VIP lounges in Manchester airport

Airport lounges in Manchester airport UK for passengers

Will you be flying out of Manchester airport in England anytime soon? It doesn’t matter if you are taking a business trip, on the way to your stag party abroad or going on a city break, waiting to board your flight in style inside an airport lounge in MAN is always a good idea. Think of getting the chance to have a comforting cup of the finest tea or coffee, a glass of champagne or a complimentary pre-flight meal while relaxing on a cosy sofa, and still have time to charge your mobile devices and use the WiFi connection to catch up with your loved ones online before departing. Often times, such simple tasks become unattainable in a noisy and crowded terminal where everybody else is also looking for a power outlet, affordable caffeine and a bite to eat. The airport lounges in Manchester provide exclusive access to free catering and business facilities away from the hustle and bustle of the boarding concourses. Read further to learn how you can be granted admission to these spaces and locate them in each terminal building of the airport.

Lounges in Manchester airport sorted by terminal

Terminal 1

On level 4 of the airside in T1 you will find the Emirates lounge of Manchester airport, the Etihad lounge, and two additional ones belonging to the Escape and Aspire brands respectively. Most travellers who access the first two lounges are passengers of Emirates and Etihad flights, while anyone can purchase a pass to be granted admission to the other two. By way of example, the Escape lounge in T1 opens as early as 4:30 am and passes cost twenty pounds per person. To arrive to the 1903 airport lounge in T1 of Manchester airport, go through security and take the stairs to the “Executive Lounges” level.

Terminal 2

There is a dedicated lounge area after security in T2 that comprises the Virgin Holidays V-Room, an Aspire lounge and an Escape airport lounge in Manchester. While passengers flying with Virgin will be invited to the first one, the other two are open to all travellers, offering an exclusive space where they can enjoy free food and drinks as well as many other amenities after purchasing their day pass.

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Terminal 3

Terminal 3 of Manchester airport accommodates the British Airways terraces, that is, the business class lounge for BA flyers in MAN, featuring views of the runway. It is flanked by an Escape lounge and the exclusive 1903 airport lounge, a luxury space with à la carte menu and premium drinks, complimentary WiFi and additional privileges like fast-track to security to be enjoyed after an access pass is purchased.

How to get access to the VIP lounges in Manchester airport in the UK

As you may know already, the easiest way to access any lounge in airports across the world is to be a member of Priority Pass or other similar loyalty programs for frequent flyers. All you need to do is check out their app or website and find out with which lounges in Manchester airport they have an agreement so that you can be admitted under the conditions of your specific membership. Moreover, if you are flying first or business class with some airlines –like Emirates, British Airways, Virgin or Etihad in this case- you may be given a free pass to the airline lounges in MAN to enjoy their complimentary benefits before your flight. Finally, and regardless of the category of your ticket and your airline of choice, you can always pay for your access to a lounge –either online or at the entrance- and equally benefit from all its amenities, as it is the case with the 1903, Escape and Aspire airport lounges in Manchester airport.

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