vecindario Aeropuerto Hotel near Gran Canaria airport (LPA)

Only 12 kilometres separate the terminal building of Gran Canaria airport (LPA) in the Canary Islands from this 4-star hotel providing outstanding hospitality services and business facilities in a privileged location, halfway between the financial districts of the capital city and the wonderful beaches in the south of the island. While the Elba Vecindario Aeropuerto hotel is perfect for first-time visitors on holiday who wish to enjoy the sun and discover all that Gran Canaria has to offer, it is also known for its premium spaces especially conceived for the celebration of conferences, conventions, presentations, banquets, social gatherings, weddings and entrepreneurial events.

Four-star hotel in Gran Canaria

The Gran Elba Vecindario, an urban hotel near Las Palmas airport, takes its name from the small commercial town just off the GC1 motorway where it is located, boasts 159 double rooms and 12 suites that can accommodate guests for individual, double, triple or family use. Customers enjoy large and comfortable beds, minibar, working desk, TV, a completely equipped private bathroom, a roomy wardrobe and in-room safe. Rooms with terrace/balcony are also available.

Room highlights

During their stay, guests can make use of free Wifi inside the room as well as throughout the premises. The beds are extra-sized with several large and nice pillows, guaranteeing a good night’sleep. The spacious bathroom features an ample shower with bathtub and every amenity you may need: from a bathrobe to a pair of slippers, including all the customary toiletries, a dental hygiene kit and a magnifying mirror to apply makeup flawlessly.

Aside from all that, the first impression you get when entering your room is that the atmosphere is fresh, extra-clean and lightly scented, a feeling that lingers during the whole stay. All rooms are non-smoking and have adjustable air conditioning.

Additional services for guests

If you book your stay in this hotel near Gran Canaria airport, you will also be granted free access to the fitness centre, the swimming pool and the solarium, as well as to office equipment you may use to print documents, surf the Internet, send e-mails and more. The helpful staff at the front desk will be happy to assist you with other payment services such as massage therapy, hair and beauty treatments and car rental.

Transportation from and to Las Palmas airport – complimentary airport shuttle service

It takes roughly ten minutes to travel between the Elba Vecindario Hotel in Gran Canaria and the airport. Plan your trip in advance and reserve your free transfer by communicating well in advance that you wish to be picked up at the airport with your bags or taken to the passenger terminal by hotel personnel on the day of your departure. No additional costs will apply.

Buffet breakfast

This hotel close to LPA aiport offers the option to have breakfast included in the nightly rate, which is served at the mezzanine floor every morning in the form of a buffet displaying a wide choice of baguette and sliced bread, butter, jam, pastries, fruit, cereal, cold meats and cheese, eggs, fresh juice and coffee.

For meals and drinks during the day, we recommend both the lobby bar-café and their onsite restaurant, which specialises in the most delightful Canarian cuisine.

Hotel highlights

Perhaps one of the main strengths of this city hotel near Gran Canaria airport is how it is strategically located between the most attractive areas in the island, as well as conveniently close to LPA airport in Spain. If you travel for business, you will be glad to stay near this connecting hub for Europe and Africa, and to be able to transfer smoothly to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria every day of your trip. Moreover, if you just wish to relax and sunbathe, the Playa del Inglés and Maspalomas beaches are just a 15-minute drive away.

The surroundings are home to the Atlántico Shopping Centre, where you will find many Spanish and International fashion brands along with local and chain restaurants. Should you decide to visit the small shops in Vecindario, you are also encouraged to do so. The staff of the Elba Vecindario is caring and welcoming and will help you with any queries you may have.

Are you ready to book a room at the Elba Hotel Vecindario Aeropuerto? If you would like to know more about this hotel as a Business and Convention Centre to hold meetings and events in Spain, visit this link.

Transit hotels inside Schiphol airport in Amsterdam

Sleep in Amsterdam airport before your connecting flight: Yotelair Schiphol transit hotel

If you need to spend the night at Schiphol, we recommend that you consider booking a Yotelair cabin in Schiphol’s Concourse 2, in the restricted area for passengers. They are conveniently located within a short stroll from the boarding gates and allow you to have a shower, get some good rest and even work and charge your mobile devices in the utmost privacy.

