Where to sleep and take a shower inside Rome International airport in Italy (FCO)

Leonardo da Vinci International, commonly referred to as Fiumicino airport in Rome, Italy, witnesses the arrival and departure of thousands of travellers every day, many of them having a layover in its terminals, embarking on a long-haul journey or landing in the city after flying across time zones. In such circumstances, passengers may need to sleep in Rome airport or take a shower before resuming their adventure regardless of what time it is; to this end, the airport facilities feature showers and rooms that can be booked to refresh oneself, work, relax, take a nap or stay overnight prior to boarding an early morning flight.

Where are the sleeping rooms and showers of Rome airport located?

Should you need to sleep in Fiumicino airport or shower while in the Leonardo da Vinci terminals, go to the upper level of the building in which you are (terminal 1, 2 or 3) and follow the wayfinding system guiding you to the airport’s train station. As you approach the area, you will see a covered walkway and signs indicating the proximity of the shower facilities and the Hello Sky rooms and, after a 2-minute walk (100 metres), you will find them. The premises stay open around the clock.

How can I book a room to sleep in Fiumicino airport?

If you want to take a nap or sleep in Rome airport (Italy), the Hello Sky rooms are available for you to use during three or six hours according to your convenience between 10:00 and 18:00, or to stay overnight if you prefer to get a good night’s sleep. Each guest room includes complimentary WiFi, wake-up call service, private toilet and shower, towels, wardrobe, safety deposit box, TV, free bottled water, work desk and a double or single cosy bed. The reception staff can process your booking and will arrange any extras you may request such as, for instance, courier services, document scanning, onsite breakfast, fast track passes, meeting rooms or parking spaces.

How can I use the shower facilities in Rome airport / Leonardo da Vinci International?

The premium showers in Fiumicino are found inside the premises of the Hello Sky accommodation, and can be booked to have a shower in Rome airport between 7:00 and 21:00 on weekdays and weekends. Booking time for refreshing yourself entitles you to a courtesy kit that includes a towel, gel and a pair of slippers, while the cubicles for showering are spacious and feature mirrors and hair dryers. Even if you use the shower only –and not the room- you will be able to use the WiFi internet connection and pay a nominal surcharge for access to their breakfast or to one of the airport lounges in Leonardo da Vinci International.

Although these services require the payment of a fee, they are highly recommended for travellers in transit since they offer affordable amenities and the flexibility to use them just for as long as they need them. Paying for a hotel room where you will simply shower or take a short nap would mean to waste money, and the price would probably exceed your estimated travel expenses. Furthermore, having the opportunity to add business features or have breakfast before leaving will surely enhance your trip.

Will you extend your stay or have a longer layover than you had initially planned? Then you might as well find a hotel in central Rome that is close to the city’s main attraction to make sure you can explore this Italian destination, enjoy its gastronomy and do not miss out on anything it has to offer.

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