Shopping at Qatar Duty Free during your layover in Doha

Will you be passing through Hamad International Airport in Qatar (HIA) this year? If you have a long-haul flight with a layover in Doha, your waiting time before boarding the next plane –whether it is three hours or an entire day- will just fly by thanks to the wide array of restaurants and shops in Qatar Duty Free. This empire of airport shopping consists of a plaza spanning over 40.000 square metres and comprising more than 30 fine dining establishments and 70 luxury retail stores altogether. It is divided into the South plaza (on ground level) and the North one (on the first floor), encircled by boarding gates and lounges and, in turn, surrounding the charismatic huge yellow bear which has already become a symbol for Qatar Airport. This work of art by Urs Fischer is intended to remind us of our childhood years while we venture into new places, but it also serves as a point of reference for travellers while they roam the concourses of the duty free in HIA airport.

What to find at the shops of Qatar Duty Free in Doha

For some travellers, a layover of many hours in Qatar that will, however, not be long enough to explore the city or implies getting a visa for such a short period of time, is without a doubt best spend at the Hamad International airport shops. The offer is varied and boasts the highest quality products: leather goods, designer bags, watches, jewellery, perfumes, the latest clothing trends, shoes, cosmetics and make up, technology, chocolate, gourmet foods, souvenirs, travel gifts and the usual tax-free tobacco and liquors, for which we recommend confirming the specific allowances at every transit airport of your journey in order to avoid confiscation by the customs staff.

Your stopover in Hamad International airport of Qatar

If your plans change because the connecting flight gets delayed or your layover is longer than initially expected, you may complement the shopping with a night stay at the airport hotel inside Qatar airport. This way, you will be able to get some good rest without leaving the boarding area, thus being ready to resume your journey whenever it is possible.

*For a stopover of several days in Qatar and after obtaining the corresponding Visa, we advise you to make a reservation with one of our recommended hotels in Doha.

Raffles of Qatar Duty Free

Your transit through Qatar airport may have a great finale if you are lucky enough to win their millionaire raffle: prizes include 1 million US dollars, a McLaren 650S Coupe or a BMWi8. In any event, you can always enjoy other advantages such as discount vouchers to be redeemed at the duty free shops in Hamad International airport if you fly with Qatar Airways or visit Qatar Duty Free official website.

Which brands will I find at Qatar Duty Free?

The Duty Free Plaza in Doha includes luxury brands such as Burberry, Carolina Herrera, Cartier, Desigual, Diesel, Giorgio Armani, Godiva, Gucci, Harrods, Hugo Boss, IWC Schaffhausen, La Prairie, Lancome, MAC, Michael Kors, Omega, Paco Rabanne, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Rolex, Tag Heuer and Valentino. Your mandatory cup of hot chocolate or delicious coffee at the airport is available in Jamocha, Illy Café, Farggi, yet you may also try healthy international dishes at the beIN Café, Le Grand Comptoir, the RED American Bistro, Soprafino Italian restaurant and the renowned Caviar House & Prunier, to mention but a few. It must be noted that all cafeterias and shops in Qatar Duty Free stay open 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

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