Where to sleep in London Heathrow airport

Transit hotel inside Heathrow airport

If you are having a layover in London’s major aviation hub, catching an early morning flight out of the British capital or maybe having an unexpectedly delayed landing in the city and would rather not commute from the airport after midnight, you will surely be glad to learn about this hotel inside Heathrow’s Terminal 3: the Aerotel London Heathrow.

Where is the Aerotel hotel in London Heathrow airport located?

Equally convenient for both arriving and departing travellers, the Aerotel London Heathrow hotel is located inside the Arrivals area of Terminal 3 -on the ground floor-, near many shopping and dining outlets of the public zone. Therefore, whether you check in to get some good rest in your room before resuming your journey towards London city or an abroad destination or you check out to board your plane, you will be within short walking distance of the departures area and Terminal 2, while the other terminals, its tube stations and other transportation means will be within easy reach thanks to the courtesy shuttle trains for passengers in Heathrow.

Booking a room to sleep in Heathrow airport

Travellers in transit who need to stay overnight or spend a long layover inside Heathrow airport of London can book a room to sleep in the Aerotel inside terminal 3. As it is located in the public arrivals area, passengers who are going to make a connection must leave the restricted boarding area and go to the landside in order to check in, then clear security again when the time comes to catch their connecting flight in LHR.

The Aerotel hotel in the landside of London Heathrow airport (T3) offers single, double and family rooms with private bathroom, amenities and free WiFi, their greatest perk being that customers may choose to book a room by the hour, for day use only or for night use only. Consequently, they can save a considerable amount of money that can be used to pay for other travel expenses while helping the hotel to have more available rooms to cater to the needs of last-minute guests.

Services provided by Aerotel London Heathrow – Terminal 3

Among some of the extra services and amenities that travellers enjoy during their stay at the Aerotel London Heathrow hotel -aside from the complimentary WiFi connection inside the rooms and the private bathrooms- we count wake-up call service, onsite continental breakfast and a cosy business lounge where guests can relax or catch up with work while making use of USB charging stations, office equipment and comfortable seating or choose from a varied selection of drinks and snacks.

Transferring between planes

In the event of landing in Heathrow only to change planes and continue your journey towards your next destination, our post about how to transfer flights in London Heathrow airport may help you make your connection in a breeze. Otherwise, should you need to spend four hours or more in the terminals before boarding the next plane, we recommend making a reservation with the Aerotel in T3 so that you can refresh, unwind and avoid the usual fatigue experienced in long-haul journeys.

About Aerotel

Aerotel is an airport or transit hotel brand owned by Hong Kong-based Plaza Premium Group, which also specialises in airport lounges and shower facilities, widely acclaimed for the exclusivity and quality of its services all across the world. The main aim of Aerotel is to offer travellers in transit the opportunity to benefit from the privacy and comfort of a private place amidst the hustle and bustle of a crowded terminal building, thus being able to sleep for the night or a few hours, charge their devices, take a revitalising shower and have breakfast or a pre-flight meal. Considered as great value for money and boasting an unbeatable location on the landside of one of London’s most transited air terminals, the Aerotel hotel is undoubtedly your best option to refresh yourself and sleep inside Heathrow airport.

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