Shopping at Gran Canaria airport (LPA) in Spain

When you arrive at LPA airport in the Canary Islands for the first time, it is very likely that you get the wrong idea: only a couple of Hudson News stores and a Pharmacy seem to constitute its retail offer. Far from it: internationally renowned brands, the finest duty free purchases and exclusive local products await you right after the security filters, so you are advised to check in online with your airline to avoid the queues and enjoy your shopping experience before boarding.

The terminal building for passengers in Gran Canaria airport has two security checkpoints for you to go through before accessing the departures hall. It does not matter which one you choose: both lead to the area where all boarding gates are; however, if you are in a hurry, you may want to know that the one to the left (next to the check-in counters for regional flights) is closer to the A and B gates, while the one to the right (found after the Meeting Point) will take you straight to the C gates.

In the two described scenarios, after passing the security check you will find yourself inside a walk-through duty free store. The one on the left side of the terminal is a Duty Free Express with a wide array of chocolates, fashion accessories, travel gifts and limited-edition beauty products on offer. The one on the right is, for many, a small shopping centre inside the airport: Gran Canaria Duty Free by World Duty Free, open from 4:15 until the departure of the last flight every day of the week. The greatest appeal of this large store undoubtedly lies in the chance to get the finest liquors, best fragrances and designer sunglasses at really competitive prices right before you fly.

Whether you have been on a business trip to Las Palmas or your holidays in the south of Gran Canaria have just ended, you deserve to treat yourself to some airport shopping before leaving the island. Mostly concentrated around gates C, fashion lovers will find top brands such as Armani Jeans, Desigual and Victoria’s Secret (gathered in the multi-brand Collection shop), along with GAP, Superdry, Parfois and Sunglass Hut.

If you are looking for sports gear and clothing, visit the Base or The Ocean Company shops in LPA airport: should you or your kids need a brand new pair of sneakers or a backpack for the upcoming trip, these are without a doubt the right places to go. Additionally, we strongly recommend opting for local souvenirs like the Canarian Aloe Vera products of +Aloe Canarias or the Canarian delicacies on sale at a specialised food store.

In need of some coffee? You have branches of the popular Soho Coffee, Upper Crust and Starbucks in Gran Canaria airport, just in between the B and C boarding areas, so that you can relax while waiting to board your flight. Do you already have everything sorted out for your trip? Access the following link to find hotels in Las Palmas.

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