In-town check-in at Taipei Main Station for flights out of Taoyuan airport in Taiwan

An increasing number of airports across the globe are implementing a new passenger service in collaboration with the transport authorities of the corresponding cities: check-in facilities found in the central bus or train stations from which travellers commute to the air terminal buildings. Such implementation enables them to get their boarding pass and drop their baggage before they even get on the bus or train towards the airport, in such a way that they can extend their hotel stay, take a last sightseeing tour, meet up with a last potential client or spend more time at the airport shops without having to worry about the queues or carry their heavy luggage around. Thanks to this advantageous service in Taipei Main Station, you can go straight from the train to the security checkpoints of Taoyuan airport when leaving Taiwan, although there are some mandatory factors you must take into account, like completing your check-in at least three hours before you board the plane.

Which airlines offer in-town check-in at Taipei Main Station of Taiwan?

Neither all airlines nor all flight destinations are valid for this service. In order to use the in-town check-in to fly out of Taoyuan airport in Taipei you must be in possession of an airplane ticket confirmed by China Airlines, Mandarin Airlines, Eva Airways, Uni Air, Cathay Pacific, Cathay Dragon or Air Asia. To avoid unforeseen events, we recommend that you directly ask your airline whether this check-in service is available for your flight and the destination you are headed to in particular or not.

Where are the check-in machines for my flight out of Taiwan in Taipei MRT station?

On the day you depart from Taipei, look for the MRT Taoyuan airport line inside the Main Station, as the check-in counters, self-service machines to get your boarding pass and baggage-drop kiosks are all close to the area where passengers must board the trains. Taipei Main Station in Taiwan is very well-signposted, but you can always resort to a member of the staff for directions.

How can I get my boarding pass and drop my bags at Taipei Main Station?

Should you wish to do the check-in yourself at the self-service kiosks, proceed just like you would on the web or your phone: input your reference info, choose your seat and indicate how many bags you will be checking in. For security reasons, it is likely that you will be required to scan your electronic passport as well. Once you have obtained your printed boarding pass, head over to the baggage-drop stations nearby as long as you are not carrying hand-luggage only, place your bags on the scale and follow the instructions displayed on the screen. It is crucial that you do not forget to attach the baggage tag to your suitcase before you see it go on the belt. Finally, you will get a receipt and will be ready to commute to Taoyuan airport or enjoy your last hours in Taipei.

When is the in-town check-in for Taoyuan airport available?

Self check-in kiosks in Taipei Main Station of Taiwan stay operational from 6:00 to 21:30 every day of the week. You can only use them on the day of departure, at least three hours before boarding if you have checked bags and until a maximum of two hours in advance if you only have a carry-on.

Are there any exceptions?

As the implementation of this service is relatively recent, we encourage travellers to confirm that it is available for their specific flight and final destination, however, we can assure that airline companies other than the ones stated above do not have an agreement with the in-town check-in in Taipei train station for the time being. Also, note that if your journey exceeds three connections in different airports, this probably won’t work for you either, even if your first flight is with one of the aforementioned carriers.

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