Staycation deals 2021: find hotels close to home and save money

Vacation 2021 close to home staycation hotels

The closure of international borders and ongoing travel restrictions which prevail in what seems like the most unstable and uncertain period that the tourism industry has gone through are leading to an increasing tendency to travel locally. It is not that international travel is unfeasible: many routes are open, and travelers are able to cross borders and be granted entry as foreign visitors into certain countries after meeting specific requirements that go from health tests to quarantine periods, but unless they cannot choose their destination because they travel for work, tourists are opting for a vacation close to home, since domestic trips enable them to unwind and disconnect while they can skip all the current cumbersome procedures.

If you are travelling locally this year, book your hotel near home at discounted nightly rates.

If you have also decided that local travel is the right choice for you this year, let us give you some advice on how to make the most of your staycation so that you do not miss crossing international borders one bit. As a matter of fact, taking a holiday without leaving your country should be seen as a great opportunity to explore and appreciate otherwise overlooked places and experiences that have always been right around the corner.

Wellness staycation

Pamper yourself. If the hotel you are staying at has spa and wellness facilities, do not hesitate to spend time in the whirpool, getting a massage, or enjoying some thalassotherapy, beauty or relaxation treatments. Oftentimes, when you go abroad, the need to see and visit as many places as possible overwhelms you and makes you stay away from these amenities that are often included in the nightly rate or available for just a small surcharge.

Exploring your home town

Learn something new. Join a guided tour and you are extremely likely to discover something about your region that you did not know, take cooking classes, join a reforestation project or sign up for an organized excursion. You would be amazed at how a local vacation can help you see your country with new eyes.

Relax and unwind

Slow down and take your time. If you normally lead a stressful life with hectic daily schedules, this is your chance to find your inner peace and feel better. Wake up a bit later, indulge yourself in the little things, enjoy your coffee and food, soak in the views and make some time for meditation.

Foodie staycation

Eat something local you have never tried before or, at least, cooked in a different way. Domestic travel will open the door to rediscovering your own culture, so do not miss the chance to put yourself in the shoes of a foreign tourist and act as though you did not know it all about your home (because you do not).

Take a little trip around the corner. Get out of the hotel and go someplace you rarely visit in your home town or region during your local vacation; if you can, go there on your own, wander and explore, and see what stories it can tell you.

A vacation near home gives you extra time to be productive

Get inspired. Perhaps you have been trying hard to finish writing a book, or would like to be more productive as a blogger, yet your daily routines have been hindering your progress. Well, while vacationing close to your home, you will have no excuse: you will finally be taking a break from your duties, yet you will have enough time to devote yourself to your passion, since you are free from the big hassle of international travel.

The importance of “me time”

Enjoy some “me time”. Whether it be by hanging the “do not disturb” sign on the knob of your hotel room door to sleep in, by ordering room service to watch TV all day or by getting all the spa treatments listed in the menu, domestic travel gives you the occasion to take care of yourself. All the time you would spend commuting from airports or trying to navigate the complicated maze that new cities often are can now be spent just having a relaxing and nice pampering session.

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