DXB: Dubai International airport for beginners

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Whether you are having a layover in DXB or you are visiting Dubai, it might take you some time to learn how to navigate this huge international hub, one of the busiest airports in the world. Below you will find a quick guide to Dubai international airport main features, including its terminals, operating airlines, transportation options and passenger services.

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The three terminals in Dubai International airport (DXB)

T1. The check-in counters and boarding gates of all airlines serving international destinations -most of them operating long-haul and codeshare flights-, except for Emirates are to be found in Terminal 1, alongside their Business and First Class lounges.

T2. Terminal 2 is located in front of T1 and T3 (connected for passenger transit) and only Fly Dubai and regional, budget airlines operate from it. A free shuttle service connects it to the rest of the airport facilities. The executive flights terminal is right next to this building.

T3. The most sumptuous of the three, this terminal is exclusively dedicated to Emirates and Qantas flights, additionally housing luxurious VIP lounges and establishments. Updated on August 20, 2020: Go Airlines (India) and Biman Airlines (Bangladesh) have started to operate from Terminal 3 of Dubai International airport.

Once you have gone through the security filters, terminals are divided into concourses (A, B, C and D), and it is tremendously easy to lose your way through the incredibly varied shopping offer, the indoor garden and the dining facilities. Boarding at DXB is carried out at different floor levels, so pay close attention to the gate information displayed on the screens.

Which airlines fly to Dubai or make stopovers in its airport?

Among many other carriers, the following airlines operate from and to DXB (Dubai International airport: Aeroflot, Air Canada, Air China, Air France, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Emirates (flying to more than 100 destinations across the world), Finnair, Fly Dubai, Jet Airways, KLM, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Korean Airlines, Qantas, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Swiss, Thai Airways, Turkish Airlines and Virgin Atlantic.

Transport options at DXB

To travel from and to Dubai International airport, travellers may choose the metro lines running services from T1 and T2 or the public buses departing from outside the baggage claim areas. Taxis are believed to be a safe and affordable means of transportation in Dubai, and are waiting for passengers next to the bus stops.

Also bear in mind that there is a free shuttle for those commuting between terminals, and that Emirates puts at their customers’ disposal a complimentary coach travelling from DXB to Abu Dhabi or doing the reverse journey.

Sleeping in Dubai airport: sleeping cabins or a 5-star hotel in T3

DXB has different options when it comes to having a nap, relax and unwind before your connecting flight. For instance, the Sleep’n Fly pods in concourse A of terminal 3 allow for restful sleep and even some work in absolute privacy and near the airport toilets, showers and cafés. The SnoozeCubes, found at concourse D in terminal 1, are soundproofed and offer almost everything a hotel does (bed, TV, WiFi and storing space).

For longer stays at the airport, we recommend any of the 530 rooms and suites of the Dubai International Hotel inside Terminal 3. Guests may access their fitness club, the swimming pool and other areas designated for business and events. As added value, the establishment features 15 restaurants for a fine dining experience in Dubai.

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