Accessing passenger airport lounges worldwide as a member of Priority Pass

The Priority Pass membership grants access to over 1300 passenger lounges in airports across the world, providing travellers with exclusive spaces within the terminals where they can rest, eat, have a drink, work, stay connected with clients or loved ones or even get a spa treatment before boarding their next flight.

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When signing up, frequent flyers are given the choice of three different programmes from basic to higher privileges, and the minimum standard annual fee is 99 euros. After a simple process, members gain admission to airport lounges in more than 500 cities with international airports where they can have a layover or depart towards a new destination.

The Priority Pass network keeps on expanding every day, their latest opening being the new lounge at Santos Dumont airport in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil; however, to name just a few, you will find Priority Pass lounges in cities like Hangzhou, Minsk, Amsterdam, Orlando, Abu Dhabi, Alicante, Paris, Katowice, Osaka, Palermo, Sofia, Tokyo, Zürich and Washington.

The lounge database is constantly being updated, and you will be able to do a search in both their website and their App, and thus make sure that there is a lounge you can access in your terminal of departure, as well as consult its exact location. By downloading the app, members will be holders of a digital card that will speed up the check-in process.

Aside from the expected relaxing atmosphere, the refreshments, the complimentary WiFi and the power outlets for you to charge your mobile devices, many lounges include other extra features such as conference rooms or spa centres for the exclusive use of travellers who have previously become a member of the Priority Pass program.

Imagine such a smooth travel experience: there is no need for bookings or prior reservations, just get to the airport, find your lounge and show your digital or physical Priority Pass membership card to the staff in order to spend your waiting time in the best manner.

Furthermore, no matter whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, you can bring family or friends along as guests into the lounge. Find out more here.


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