These innovative cabins may be individual or double, and their design resembles that of the first-class ones inside commercial aircrafts, featuring a cosy bed, private shower, flat-screen TV, WiFi connection and international power adapters to charge your devices. The front desk staff can be reached any time of the day or night, and complimentary hot drinks and snacks are available. Enter the following link to find out more about the Yotelair transit hotel in Schiphol airport.

Mercure Hotel in Schiphol airport for travellers with a connecting flight in Amsterdam

In order to stay overnight inside the facilities of Schiphol airport in Amsterdam to catch an early flight, travellers may also book a room in the 3-star Mercure hotel located on the first floor of Concourse 3, halfway between boarding gates E and F and right opposite the KLM Crown lounge. In order to be admitted as a guest, passengers may show a valid boarding pass along with their passport.

This transit hotel provides guests with individual, double or triple soundproofed rooms equipped with ensuite bathroom and shower and adjustable temperature. They all are non-smoking spaces and feature free WiFI connection. Travellers love how close it is from the Bread buffet restaurant in Lounge 3, even when it also has vending machines and room service. Check availability and rates for your layover in Schiphol.

Airport hotel in AMS: 4-star CitizenM Schiphol

The CitizenM Schiphol airport hotel offers well-appointed rooms within short walking distance to the passenger terminal and directly connected to downtown Amsterdam and its financial district by train 24 hours a day. They feature extra sized, comfortable beds, private shower, TV, complimentary WiFi and power adapters.

A good night’s sleep is guaranteed thanks to the adjustable lighting and shutters, and coffee, snacks and other meals are served daily at the onsite bar. Furthermore, it provides left-baggage service, office equipment, take-away food, safes and assistance in both English and Dutch. Book your hotel room in Amsterdam airport today.

QR codes at the airport

Shopping at Gran Canaria airport (LPA) in Spain

When you arrive at LPA airport in the Canary Islands for the first time, it is very likely that you get the wrong idea: only a couple of Hudson News stores and a Pharmacy seem to constitute its retail offer. Far from it: internationally renowned brands, the finest duty free purchases and exclusive local products await you right after the security filters, so you are advised to check in online with your airline to avoid the queues and enjoy your shopping experience before boarding.

The terminal building for passengers in Gran Canaria airport has two security checkpoints for you to go through before accessing the departures hall. It does not matter which one you choose: both lead to the area where all boarding gates are; however, if you are in a hurry, you may want to know that the one to the left (next to the check-in counters for regional flights) is closer to the A and B gates, while the one to the right (found after the Meeting Point) will take you straight to the C gates.

In the two described scenarios, after passing the security check you will find yourself inside a walk-through duty free store. The one on the left side of the terminal is a Duty Free Express with a wide array of chocolates, fashion accessories, travel gifts and limited-edition beauty products on offer. The one on the right is, for many, a small shopping centre inside the airport: Gran Canaria Duty Free by World Duty Free, open from 4:15 until the departure of the last flight every day of the week. The greatest appeal of this large store undoubtedly lies in the chance to get the finest liquors, best fragrances and designer sunglasses at really competitive prices right before you fly.

Whether you have been on a business trip to Las Palmas or your holidays in the south of Gran Canaria have just ended, you deserve to treat yourself to some airport shopping before leaving the island. Mostly concentrated around gates C, fashion lovers will find top brands such as Armani Jeans, Desigual and Victoria’s Secret (gathered in the multi-brand Collection shop), along with GAP, Superdry, Parfois and Sunglass Hut.

If you are looking for sports gear and clothing, visit the Base or The Ocean Company shops in LPA airport: should you or your kids need a brand new pair of sneakers or a backpack for the upcoming trip, these are without a doubt the right places to go. Additionally, we strongly recommend opting for local souvenirs like the Canarian Aloe Vera products of +Aloe Canarias or the Canarian delicacies on sale at a specialised food store.

In need of some coffee? You have branches of the popular Soho Coffee, Upper Crust and Starbucks in Gran Canaria airport, just in between the B and C boarding areas, so that you can relax while waiting to board your flight. Do you already have everything sorted out for your trip? Access the following link to find hotels in Las Palmas.

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