Finding airport lounges currently open to travellers

Which airport lounges are open covid-19

Do you typically start planning for your next trip early? Are you a member of a frequent flyer program or do you purchase access passes to airport lounges on the same day of your departure? Whichever the case may be, you are probably struggling to stay up to date with the changing travel restrictions and requirements, as well as with the closure and reopening of borders and airport passenger services.

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Airport lounges were among the most affected passenger services during the outbreak of the global pandemic, and this was due precisely to its very nature: they aim to concentrate a number of travellers on an exclusive yet enclosed space where, to make matters worse, food and drinks are served. And all of us would be lying if we claimed that it is not the complimentary snacks and beverages that drawn us to them.

How to know if an airport lounge is open before your trip

In the following video, we share our own internet hack to discover which airport lounges are open and which are closed at the moment, since we consider it to be a quite reliable online resource to plan for your trip, book lounge tickets, check important information such as opening hours and conditions and so on. If you have already confirmed that your next destination is open to visitors, we also recommend that you book your accommodation in advance, and that you do so through a website that allows you to cancel or modify your stay flexibly and without incurring penalty fees.

As explained in the tutorial, we have used LoungeBuddy to browse airport lounges in airports across Europe and discover whether they have reopened or not. We can always -of course- check the website of the airport, or even phone the passenger lounges company, but having such a good directory of airports all in one place seems highly convenient, plus you can book straight away if you are an American Express card holder, and benefit from the option to cancel up to 24 hours before your booked time.

In the video, what we did was search for several European airports on their database and check, first and foremost, which of their lounges were open, and then learn more about their availability, if they accept walk-ins, if covid-19 restrictions are in place, their admission fee, the general conditions of use, their working hours and where exactly they are located within their respective airport terminals. It is essential to note that you should spend your waiting time prior to boarding at a lounge that is in your terminal of departure. While the main reason for this is to avoid missing your flight, for some lounges this is actually a rule, and they will check your flight details before you are admitted.

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