How to enjoy a safe stay in a vacation resort during COVID times

How to prevent covid in vacation resort

At the time of writing this post, the second wave of COVID-19 has halted travel plans for holiday goers, adventurers, exchange students, business travelers and digital nomads from every continent, and worst of all, it has severely hindered the recovery of the tourism industry, which seemed to be bouncing back in the last weeks of summer. In line with the safety initiatives started by renowned and small hotel chains, vacation resorts are going the extra mile and cooperating with health authorities to ensure travelers can have a very low or zero-risk stay, provided that the ever-changing regulations for each region allow and border restrictions and closures are lifted. Those lucky enough to finally enjoy their retreat in a beach resort these days, though, will need a little bit more patience than usual and will probably be required to sacrifice part of their own comfort for the sake of the collective wellbeing. If you are planning to take a leisure trip soon, check coronavirus updates and entry requirements for your destination on a daily basis and be ready to abide by the testing and quarantine rules that might be in effect, unless your country has a “travel corridor” agreement with the one you are travelling to.

What is a tourist corridor or bubble?

A travel corridor or tourist bubble allows travelers from different regions or countries which have reached substantially low COVID-19 infection rates to cross borders without any quarantine or self-isolation requirements. This occurs when countries demonstrate an exceptionally effective management of the pandemic and so they are deemed as low-risk destinations by the international community. Although before the second wave hit the number of regions belonging to travel corridors was rapidly increasing, today’s panorama is less encouraging, with many bans and border closures going back into effect. That is why compliance with the coronavirus prevention measures when we go on vacation is vital to reverse the situation.

Covid prevention measures for tourists

Before travelling

As a tourist who is going to take a holiday trip to a foreign country, it is your responsibility to stay fully and accurately informed of the online and physical forms your will be required to complete and submit before travelling as well as after landing at your destination: health surveillance forms, proof of a negative covid test (taken within the previous 48 hours), digital registration of personal and contact info, medical insurance and travel deposits that will cover potential PCR tests, quarantine hotel stays or hospitalization are some common requests these months.

Upon arrival at destination airport

When you land in the airport and before commuting to the tourist resort where you have made a reservation, you may be asked to undergo a temperature check, produce printed documentation as proof of the requirements detailed above, remain quarantined for a certain period either at a designated hotel or in a resort at your own expense or stay reachable at all times.

Upon arrival at the vacation resort

If you have been on holiday abroad in recent years before the coronavirus outbreak, you will notice how new procedures are now part of the welcome routine at hotels and tourist resorts. To start with, you will be tested for fever before being granted admission to the facilities, and this is likely to happen not only before checking in but also every day when you return. Likewise, staff will meticulously disinfect your shoes and luggage, and will check that you wear your face mask properly and queue up maintaining the mandatory physical distance. Although the reception clerks are likely to assist behind plexiglass barriers, it is still recommended that you download the hotel chain mobile app, using this means to interact with them or request services and assistance digitally as much as you can.

How to avoid potential risks of getting COVID while at a beach resort

As stated at the beginning of this post, bear in mind that you your next vacation will require a little bit more of extra patience and respect towards others than before. In some places, you may even have to agree to take PCR tests regularly throughout your stay, or be asked to stay in our room until the results are ready. For your peace of mind, we recommend that you opt out of maid service, thus knowing that you and your travel companions are the only ones entering your space. Contrary to that, communal zones like the onsite gyms, restaurants, wellness centers and swimming pools will surely have restricted entry, so book in advance if you can and strictly abide by all additional hygiene and social distancing rules.

Vacationing in resorts around the world

Perhaps you have decided to go on vacation in the near future or as soon as travel restrictions allow, yet you do not know which destination to choose. For some travel inspiration, we kindly invite you to read our posts about vacationing in Isla Mujeres (Quintan Roo, Mexico), staying at an all-inclusive resort in Mallorca (Spain), getting lost in the Nha Trang beaches of Vietnam or enjoying the holiday hotels of Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands. We sincerely hope that you can take your dream trip soon, please take care of yourself and your loved ones and stay safe!

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