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The average business traveller catches more than twenty flights per year, but today, even when travelling for work is not a requirement, our millennial lifestyle alongside a global culture and the fact that we stay permanently online no matter where we go result in an increasing tendency to travel to new places whenever we get the chance. In view of this, it is safe to say that the higher number of hotels being built near airports in recent times responds to an actual demand, and it aims to satisfy the needs of a new customer profile. More and more travellers are discovering the advantages of booking a hotel close to the passenger terminals, regardless of their specific scenario: for a late night arrival preceding a long commute, during an overnight layover or before a very early morning departure. Have you ever considered sleeping inside or near the airport on your trips? Read below to find out more about the perks of staying in a transit hotel.

You might not need to apply for a travel visa

Every time you embark on a transcontinental journey, it is quite likely that you will be having a layover in a city somewhere between your origin and your final destination. Perhaps you only have a few hours to spend before your next flight, yet you need to get some sleep because you have been travelling across time zones: this is the perfect opportunity to relax in a transit hotel in the passenger-only area of the airport terminal and, in most cases, you won’t be required to have a travel visa for that country as long as you do not step into the public zone.

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You will never miss your flight

One of the most obvious perks of staying in an airport hotel is that, since they are located at a distance ranging from few metres to a couple of kilometres from the terminals, it is highly unlikely that you are late for boarding. What is more, these establishments are clearly focused on enhancing the airport experience, so many incorporate flight information screens on site displaying the latest status updates and even your gate number. The staff will set a wake-up call upon request and arrange shuttle services at a convenient time for a hassle-free departure.

You will skip unnecessary commutes

When travellers started to book rooms at airport hotels, the main reason for doing so was to avoid taking a taxi cab or using public transport after midnight, or the absence of good transportation options in the early morning when the flight departed at dawn. Therefore, and looking at the fact that many international airports have excellent connections to the city in the form of express trains and direct bus services, it is also a good idea to stay in a transit hotel during your trip and commute to the centre every day for sightseeing or business purposes.

They are an ideal place for plane spotters and aviation lovers

If you enjoy plane spotting, sleeping at the airport or close to it will not only make it easier for you to visit the spotters zone but also let you immerse in the aviation atmosphere and live it to the fullest. Some transit hotels are situated on the edge of the runways, providing guests with privileged views of airplanes taking off and landing while they are in their rooms.

It may help you during your family trip

On holiday with the whole family? Believe it or not, some of the advantages of booking a hotel close to the airport include a more organised family trip. If you stay in a hotel near the terminals at least on the night before departure, kids will be more relaxed and you will have more time to make sure you pack everything and leave on time.

Airport hotels specialise in business facilities

The owners of transit hotels are aware of the fact that you, as a business traveller, want to make the most of your stay in each city. Thus, these establishments tend to be more business oriented regardless of the hotel chain or brand they are part of, and offer a variety of conference spaces, meeting rooms and technological equipment for you to meet up with your potential clients and compliment the highest number of deals possible in record time.

Sometimes they are cheaper

It depends on a diversity of factors, but airport hotels can help you save money during your trip and reduce travel expenses. Major hotel chains close to air terminals will probably have similar nightly rates to their branches in the city, but 3-star and 4-star business hotels or “Inns” might be a nice surprise. Look out for special promotions, breakfast-included rates and “park&fly” packages.

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