Travel without cash by getting a prepaid money card at the airport

Travel without cash travelex money prepaid cards

Do you find carrying large amounts of money in cash while travelling somewhat risky? If you would rather avoid using your credit card abroad, purchasing a prepaid travel card that functions just as a regular debit one might be a wise decision to make, and all the more so when it won’t be linked to your bank account. This way, you will only use the money you have estimated for your travel expenses, keeping the rest safe and untouchable back home, without the application of any fees or commissions. Those who travel frequently for either work or leisure choose this solution not only due to safety and privacy concerns, but also because it is highly convenient in terms of organisation as well as time-saving.

The most trusted prepaid travel cards

While travellers in the USA have a whole network of ReadyCard kiosks where they can convert their cash into a travel money prepaid card at the airport before their departure or upon arrival, those on long-haul journeys towards destinations overseas can take advantage of products like the Travelex prepaid card, offering high flexibility in terms of currency exchange rates and other perks among which we count commission-free ATM withdrawals while abroad and the integration of contactless technology.

How to get a prepaid card and travel without cash in the USA

If you are passing through a US airport like Memphis International, Denver or San Diego, you will have the opportunity to convert part of your cash into a prepaid travel money card. Simply head over to a ReadyCard kiosk and purchase your card (an issuance fee of 5 USD applies) and top it up with the amount of money you wish to use this way. The system, similar to that of an ATM, will guide you through the different stages of the process until you get your prepaid card for travelling and a receipt. You might be asked to make a phone call as last step to activate your PIN number, but as soon as it gets activated, you will be able to start making payments.

The ReadyCard comes in two modalities: the Instant type and the Rechargeable one. The former is ideal for short, occasional trips since you will have the freedom to spend your money until the card is “empty” without providing personal data that could compromise the security of your bank account; however, you won’t be able to withdraw cash from ATMs during your trip. On the contrary, the latter allows you to recharge it on subsequent occasions if your stays abroad are frequent or you want to extend the duration of your adventure, plus it offers extra possibilities like using it in ATMs.

The Travelex prepaid card for travelling

As far as currency exchange services are concerned, it is widely known that travellers worldwide trust the Travelex company. Boasting presence in airports across the world, their offices are another place you can turn to in order to get a travel money prepaid card to use in your international travels, although they also give you the chance to submit an online application and get it on the mail before your departure date. Alternatively, you may collect your travel card at their locations in large hubs like London Heathrow up to four hours before boarding.

The advantages offered by the Travelex money card include the deposit of cash in different currencies (Japanese yens, Canadian dollars, Australian dollars, British pounds or Euros, for example), the independence from the rest of your accounts, free-commission money withdrawals while overseas and contactless technology.

Do we recommend these cards?

They are undoubtedly a convenient and safe method to manage your money while travelling, when your attention needs to be focused on too many aspects of the journey already, even if you are on a holiday trip. Although the majority of travel prepaid cards can be used even for online purchases, it is advisable to keep them for daily travel expenses. Bear in mind that, to make hotel reservations and book services, companies need to verify and contrast your personal info, and not having a source to do so might lead to unwanted cancellations. Apart from that, a travel money prepaid card will make your journey easier, helping you save precious time and giving you peace of mind.

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